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Lizzy’s Catalog

Young Adult Fiction

Non-Series Titles
*The Door (teen sci-fi)

Esme Novella Trilogy – half demon, half angel, 100% teenager
*Esme Novella Trilogy Omnibus – available April 2018

Omega Series – teen dystopia with Greek Gods
Alpha (2018)

Lost Vegas Series – young adult post-apocalyptic
*Black Wolf

Guardians of the Realm – young adult epic fantasy
*Water Spell
Dragon Spell (2018)
Moon Spell (2018)
Sword Spell (2019)

Witchlings – young adult paranormal with witches
*Dark Summer
*Autumn Storm
*Winter Fire
*Spring Rain

Broken Beauty Novellas – new adult dramatic fiction
Broken Beauty
Broken World
Broken Chains
*Broken Beauty Novellas Omnibus

Omega Beginnings Miniseries – Omega Series supplemental
*Omega Beginnings Miniseries Omnibus

Theta Beginnings Miniseries – Omega Series supplemental
Silent Queen
Shadow Titan
People’s Champion
Supreme Magistrate
*Theta Beginnings Miniseries Omnibus

Anshan Saga – new adult science fiction romance
Kiera’s Moon
Kiera’s Sun
*Anshan Saga Omnibus

Foretold Trilogy – young adult fantasy
*Elle’s Journey
Shadow Rising (2018)
Journey West (2018)

Voodoo Nights – young adult paranormal

Adult – erotic fiction

Non-Series Titles
*Star Kissed (erotic sci-fi)
A Night Worth Dying For (short story, contemporary erotic thriller)

Trial Series – erotic paranormal romance
*Trial by Moon
*Trial by Thrall
*Trial by Blood
*Trial by Heart

Heart of Fire – sexy dragon shifter
*Charred Heart
*Charred Tears
*Charred Hope

Incubatti Duet – Buffy meets 50 Shades
*Zoey Rogue
*Zoey Avenger

Writing as SE Reign, erotica writer
*101 Nights Omnibus (featuring all seven serials)

Adult – Sweet Romance

(no graphic sex scenes)

Non-Series Titles – 2014 – 2018
White Tree Sound (2018) (fantasy romance) (TBD (2018) (paranormal romance)
*Black Moon Draw (fantasy romance)
*Highlander Enchanted (historical romance)

History Interrupted – Time Travel Romantic Adventures
South (2018)

Super Villainess Chronicles – twisted superhero romance
It’s Not Easy Being Evil
It’s Not Easy Being Good
*Super Villainess Omnibus

Starwalkers Serials (with Julia Crane) – new adult science fiction serial
*Starwalker Serials Omnibus

Sons of War – contemporary military romance
*Semper Mine
*Soldier Mine
SEAL Mine (2018)

Rhyn Trilogy – new adult paranormal with demons
Katie’s Hellion
Katie’s Hope
Rhyn’s Redemption
*Rhyn Trilogy Omnibus

Rhyn Eternal – Death finds love<
*Gabriel’s Hope
*Deidre’s Death
*Darkyn’s Mate
*The Underworld
*Twisted Fate
*Twisted Karma

Rhyn Eternal Novellas
Sammy’s Demon (2018)

War of Gods – paranormal with gods, guardians and exceptional humans
*Damian’s Oracle
*Damian’s Assassin
*Damian’s Immortal
*The Grey God

Damian Eternal – War of Gods spinoff
*Xander’s Chance
*The Black God

Hidden Evil – paranormal with angels and four horsemen
*Hear No
*See No
Speak No (2017)

Unmade Series – FBI paranormal
Unnatural (2018)
Unnamed (2019)

Short Stories
Santa’s Ninja Elves: Natasha
Santa’s Ninja Elves: Hunter
Snow Whisperers

Non-Series Titles – 2011 – 2013
*A Demon’s Desire (paranormal romance)
*The Warlord’s Secret (fantasy romance
*Maddy’s Oasis (contemporary romance)
*Rebel Heart (sci-fi romance)


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 With so many books, it’s hard to know where to start! Here’s a quick list of suggestions!

* Fan favorite (paranormal): “Trial by Moon,” “Katie’s Hellion,” “Dark Summer,” “Kiera’s Moon,” “Zoey Rogue,” “The Door”

* About a reader who gets sucked into a book: “Black Moon Draw”

* Contemporary romance: “Semper Mine,” “Soldier Mine”

* Spicy urban fantasy/paranormals: “Zoey Rogue”,”Charred Heart,” “Trial by Moon”

* Weird, wild or different: “Supervillainess,” “The Door,” “Aveline,” “Trial by Moon”

* Sweet (fade to black sex scenes) paranormal romance: “Damian’s Oracle,” “Katie’s Hellion,” “Xander’s Chance”

* Steamy novellas: (paranormal) “Trial Series,” “101 Nights,” “A Night Worth Dying For”

* Teen reads: (paranormal) “Dark Summer,” (voodoo) “Cursed,” (Greek gods “Omega,” (post apocalyptic) “Aveline,” (drama) “Broken Beauty,” “Halloween” (paranormal)

* Lizzy’s first book ever: “Damian’s Oracle”

* Time travel: “West”

* Sci-Fi romance: (dystopian) “Rebel Heart,” (alien) “Kiera’s Moon,” (futuristic) “Star Kissed,” (alternate dimensions) “The Door)

* First books in each series:

“Halloween” (Esme Novella Trilogy)
“Aveline” (Lost Vegas Novellas)
“Trial by Moon” (Trial Series)
“Damian’s Oracle” (War of Gods)
“Katie’s Hellion” (Rhyn Trilogy)
“Gabriel’s Hope” (Rhyn Eternal)
“Charred Heart” (Heart of Fire)
“Dark Summer” (Witchlings)
“Zoey Rogue” (Incubatti)
“Hear No” (Hidden Evil)
“West” (History Interrupted – standalones)
“Semper Mine” (Sons of War – standalones)
“Severed” (Starwalkers)
“Cursed” (Voodoo Nights)
“Broken Beauty” (Broken Beauty Novellas)
“Xander’s Chance” (Damian Eternal)
“Elle’s Journey” (The Foretold Trilogy)

352 thoughts on “Lizzy Ford’s eBooks

  1. I liked the book, but it could have been better, there was no sex, just the hint of it, it was funny and I love it
    the herione was to I don’t know, she could have been better, i understand about no going back but
    she fought to long against it, now if you could throw in some steamy sex scenes in the next upcoming
    book in the series, they will be a hit

    • Hello, Debra! Thanks for your feedback! To summarize, less words, more sex?! 🙂 I’m editing book 2 right now for release in late Feb – I’ll see what I can do. 🙂 Sofi was a difficult character to develop. She had to have the backbone/mental toughness to become an oracle and not go insane with all the stuff going on in her head, but I had to balance that without making her too unapproachable, stubborn, or unappealing. Sounds like I could’ve softened her a little … I can keep that in mind for the next one.
      I hope you read book 2! I’ll post to Facebook, this website, and Twitter when it’s released! Lizzy

      • I think Sofie was fine the way she was and the lack of major sex scences was refreshing. I truthfully get very tired of the whole hopeless waiting to be rescued female character. The book was a well enjoyed brake and am entertaining story.

        • Thank you! I liked Sofi and Dusty the best of the Damain’s characters! They really were different. And you’re right – she wasn’t waiting around to be rescued. She’s mentally tough, like a lot of us women have to be nowadays! I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Lizzy 🙂

      • Actually Lizzy, the lack of explicit sex in Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin was very refreshing. Many of the best fantasy, sci-fi and/or paranormal books I’ve read have very little in the way of sex scenes which does not detract from the core story at all. If I want to read explicit sex scenes there is more than enough erotica out there. The way I see it, in their current form, your books appeal to a much wider audience as they are both adult and teen-friendly.

        • I’ve been hoping so – I’m a huge fan of a good story. I can always read a story with awesome characters! I’ve had mother-daughter teams read my books, and I’ll admit – I had no idea my books would appeal to such a large crowd. I’ve had men write to me who absolutely loved the Rhyn books, maybe for the action/storyline? I don’t know, but I’m so happy that so many people can find something to relate to in my books. I’m about 90% sure it has to do with strong characters and a good plot. Lizzy 🙂

          • Dear Lizzy Ford,
            I Love Kiara’s moon you picked the best caracteres for this novel! When is the part two coming out? Kiara’s Moon is the best book I have read So descriptive and Passionate! A’Ran is really great character outside he Seems so strong But his so sweet and kind in the inside! Please keep adding to the book because i’m anxious for Part 2!!
            Sincerely, Luisa Lopez Perez:)!!

        • I agree with this comment. I love your books just the way they are written. I can share with my daughter which means a lot to me.

    • I love the war of god books I couldn’t stop reading they have to be my favorite books ever. It has actually inspired me to try and write my own book. Please bring out another I love dusty in the books and damien too. Your an amazing writer.

    • Dear Lizzy,

      The War of the Gods are great reads.

      Please complete the series with the brothers remaining without their partners as it is in suspense still,


      • Hi RKL! Don’t worry – The fourth god in the War of Gods series will be out in mid-JUne. 🙂 It should complete the series really well! Lizzy 🙂

  2. Damian’s Oracle is a very promising plot. The characters are very entertaining and the variety can’t be much better than what you wrote. But I have this gnawing feel that it could have been better when it’s already so good. Maybe the improvement will come from the way you wrote it. The sentences can be so jumpy that fluidity in thought was just badly missed. And some sequence in time lines in the chapters are so confusing too, like the part when Sofia exited Damian’s room and she thought of eating peanut butter and all of a sudden it seemed like it was a different day.

    There were so many key climax points that weren’t capitalized on properly where in it will always end up with Sofia running out of the room. Drama and tension wasted.

    Maybe you’re planning to reveal more of the plot on the next books that’s why you didn’t write about why Isac killed Darian in the first place or what was Damian thinking when he slept with Claire when he claims that he loves his brother so much.

    Well, with all things said and done, I really like it and definitely looking forward to the next installments.

    • The funny thing is that the original manuscript included more prose with the same level of dialogue, which I feel would’ve alleviated some of the choppiness, allowed you to see more of the character’s thought process, and eliminated the feel of missing time. (The original also included a few scenes I deleted.) But the initial reviews of the longer book were pretty ‘eh,’ so I chopped at the prose. The reviews got better. I took a machete to the manuscript, leaving the dialogue intact, and the reviews went raving.

      The one area where I wanted the writing to be awkward was for scenes with Darian. I wanted the writing in these scenes to be uncomfortable but not discouraging. I also experimented with changing the pace of the book in a couple of spots, and I modified the change in tempo in book 2.

      I tend to prefer a book with more prose, both when writing and reading. One of my primary frustrations with mainstream romance stories nowadays: there’s not enough there for me to visualize what’s going on, which is why I quit reading most books after about chapter 3. I may be an anomaly, though, if readers/reviewers prefer dialogue heavy, prose-light type of writing!

      What I’ve noticed – and which may hold true for me as well – is that the first book in any newbie’s series is probably the worst. In my case, I believe it’s because I over-compensated when editing to try and meet the standards I perceived were used for mainstream romances. It seems like, when newbies hit initial success, their writing improves, maybe because the restrictions they feel in making the first book more conforming to the mainstream aren’t needed when they know they have a fan base. I don’t know – I’m a little nervous about leaving a formula that’s working. I’ll have to see what I end up with for the second book!!!
      If nothing else, I can ensure that the areas you indicated are fixed for the second book as I edit it!

      As for the plot and Darian: yes, more will be revealed more as the series progresses. D.O. planted the seeds and uncovered Darian. Darian’s story will be interwoven into the first three books, and the fourth book will be his. I wanted to show his story – where we’ll have more time to see his past – in his book while focusing on his growth into his new role in the first three books.

      Thank you for taking the time to make such thoughtful comments!

      • I’m an avid reader and came across Damian’s Oracle on iBooks. I’m reluctant to try new authors (having quite a few favs I follow), but was intrigued by the premise of the book. Even though I was left confused in some places and didn’t know what some of the abbreviations stood for, I really enjoyed the story and your writing style. Action and suspense right from the beginning was great. There was also really hot chemistry between the main characters in both books, but I felt a little cheated that there was this big build up and anticipation of steamy sex and then got the door closed in my face when they got down to business.

        I noticed a major improvement in the cohesiveness of the story line in book two of the Damian series and couldn’t put it down. I’m really looking forward to book number three!

        Think I’ve found another favorite author and will be following you. Have you ever read Anne McCaffrey? I love the way she sets the stage for a story by writing a history of the circumstances in the beginning. A good example is The Dragon Riders of PERN. She explains how things came to be the way they are, so when you begin the story you really understand the setting and people. Perhaps you could do something similar with Damian. Give us a brief history of the Others, Watchers, White/Black Gods, etc. In the first chapter so we know exactly where we are going forward and understand the story’s premise.

        Keep up the great work.

        The cursing is really funny coming from divine beings, by the way.

        • Hi Rebecca! Wow – thanks for taking a chance on my books! 🙂 I am revising Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin for re-release. D’s Oracle needed a scrub to make the read easier and will be re-released 4 Oct. Damian’s Oracle is getting an injection of about 10-15K words and an editing and will be re-released in Nov, so that should take away some of the issues in reading them!

          As for the history … in an initial version I wrote, I had a bunch of the background at the beginning, and it um, bored people. Don’t think most of them made it to the actual story … hahaha! (sigh) What I was thinking of doing is developing a glossary or history that can be included in the back of each book, like bonus material, and on our website. I want to develop a Damian page on my website early next year with more information about the series, characters, etc. I can check out the Anne McCaffrey book you mentioned to see how she did it … I might be able to find a happy medium, so I don’t bore people but so they know more about the new world. Thanks so much for the suggestion!!!

          Lol .. yeah, sorry about the non-sex sex-scene! I’m a fan of sweet romances, and my books tend to end up on YA blogs, so I started marketing them for mature teens, too. There’s a wider market if I keep the sex out and market to YA/mature teens, too. Hahaha … I thought deities cussing was funny … it made them more human, I thought. I guess I get tired of reading about benevolent immortal beings who are aloof and look down on humans. I wanted to make an engaging set of immortals/deities, partially because the more human they were, the more readers could almost imagine running into one of the Guardians on the street … 🙂

          Thank you so much for taking a chance on D’s Oracle, and for your comments!

          Lizzy 🙂

  3. I am excited to hear this is a series and look forward to reading the upcoming books. I finished this entire book in a matter of a few hours. I couldn’t stop reading it. I have to disagree with the first commenter. I liked that there wasn’t the “soft porn” that has seeped into today’s reading. I have been reading this genre for many years and the books today do not have the depth that previous books had.

    My only “complaint” for lack of a better word was that there were some instances when dialogue was going back and forth between characters and it was a bit unclear who was who and who was saying what. I had to re-read some parts 2 or 3 times in order to figure out who was saying what specifically in scenes where Damian, Jule, and Dusty were speaking to each other.

    There is definitely great potential in this series. I wish you the best and look forward to your future work.

    Is there some way of receiving notification when the books become available?

    • Hello, Noor!

      Thanks for your review! Yes, we’re setting up a mailing list function on the website so folks can request updates when new books come out. I’ll probably email all the folks who have left comments thus far about the function once it’s up.

      Great comments about the dialogue – I can revisit the dialogue in book 2 to make sure it’s clear who’s speaking! I really wondered if anyone would say anything about the lack of ‘soft porn’ (lol!) I was torn when I wrote Damian’s Oracle. I’ve seen some established romance authors like Nora Roberts omit the sex, but I wasn’t sure if it was acceptable for a newbie romance author. I guess it’s another of those questions I had about bucking the mainstream romance trend: how far outside the trend can I go and still keep the mainstream romance readers as a target audience?! So far, I’m thinking I haven’t harmed my chances of gaining a following immensely by not following this trend!! There appears to be an audience for books like Damian’s Oracle, where I tried to focus on the people and story rather than making them side dishes to sex scenes, which I’m happy to see. Maybe there should be more of these types of books … 🙂

      Lizzy 🙂

      • Please add me to the list, and yes there definitely should be more books like this. I think it takes much more talent to write a book without the soft porn than it does to write one that is basically one long sex scene with a few lines of dialogue. Anyone can gain an audience with that type of novel. Only talented writers can gain the audience’s attention by actually writing.

        I have always been a reader. I very rarely watch TV so it is very saddening to me how the standards have fallen from years ago. I am very excited to read your future works. I wish you the best of luck as it seems you have a great talent. Please add me to whatever mailing list you have so that I will know whenever you have anything new coming out.

        • Thank you, Noor. Your post made my day. 🙂 I’ll send you an email at the end of the week, when book 2 is released!

          Lizzy 🙂

      • I enjoyed Sofi and Damien. Ieas very refreshing reading a book without the sex soft or hard. My favorit writer are Feehan and Kenyon. Some of the latest books they have writen border on hard porn. It gets boring after a few scenes. It is difficult to capture a person’s interest in these days without the sex. You did a fantastic job in doing so. My only complaint is keeping track of the conversations and I also found myself reading paragraphs. Keep them coming.

        • Hi Debra! I’m cleaning up Damian’s Oracle so it reads better, which should clean up the dialogue! The revised version should be ready 1 Sep! I used to read Kenyon, too, but noticed the same thing. I love character stories, and I noticed a lot of her characters became the same about halfway through the book. Ad I didn’t really like a lot of her female characters. Acheron deserved so much more than he ended up with! Haha! Lizzy

      • Haha – the funniest thing was that my dad (who doesn’t read fiction) sent me a text as soon as he finished Katie’s Hellion demanding to be the first to read the next book! I told him he has to wait like everyone else. >:-) The next one in this trilogy will be out in Aug/Sep and the third probably early next year. I’m trying to release 12 books this year, and have to prep and revise the Damian’s Oracle series and then release book three there. In the meantime, I have my line-up for the rest of the year … but I will release book 2 in the Rhyn trilogy in a few months! Hang in there! 🙂

        • So i love reading your books and the fact after writing the first book of each series you didn’t add a price like most authors that publish them to apple since it’s really hard to find great books that are free already in apple. so please keep your wonderful work free please 😀 Can’t wait till Rhyn Trilogy Book 2 comes out !!! please send me an email when it does ^^

          • Hi Sondra! Glad you enjoyed them! Sure – I’ll add you to our mailing list! Apple is a hard place for most indie writers to get into, simply because Apple only has deals with some distributors. That might be why there aren’t more free indie books there. I go through Smashwords, which is solely for indies, and they’re really good about distribution to Apple. And my books will be free til the end of the year, then I gotta try to make a living. haha! Thanks for your comments! Lizzy 🙂

  4. I love reading, i love writing… havent published anything yet but hope to. To the point; I love your books…just read them both off publiclibrary (i dont have access to english literature here). thank you! im tird of reading “porn novels” with practically NO story, prose and almost no direction except bed.i think the hints you left make for the ultimate reader experience i.e imagination. also enjoyed the fast pace, not a boring moment, especially in book 2. please, rock on, i know u’l get w@ criticisms’r for?
    so yes, i’ll wait for your next book! =)

    • Hello, Mato!

      Awesome, thanks for your comments! I’m glad you enjoyed both “Damian’s Oracle” and “Damian’s Assassin!” I hired an editor to help me improve with my writing, because I really am serious about making this my full-time job! I have a zillion ideas – I just want to make sure they’re polished and readable!! I’ve gotten a lot of extremely helpful constructive criticism – and it’s been fantastic! Makes me happy … 🙂 Criticism used to scare me, until I realized that someone else is interested enough in my writing to want to help me make it better. Now, I’m happy about it … hahahaha!

      More books coming this year!!!

      Lizzy 🙂

  5. I loved both books. They gripped and kept my attention from start to finish. I couldn’t stop reading them. Yes there were a few typos or there were a few points where I had to reread a portion to know who was talking to whom, but please don’t change the characters. The “flaws” in them make them more real and entertaining. Even the fact that the guys cursed like sailors, reminded me real people I know, though I don’t curse. It was the right blend of fantasy and romance without being too syrupy. The characters are witty with a variety of personalities. I also loved that the guys were manly and not too soft, though they showed emotion. The women in the book were all strong even though their personalities ranged from ultra tough to sweet.

    I can’t wait for the next two to come out. I love series romances because when I finish reading the first book I can still see what happens to the characters later on so it doesn’t all end in one book. Keep up the good work and I already signed up to be on the mailing list.

    • Hi Lin!

      Thanks for your comments about Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin! I, too, like characters that don’t melt or suddenly change when they meet their one-true-loves! I try to keep my characters consistent … and base a lot of their characteristics off real people. My one-true-love is one of those who curses like a sailor … haha!

      The third book in the Damian series will be released by the end of the year, and I’ll release other books in the meantime! Thanks for signing up for the mailing list!!!

      Lizzy 🙂

  6. I read “Damian’s Oracle”… loved it.
    Will their be a third book?
    I mean, there was a book for Damian, one for Dustin… how avout Jules?

    • Hello, Jai!

      Yes, there will be a third book, probably around December! In the meantime, I’ll be writing other novels. I’m hoping to publish 12 this year!! I posted about my plans for the third and fourth books on the main page of my website! You’re welcome to check it out!

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to post a comment!!

      Lizzy 🙂

  7. Hey there! I’m not exactly sure how I found you Lizzy, but I’m sure glad I did! I’ve read both Damian books and looking forward to the next two or possibly more? I love fantasy with romance mixed in (probably why your books caught my attention) and I especially love the way Damian’s, Dustin’s, and Jule’s personalities are shaped! I’ll spare you any criticism because it seems like I’d be repeating the people above me, haha. I don’t know if you can call me an aspiring writer, but I do love to create stories. Usually though, I have so little time or I get writer’s brock so easily that it seems as soon as I’ve started what I think will be an incredible story, I lose the inspiration. I have friends that get a taste of my stories and then beat me over the head with sticks (not really) because I suddenly stop writing. I barely know you but let’s just say I’m beating you over the head with a stick right now. I can’t wait until December for that third book! It’s a great series and I’m excited to read more. To sum it up: I loved it. Now, hurry up! 😀

    • Hahaha … awesome post, Christina!! I start a lot of projects then wander off, too. It’s good, though, because you always have something to work on. If yours are like mine, they’re all different, so you never get bored. And if you do, START A NEW ONE! Lol …

      I’m happy you found my books, too! We put them in as many places as possible, so I’m always thrilled when someone else new makes it to the site!! The third book in the Damian series will be released in December, along with revised/edited versions of the first two. In the meantime, I’m releasing a book a month (though I skipped March and will make it up later this year!) The next book should be released this weekend!!!

      Keep writing and keep reading!!!!

  8. I truly enjoyed reading Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin. I strongly second Noor’s perspective on the soft porn, or lack thereof. The character’s were well developed and were very passionate & hotblooded, without a 5 page sex scene. The sexual tension you portrayed was plenty steamy. Sofi and Damian, and even Han and Linda seemed like characters you could ‘get to know’ throughout a series. I don’t think it makes you any less of a writer if you choose not to write about their lust all of the time. (You might even be able to get away with using the F word less) lol 😉 There are so many complex emotions that these characters experience, complied with the romantic relationships, that make the plot richer. It was a little confusing to follow who was speaking sometimes and I wish they were longer. I definitely wasn’t done reading! Can’t wait to read the next novels in the series. Is it about Jule and his woman….? Thanks for writing!!

    • Hi Rachael!

      Thanks for your comments! Lol @ the cursing … I can tame that down. 🙂 The novel I’m releasing this weekend has no cursing, and my next paranormal romance minimal. 🙂 I hired an indie editor to help me make my writing more reader friendly, so the mistakes in the Damian books should be smoothed out from here on out!

      The more feedback I receive, the more I think there’s a niche for romance novels with no soft porn. I’ve actually been surprised at the feedback I”ve received on this. I read an article recently where people were advocating putting more graphic romantic content into YA books, which I found odd. Sex sells … but doesn’t good old fashion storytelling sell too?! We’ll see, I guess!!

      Yes, book 3 will be about Jule, and I’m also building Jenn’s story into that one to set her up for book 4. 😉

      Keep reading!!

      Lizzy 🙂

  9. Yay for indie editors! That is exciting 🙂

    There’s definitely a solid footing for authors who don’t go add alot of sexual content. It will make you rely on your storytelling ability more and less on a sex handbook! And your audiences will be more diverse. 😉

    Hopefully, they will not be adding more graphic content to YA books. That is bizarre. There should be a line drawn between sex ed and lit class. Each has it’s place, but one does not do the job of the other, in my humble opinion. lol Selling sex to teens seems to be really cowardly anyway. I mean, is their writing that horrible that they need to sell sex to a hormone-hyped teenager? They need to (wo)man-up and write some better stories instead!

    Ok, off my soap box! haha Thank you for promoting good storytelling! You will go far. Looking forward to reading what’s in the new drafts and the new stories to come. Hopefully, The Damian Series will come in a pretty little 4-novel boxset and will sit on my bookshelf with my other favorite stories.


  10. I happened across your books through Sony Reader Library and have fallen in love with the Damian’s Oracle/Assassin books! I really hope that you continue writing the series. I am doing my best to draw out the last 10 pages of the book, but it isn’t working very well!!! I can’t wait to hopefully see more in the future!

    • Hello, Paulie! Awesome – thanks! Maybe if you read 1 page every 3 weeks, you’ll make it until book 3 in this series! Hahaha! I do have other books coming out between now and December (when I’m releasing book three in the Damian series.) The newest book, “The Warlord’s Secret,” hasn’t made it to Sony Reader Library yet but is available for free download. Click here for the splash page that’ll take you to the smashwords site! I think the Sony version is marked, so you’ll know which to download!

      Thanks for your note! Sign up for our mailing list, if you want updates on future book releases!!

      Lizzy 🙂

    • Hello, Susan!

      AWESOME, thanks!! 🙂 I read it, and I greatly appreciate it! I received a lot of similar comments about needing polished, so I ended up hiring a freelance book editor to help me grow as a writer. She worked on my third novel, “The Warlord’s Secret,” which I released about a week ago. I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this one, too, especially in comparison to “Damian’s Oracle,” which is much rougher!!

      Thank you again!
      Lizzy 🙂

  11. I loved all your books!!!! I’m waiting for a sequel to the “The Warlord’s Secret” too.
    I love the way you have mixed fiction and fantasy with romance and shaped totally different and contrasting characters in the books. In short I loved them. Hope you write many more………………………..<3

    • Hello, Eesha! Thank you!! No worries there – I’ll definitely write many more! Haha! I’m glad you enjoyed all the books so far!! I’m a huge fan of romance and fantasy, so I love combining the two. Fantasy always has awesome new worlds and strong plot lines whereas romances are character driven. I try to mix the strengths of both genres. 🙂 My next one will be out at the end of the month and will be the first contemporary paranormal romance in yet another series. 🙂 Keep reading!!!! Lizzy 🙂

  12. I loved the Damian’s Series. I think on regards to sex it is okay to not have it or have it. I think if you just had one scene that would satisfy the readers that want it and be less to still have people focus on the characters. It is like one series i was reading there was a moment in the series that i was a little disaponted because you knew the were going to go there and then the next scene is they were waking up i was like woa were was my scene, that was a little disappointing. I love your books, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! Yeah, I really debated with myself over the sex scenes. I think one of the deciding factors was that I couldn’t advertise my books as YA if they had sex scenes, and so far, the YA crowd has been the most responsive to my books. It’s kind of hard to balance the trad’l romance content with wanting to appeal to the YA crowd … I may launch a new line of books in 2013 that are geared towards romance readers (and not the YA crowd.) We’ll see, though … I’ve already booked up next year (no pun intended – ha!) as far as which books I’ll be releasing. There isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I want to!!! Lizzy 🙂

      • You know i didn’t think about that because the series i was reading that the scene that was disappointing was marked in the YA series, i can see now why they didn’t have it. I feel like slapping my self saying duh!! 🙂 That is awesome that you are booked so in advance i like your books regardless of the scenes you have or don’t have.

        • Haha – thanks! If nothing else, I’m prolific. My writing isn’t anywhere near perfect, but it’ll only get better. 🙂 Thank you for reading!!! 🙂

  13. Hi Lizzy,

    I really enjoyed the books in your Damien series. Like other commentators, I found the editing choppy in the first book, (I had a few head scratching moments) but I have no problem making allowances for new writers who can pen a great tale! I loved that the female leads were strong, the high energy level of of both books and the interaction between the major characters. ****Spoiler****However, I hated that Damien made out with his ex-lover while Sofia was in his bed; allowed his ex-lover to behave as is if they were still an item while publicly claiming Sofia as his mate; and was amused by Sofia’s pain at his actions. I’m left with a nagging feeling that when Sofia and Damien have a spat and she denies him sex, he will cheat – or make her believe he cheated – to make her jealous or because he does not care if his actions causes her pain. I loved both books, but I’ll probably never be a fan of Damien as a mate/spouse. He rocks as a leader though.

    • Hello, AG! Yes, I understand about the choppiness! I’m working with a freelance book editor now, who will help me revise both D’s Oracle and D’s Assasin for re-release in December. 🙂 My favorite characters so far have been Sofi and Dustin, but don’t worry – if Damian even thinks of cheating, I’ll do some awful things to him. That’s the cool thing about being an author – when your characters act up (and they do act up!), you can put the smack down on them. 🙂 Lizzy

  14. Lizzy, the potential smack down for mis-behavior certainly eases my mind! The ending for “Damien’s Oracle” has been annoying me for weeks – it sort of just left me handing. (That’s actually a compliment, because I normally forget characters soon after I’m finished reading a book.) I incorrectly assumed you would deal with the unanswered questions in the second book… Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the extended version of Damien’s Oracle (it seemed to jump from the ‘bitch’ scene to ‘I love him and want to be with him’ ending) or the next 2 books will resolve the fuzzy bits. Dustin, the Gray God and Jenn are my favorites – I adored Sofia until she caved without discussing terms with Damien. Bianca at least discussed terms with Dustin and insisted she would not settle for second place in his life (yay Bianca!)

    P.S. I don’t think you need to include sex scenes. Damien’s Oracle was seriously hot without having any explicit sex scenes. Damien’s Assassin wasn’t as hot, but it was more character driven, which worked.

    • So cool – I’m glad you liked them. 🙂 I love Darian, too, because you get to see him grow into his role throughout the books. Jenn surprised me, which sounds funny given that I created her, but I ended up thinking she’s worthy of her own story, too. I’m going to work that in … will have to figure out how exactly. And yes, when the books are revised, I should be able to tie up the loose ends and character inconsistencies! Keepy reading!! You’ll probably like the one I just released – Katie’s Hellion. The characters are strong, and the writing is much better, because my editor has helped me tremndously!! 🙂 Lizzy

  15. So far, I’ve read the Warlord’s Secret and Katie’s Hellion and am desperate for more. I’ve started Damien’s Oracle and am enjoying it, but the one I’ve been reading isn’t the revised edition so it reminds me of my manuscripts, which makes me laugh. I love that I’m able to see how much you’ve progressed as a writer, especially since I started reading backwards, and was shocked at the raw, new writer feeling that Damien’s Oracle has. But it’s always fun to go back and read a novel, or story you began, and see how much you’ve changed as a writer and how much your style has improved. I do it all the time, and it’s so thrilling. You’ve done a great job fixing, editing, and you’ve really improved since your first novel. I’m very excited to read more of your work.
    I’m currently writing a novel of my own, and have been wondering about publishing, so I really appreciate seeing how you’ve managed to publish, and get your writing out to so many people and places.
    I personally appreciate that you don’t have explicit sex scenes in your stories. Yea we all like sex, but when the basis of a novel is on the sex, and not the story you end up feeling unfulfilled at the end of the book. I’ve also noticed that the more erotic novels I read, the further they have to go to intrigue me with the storyline. You manage to perfectly capture the passion of a first crush, a first kiss, that wonderful, ‘brand new romance’ excitement which is very hard to find anywhere else. And the tension that is created, both between the characters and in the reader’s mind is wonderful. It makes me want to read more, because I’m desperate to know what happens in the relationship, and it lets the characters develop at their own pace, and in a wonderful way.
    I’ve been hoping to skip the erotic sex scenes when I publish my own novel, and you’ve given me wonderful inspiration, and proof that it can be done, and that readers prefer it to a plotless sexual rampage.
    You have a wonderful writing style, which I love, and a fabulously fresh take on life, which is evident in all your stories. I love the variety of ideas, and the fact that each story is part of a series. I will admit, the cliffhanger, denouement endings drive me crazy! I keep checking back at the stories, as if the missing pieces will fill themselves in and satisfy my curiosity.
    You are doing an excellent job Lizzy. Thank you for putting yourself out there, and showing all of us aspiring writers that it can be done. And thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories, ideas and writing with us.


    • Wow, Karolina – thanks so much for everything you wrote! It was scary releasing D’s Oracle in January, because I had no idea what I was doing! Ha! I learned a lot the past few months, and nearly everything has been from feedback from readers. Some of my earliest supporters were other writers, who were able to tell me where my tradecraft needed work. I’d tried critique circles before, but it can be really hard to find good ones where people can provide the type of constructive feedback you need. I knew D’s Oracle wasn’t perfect, but I also knew I need to just start somewhere and go for it. Sometimes, you just gotta go for something, even knowing the execution will be flawed. I’d always had a fear of failure, but I realized I’d never get where I wanted to be if I didn’t just do it. I did – and an entire new world opened up to me as far as the possibilities as an indie writer as well as how to improve my craft.

      After Damian’s Assassin, I decided I needed help from a professional book editor, and I’ve been in awe of her magic since! I thought I was a decent writer – until I saw what she did to my first mansucript, The Warlord’s Secret. Holy smokes – it was like a box of crayons exploded all over it! I honestly can’t pay her enough for what she does. I know my writing style will grow even more as time goes on, and I hope to keep the books fresh, fun, and light enough to read in a few hours.

      I love romance, but I, too, am not a fan of rushing into sex scene after sex scene. My fascination has always been with people and to be quite honest, the flaws that bring people together and drive them a part. It’s what relationships are all about. I didn’t know I could write romance without the sex scenes until I read a couple of Nora Roberts books a few years ago. I was floored – she’s a prolific, NYT bestseller, and she broke the rules. I figured if she can, so can I!!

      If you’re going down the indie path and are interested in some more references, send me an email (, and I can provide you more info! There’s a lot I haven’t released, mainly because I’m normally going crazy writing. I belong to a wonderfully supportive FB group and have created some guides for building your online presences and such. It’s all free – just normally too long for a blog entry!

      Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to follow your desire to be an indie author. People will try to tell you that – if it’s not perfect, you shouldn’t release it. I feel like, you’ll never grow if you don’t try. Do your best and let it go – I’ve never regretted releasing D’s Oracle, even knowing now it’s probably the weakest book I released this year!

      Lizzy 🙂

  16. hi Lizzy,
    your books are fantastic, I can’t stop reading one until I finish it, very engrossing…downloaded katies hellion rhyn-trilogy-book-one and finished reading it the very same day. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read them.
    ps…may you please add me to your mailing list, I would love to know more about your work.

    • Hi Bee! Sure – we’ll add you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books! Katie’s Hellion has been extremely popular – I was surprised but happy!! Lizzy 🙂

  17. Just finished reading Katie’s Hellion. Loved the book. I was greatly disappointed when it was over. Can’t wait for the next one!!

    • HI Deb! The next one will be out in late August, so you don’t have to wait too long! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ll have a couple other books out before the next Rhyn book … having fun with all my books. Haha! Lizzy 🙂

  18. You are well on your way to becoming a great author! I only started reading Katie’s Hellion 2 days ago and Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin since then. They’re great, I’m really looking forward to Book 2 of Rhyn Triology, but I think for the Damian series I hope to read on about Johny, the fact that he became what he did was a great twist! I can’t wait to see how you develop him into some “bad” guy, if you do?

    I love series’ as well and hate when they’re all done, I’m always searching for the next one!

    • Hi Erin! Awesome – glad you love the books! More to come! Unfortunately, Jonny will develop as a bad guy. Poor kid … The second book in the Rhyn Trilogy will be out in late August and book 3 in the Damian series in December! An awesome year for books, haha! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying them, and thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment! 🙂 Lizzy

  19. I have read all of the Damian’s oracle series,you have relesed, and katie’s hellion. I loved them all I think you are a great writer. and I can’t wait for the next books in those series to came out. keep up the good work. you are becoming one of my favorite autors

    • Thank you, Tiffany! 🙂 I’ve got a few more planned for this year and will be releasing something a little different July 02. I’m having a lot of fun writing, and I’m glad people are having just as much fun reading! 🙂 Lizzy

  20. I just finished reading Damian’s Oracle and Assassin. I thoroughly enjoyed them both. Looking forward to the next in the series (which I hope will continue for a while). Thanks for an easy-to-read, entertaining escape!

    • You’re welcome, Darlene, and I appreciate the feedback! 🙂 The next, Damian’s Immortal, will be out in December! I love their world, too … lots of potential! Lizzy

  21. Thank you for Damians Oracle and Damians Assassin. I found your site by trying to find out if you were going to expand the series and I am thrilled to find out that you are! I love the books and the storyline. I hope you continue on about Sofi, Damian, Dusty, Bianca, Darian, Jule and the others till there’s nothing left to write…LOL The non sex chapters are a refreshing change for this type of book. The way you did it so beautiful after Dusty and Bianca…her saying she was “sated after their lovemaking” was perfect! We all have an imagination so we don’t need it to consume a book. Great job! I’m not an author but reading is my “quiet/relaxation time” that I thoroughly enjoy so am always looking for new books as I read atleast 1 a day usually. While I’m waiting for the next story about Damian I’m going to start reading Katies Hellion and looking forward to it. Great work and thank you for such a wonderful series. OH and please add me to your email list. I would love to hear updates about release dates, books, etc. Thank you again!

    • Hello, Karen! Thanks for your comments! Wow – that’s a lot of reading!! I’m glad you enjoyed the first two Damian books and hope you liked K’s Hellion. Most readers who like the Damian series love K’s Hellion! 🙂 I didn’t realize there was a need (or appreciation – ha!) for non-graphic romances until I released D’s Oracle. I’m a fan of the non-graphic types, but I assumed that – since almost all romance books contain sex scenes – I was in the minority. I’ve had tons of positive feedback about books without the graphic content, so I’m happy about that. 🙂 Yes, you’re on the mailing list! I’ll send out an email in a week or so with details of my next release! Yay! Lizzy 🙂

  22. Wow I love your work, In the last two days ive read both Damian books, the warlords secret and just finished katies hellion. Im a fast reader when im hooked on a book. Cant wait for more. I would love to have half you talent. i have ideas for books and would love to write one just never stick with it to the end. your books are just as good if not better than some of the top authors in your field.

    • Wow, awesome, Kelly! Thanks so much. 🙂 You made me smile! My ideas are pretty fluid, too, which is why I end up starting multiple stories at once and then eventually go back and finish them one by one. It drives my husband crazy – I’m always talking about my stories and characters. He’s stopped trying to tell the difference between them and just lets me talk … hahaha! I should have another one out in about 3 weeks … Lizzy 🙂

  23. Ok Lizzy

    So I finished Katie’s Hellion in 2 days….you are now one of my new favortie writers! Your storytelling is catching and addictive. You make the reader want more and more. Great Job and thrilled to find out the release dates for the next books!

    • Hi Karen! Sorry – I didn’t see this comment before I responded to the other. I’m glad you liked K’s Hellion! Woohoo on being one of your favorite writers! Yay – thank you! I’m excited about my upcoming books – some of them are stories I’ve wanted to write for awhile. I’m a total nerd like that – I get so excited about my writing projects! 🙂 Lizzy

      • Well I even told a friend about it who also has now read both Damian books and also K’s Hellion. She’s now hooked and even noted when the next ones come out! We will both be looking for more of your work. Definitely worth reading!
        Always happy to let a writer know when the work is appreciated and respected! Keep up the great work and will look forward to the updates till the books come out!

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  25. I’m a big fan of Romance books as it allows me to escape into a completely different world. Give me paranormal with romance and I’m in heaven. I rarely enjoy books by new authors because there always seems something lacking…either a gripping story or the flow of words. But I enjoyed your books and know you would be very successful as a writer. I can already see your writing maturing with each book and can’t wait to read more… let me know when you write something new…….

    …btw I love books that have sequels and am restless until I know the conclusion……by the time I actually read the concluding books I have usually built up my expectations and feel very let down if the book doesn’t deliver on the earlier promises…..I can only imagine the pressure such expectations would put on a writer. So all the best with your writing!

    • Thank you Priya! Yes, my writing is getting better as I go, and it’s because of all the feedback and support I’ve gotten from my readers. It’s been an incredible year so far, and it just makes me so happy to hear that people can SEE my improvement! It’s an attestment to the amount of investment others are putting into my writing along side my own efforts, and much is owed to my editor, who is a gem. So, THANK YOU for taking a chance, and I’ll do my best not to disappoint you!! Lizzy 🙂

  26. I read a lot. I mean A LOT. Life has gotten so hectic for me lately, I really never have a problem putting a book down to get on with life. Not since JR Ward’s series started coming out. Jacquelyn Frank. Sherrilyn Kenyon had me before that. Christine Feehan before that. Other than those 4, I’ve not found any that I had a difficult time putting down.

    Until Damian’s Oracle. And then Damian’s Assassin. I’ve read both in the last 24 hours. I couldn’t put them down. And when I did, couldn’t wait to pick them back up again. I’m really hoping number 3 will be Jules’ book? Sometime soon?? 🙂 And oddly enough, I’m hoping Jonny might have one too. Although, she might scare me.

    For a die hard romance reader, I honestly can say I didn’t miss the sex scenes. I normally just skip through them. I mean, how many times can you read “he touched a breast, it made her hot, yada yada yada. There was just enough romance in there to definitely keep my attention, regardless of the lack of steam.

    I had a bit of a hard time in the beginning, trying to wrap my head around who was who and what role they played in the whole universe thing, but by mid Oracle, I’d caught on so all was good.

    Your next challenge is to get me to cry. Lol. Then I can say, for me, you’d be right up there with the big gals!! Awesome reads!! Thanks for the entertainment and I’ll certainly be watching you for more.

    • Hi Krystie! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I’m so happy I could keep your attention alongside authors like Kenyon! I’ve read most of her books, too! Yay! Never read Ward or Frank, but I read a couple of Feehan’s books. My favorites have been Lynn Kurland and Teresa Medeiros. And you’re right – you gotta go through a lot of books (traditionally or indie published) before you find that author who just grabs you and pulls you in. You are most welcome for the entertainment!! 🙂

      I’m revising D’s Oracle and D’s Assassin this fall to take out some of the clunkiness, which might help with the beginning. For D’s Assassin, I’m going to expand it a little. I wrote and released both before I had an editor, so I’m going back to fix those after my editor hacks them to pieces! Ha! But yes, Damian’s Immortal is Jule’s tale. In books 3 and 4, you’ll see more of Jonny, whose gradual turn to the dark side breaks my heart, and Jenn, who gets caught up in a web between Jonny and Darian. (More on that later!!)

      As for making you cry … hmm … let me see what I can do. Haha … my short story MInd Cafe (which is available for free right now on Amazon US and Amazon UK) makes some people cry!

      Thank you so much for your feedback!!

      Lizzy 🙂

  27. Lizzy, each book gets better and better. I love to read and have looked forward to each book. I can’t wait to read the next part for Katie. Keep them coming!

    • Thanks you, Paula! My books get better because of the feedback I’ve been receiving from my readers. Thank you so much for your support … I’m working fast and furious on “Katie’s Hope!” Lizzy 🙂

  28. Hiii i just finished read katie’s hellion and i can’t wait for your next book to come out but I am just wondering if you can tell me a little bit about Katie’s hope. Please

    • Hi Jenny! Well, let’s see. Katie and Rhyn will be trying to learn more about what’s expected of them in their new roles in the Immortal society as well as trying to figure out if/how they fit together. It’s a somewhat darker book, for all the characters. Katie is still being hunted by Sasha, and is torn about whether to stay or go. She battles fear, and matters get a bit more intense for her when her sister is brought into the Immortal society, too. Rhyn … well, he just doesn’t fit in with the Immortals from how they think and act to how they treat him. Rhyn’s struggle is with his own nature: he knows what he wants (Katie), but he can’t fight who he is to make things right in the eyes of others. Gabriel, too, is going to have some issues since he officially belongs to Death, who is going to give him a very, very hard choice between killing someone he admires and someone else he cares about. And aloof Kris will be faced with hard decisions that challenge his black and white view of the world.

      There are some positives in addition to the struggles, hence the book title, but I’ll leave those for the book! 🙂

      In short, I’ll be tormenting my poor little characters in book two … haha! Lizzy

  29. Lizzy,

    I just want to commend you for following your heart as an author. I have not read any fiction since Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game 11 years ago, and in middle school I loved fantasy books. Since then I couldn’t really get into anything other than basic magazines, and even TV and video games have become boring. But I just finished reading Katie’s Hellion yesterday and it has re-ignited my love for fiction. My wife’s a librarian and she won your book thru one of her book sites similar to Shelfari. I started in the middle of your book (to her dismay.. haha, she’s a purist) and I couldn’t put it down! I’m a 28 yr. old male, who’s an African-American and a Sales Rep, so your demographic of fans has got to be getting pretty wide! Your talent is in bloom, and it’s exciting to see your maturation before our eyes. Thanks for the adventure and the inspiration. I am looking forward to supporting your work with my wallet! Never hit the brakes on your creativity for anyone or anything!

    • Hello, Anthony! You have no idea how happy I am to hear I could inspire you in some way! 🙂 I’m glad your love of fiction has been re-ignited. Fiction, to me, is about shedding the adult world and going on an adventure like we used to as kids. It’s something we forget to do as adults, but it keeps our minds happy and healthy!

      Thank you so much for your encouragement! That’s funny – you snagged your wife’s book! Haha … she probably won it through Goodreads! If she’s interested in paperback copies as a donation to her library, have her email me, and I can send her some more!

      Yes, my demographic of fans is just incredibly wide. I’ve had everyone from an English professor in China to mother-daughter/son teams read my books and send me notes! I think, at the end of the day, all my readers just love a good adventure story with strong characters and tough life choices. My writing is improving with every book, because I receive such incredible support and feedback from my readers. I started self-publishing almost 7 months ago and have been blown away by the awesome people I’ve met along my journey. I’m learning more about being a better writer and finding inspiration to keep writing in the comments left by my readers. It’s awesome!!

      And don’t worry – I’ve got about 65 books planned … I’ll write until you all get sick of me. Hahaha! Thank you again for your support and your feedback!

      Lizzy 🙂

  30. I read both Damian’s and Rhyn’s books in less than two days. I couldn’t put them down lol . I have also recommend your books to some of my friends at work. They are obsessed with them too. I can not wait you release the second Rhyn book and the third Damian book.

    • Hi Karyna! Thank you for your comment! I’m happy you enjoyed the Damian and Rhyn books! That’s wonderful about you recommending my books to folks at work! If you’re interested, send me a note to my email address:, and I can send you an autographed copy of Katie’s Hellion. I’m expecting a shipment of books this weekend, and always order extras to send to folks who refer me to others! 🙂 Lizzy

  31. Lizzy,

    I recently finished D’s Oracle and am almost finished with book 2. I really enjoy the plot and your vision of Immortals. I’m really looking forward to book 3. You’ve become one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading more! Much success to you!

    • Hello, Jolie! Woohoo – thank you! 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed the Damian books! I’m in the process of revising them for re-release this fall, prior to releasing book 3. People who enjoyed the D’s series have also enjoyed Katie’s Hellion, my book from May. It’s available for free download everywhere (Barnes and Noble, iTunes, including Amazon UK) except Amazon US. Enjoy!! Lizzy 🙂

  32. Hey Lizzy! 🙂 Im actually a book addict xD and I stumbled on one of your books on the free kindle bestseller books list and thought I would give it a try! 🙂 One of my better decisions I have to say, I’ve currently read three of your books and I love all of them. Although I think my favourite is Katie’s Hellion which I read in one day, I just couldnt put it down! You really are inspiring and I cant wait to read more of your books! Thank you for sharing your books with us! 😀

    • You’re welcome, Holly! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! K’s Hellion has been my most popular so far! I’ve got people beating down my door for Katie’s Hope, due out in a few weeks! Haha! I’m revising the first two in the Damian series this fall for re-release prior to Dec, when I’m releasing Damian’s Immortal. Thank you for taking a chance on my books!!! I’m so happy you did! Lizzy 🙂

  33. Lizzy

    When Damians Oracle and Damians Assassin are re-released will you be letting us know? I would like to redownload them to my kindle at the same time I download Damians Immortal. Also after this 3rd book will you be continuing the series or will this be the end? I’ve tried to read some previous posts so sorry if you have already answered it.
    Also thank you for adding me to the mailing list. Got the last one and was excited to see everything going on. You are going to be very busy. Looking forward to it all and congrats on your success!

    • Hi Karen! Yes, I’ll send out an email when D’s Oracle and D’s Assassin are re-released! There will be a fourth book out in May 2012 entitled, “The Grey God.” It’ll be the last in this series, though I might do some short stories or novellas about some of the more popular secondary characters. Thanks for your continued support!! Lizzy 🙂

  34. I had all of your stories saved on my computer forever. I found them on smashwords and just added them to the pile of books I have, lol. I love reading. Any who, I thought your stories were great. There was only one thing that bothered me about it, and I think it is just a small pet peeve of mine. The ?! when you character would yell a question. That’s all 🙂 Other than that teeny tiny thing, your books were great.

    Oh, and I found the lack of detailed sex scenes refreshing too. Every romance novel I pick up, it has these long drawn out scenes that I just skip over, because no matter how they right it, I’ve read it before. Plus, I have to admire you for going your own way when so many people add the scene to get more readers. The whole ‘sex sales’ line.

    My favorite out of all of them was The Warlord’s Secret. I just finished that one and immediately came on here to see when you would be doing a sequel to it. Best story I have read in a long time, and that’s saying something since I read about a book a day. Any who, keep up the awesome work, and I cannot wait until you write more!

    • Hi Shelby! Actually, my editor gives me an earful about the ?!, too. Haha … I think I’ve fixed that in the most recent books, and I’ll make sure I fix it when I revise Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin. That’s awesome about your favorite being The Warlord’s Secret! It’s my favorite, too, but it’s actually been my least popular book. I think it’s because it’s heavy on the fantasy side, and fantasy is a pretty niche audience. But I started out writing fantasy before romance, so I loved writing Warlord. 🙂 I’ll probably do a sequel on that one late next year. I’ve got a few books ahead of it! Thank you for saving my stories to your computer forever!! Yay! Lizzy 🙂

  35. I’ve just finished your ebook Kate’s Hellion (Rhyn Trilogy, book one) I think ?
    Was there only ten chapters?
    It didn’t feel like an end of a book but an end of a chaper.
    She walks away he vows to fight for her?????
    Is this really how book one ends?

    • Hi Chris! Yes, there were only ten chapters. The odd thing is that I thought it was a good place to end (before the next adventure), until I started getting feedback. Then I felt bad. I guess because the story continued in my mind, it seemed a logical place to stop. How awful is that? But, book two will be out at the end of this month, so you won’t have to wait too much longer! I’ll post links of where to get it for free and will send out a note to my mailing list when it’s out! LIzzy 🙂

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    • Hi Fatna! Let’s see … I may revisit the worlds of some of the books, simply because people have really enjoyed them! The Warlord’s Secret and Kiera’s Moon will likely have another story set in those respective worlds, so not sequels in the true sense, but new books or novellas telling stories of other people in those settings. I’ve got another trilogy I’ll be launching next year at some point. I don’t have a working title for it yet, and I’ll have to deveop it quite a bit more. It should launch in the middle of next year, maybe after the Damian books are done. I think that’s it for now … Lizzy 🙂

    • Hi Chelsea!! I’m revising Damian’s Oracle for re-release in about two weeks. Once it’s revised and lookin’ pretty, I can send you a copy! It might take about a month, though, because – after the revision – I have to set up the printing! You’re welcome to send me your postal addy, and I”ll mail you a copy in about a month! LIzzy 🙂

  37. I am incredibly glad I landed upon this website by accident. I can’t wait until the Damian Series is actually released on either paperback or hardcover. I have bought a lot of books, many that had me disappointed. I have been hunting all summer for a series that could get me hooked, so much that I would refuse to stop reading even if my head hurt. At times, I was sort of confused reading certain parts of the books, as parts left me confused or craving for more. The no sex scenes were actually refreshing, but a little more would have perhaps set off the mood??? The books were really good, so good that I even forgot to eat until my stomach growled. However, for some reason I sort of feel unsatisfied with how things ended. It was like it finally good to a good point, but suddenly ended, leaving the reader (or just me) completely unsatisfied. I have no idea if I make any sense, but I am grateful that you allowed us to D/L the books for free. It is nice to be able to read a book, find out if it is worth buying, before you head out to buy it. I am definitely going to buy the books; will there happen to be a box set??? lol … nevermind, I apologize for the blabbering. Keep the awesome books coming, you have just acquired another loyal fan ^_^.

    • Hi Emi! Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin are both being revised for re-release, so I think this will take care of a lot of the clunky writing that caused scenes to be confusing. I released them both before I had an editor, so she has them now for revision. 🙂 Do you know if you felt unsatisfied because of something in the book that may have bothered you or was it more of a general feeling of simply leaving the different worlds when it was over? I’m just curious! My readers have awesome instincts and are able to pick up things that aren’t quite right with the writing, which is what I use to improve my writing for the next book. So if you can pinpoint what made it feel that way, please feel free to let me know!

      Oh, and yes, there will be a box set of Damian’s Oracle, Damian’s Assassin, and Damian’s Immortal ready for December. I wanted to have something done for the holidays, so people could have time to order them! I like reading things for free so I can decide if I want to buy them, too. It’s kind of how I do things at Barnes and Noble – I’ll read a lot of a book that interests me before I buy it, because books are so expensive nowadays!!!!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments!!
      Lizzy 🙂

      • To be honest, I am not exactly sure why I felt unsatisfied. I just finished reading Keiras Moon and got the same feeling once I finished. I think, for me, the unsatisfied feeling was the abrupt sort of ending. Like the whole plot was fantastically laid out, that even without an editor, I was still hooked and could even ignore some of the confusion or choppiness. However, I’ve read plenty of romance novels and even though I was sad to leave the world that the author created, I was still satisfied as the endings usually gave more to what happened after the battles were won, or after some painful obstacle was removed. I have no idea if you know what I mean, but like the story Keiras Moon, I was incredibly saddened that I couldn’t even get a glimpse of A’Ran and Keira on Anshan healing or repairing its damage, or A’Ran and Keira walking hand in hand like the image she saw when he touched her for the first time. A conversation of him revealing how he felt (even one extra paragraph) showing more of his change as a character and how he improved to be a better man would’ve (I think) made me feel more satisfied. Since I have been reading all of ur books all one after another, I can’t exactly pinpoint what bothered me with the Damian Series since I can barely remember, but I think the same thing with Keiras Moon sort of applies. Overall, I just think there was a lack of closure (again, i hope that makes sense). Sorry for the incredibly long comment, and thanks for responding; it’s nice to know I can actually speak to the author and be able to share my opinions and show you my appreciation.

        • Ooooooh … I get it! I think ‘closure’ is the perfect word for it! I think that might be a funky Lizzy thing, actually. It’ll sound strange, but I purposely don’t read the endings to books, because I’d rather imagine what happens. I bet that’s been rolling over into my books. Rather than give an ending, I give basically the *beginning* to the ending, if that makes sense, so people can imagine what happens? Haha … not sure. I didn’t even really notice until you mentioned it. I can work on that and try to give more closure in upcoming books! 🙂 Lizzy

  38. Okay, I just finished reading book one of the rhyn trilogoy, and I am incredibly upset that it ended so quickly. Ah, I am so anxious for the next book. Keep up the awesome writing, and apologies if u see more commons from me today lol.

    OMG, I can’t believe it just ended like that. Totally in love with Rhyn. If they ever make movies out of your books, please choose a hot sexy man as the main actor lolz. Hugh Jackman??? Tom Welling??? Or Chris Hemsworth would do just fine lolz.

    • Hi Emi! Yes, the ending ot K’s Hellion upset a lot of people. I thought it was a good place to end, I think because the story continued in my mind. Hahahaha … and one of my readers is constantly trying to figure out who would star as characters in movies. I’m totally hooked on Jason Mamoa right now – he can play all my male characters, as far as I’m concerned. Hahaha! Lizzy 🙂

      • I never heard of Jason Mamoa and had to look him up just now. I can totally see why you would choose him. It should be illegal for people to look like that. Talk about a walking sin. I never understood the phrase I’ve read dozen of times “a nun would sin” boy would I ever lolz.

  39. I happened upon Damian’s Oracle on Amazon last night and couldn’t put my kindle down until I finished the book. I absolutely loved the story and the character interactions. After working 11+ hours today I have already downloaded Damian’s Assassin. My only complaint is that the 3rd and 4th books aren’t ready yet!

    • HI Jane! Don’t worry – Damian’s Immortal will be out in December! If you liked these two, you’ll probably like Katie’s Hellion or Kiera’s Moon. A couple of my other books haven’t gone over well with my core audience. Haha! Thank you for spending the time to read my books despite your loooooooooooong work days!!! LIzzy

  40. Hi, i have read every single on of your books, (all brilliant i must say) I am very much looking forward to the second installment on Katie’s Hellion this weekend, but just wondering if you were planning on bringing out a second to Keira’s Moon??? I really enjoyed it & would love to find out what happens to Keira & A’Ran! Please let me know 🙂

    • Hi Charlotte! You know, I’m not sure about a sequel to K’s Moon! I may do a novella or short story or maybe revisit the world with a new couple … I havent’ decided yet, but I have to figure it out when I make my plan for 2012 in a couple of months! 🙂 And I had to delay K’s Hope until next weekend … we’re moving this weekend, so I’m a bit overwhelmed!!! Lizzy 🙂

      • Awwww no way! I’ve been checking every day obsessively since Friday!! Oh well I guess it’s something to look forward to!! I really want to find out what happened with Keira & A’Ran so I think a book 2 would be a good idea 🙂 Please O:-)

        Good luck with moving 🙂 x

        • So sorry, Charlotte!! My move has been a disaster, but K’s Hope will be out Friday, even if that means I have to spend the weekend at a cafe stealing their internet. Hahahahaha! I’m glad you enjoyed K’s Hellion!! Only a few more days!! Lizzy 🙂

  41. Please tell me there will be a sequel to Kiera’s Moon?!?! I loved it and I am super curious as to what happens to Kiera and A’Ran and their planet. I was also desperate to know about a sequel to Katie’s Hellion, but you already answered that 🙂 I have read both of these at least a half a dozen times each! You are an incredible writer and I’m really looking forward to more of your books 🙂

    • Hi Nicole! Thank you, and I’m happy you’re enjoying the books! 🙂 Let’s see … I don’t know about a sequel to K’s Moon. :-/ I may do a novella or short story next year, or I might revisit the world and tell the tale of another couple. I have to figure that out this fall when I’m making my plan for 2012!!! 🙂 Lizzy

    • Awesome, GW! Thank you for reading!! I didn’t think Kiera’s Moon would go over well, but it did. Shows how good of a judge I am of my books … hahaha! Thanks, and take care! Lizzy 🙂

  42. hi. i loved damien’s oracle. im waiting for the third book. I seriously think it can be turned into a tv series. Although i got to say damien’s assassin didn’t quite live up to the first one .am looking forward to reading your other works. PS You didn’t need the soft porn to make your book great

    • Hi Tate! I’m having both D’s Oracle and D’s Assassin revised for re-release. D’s Assassin did fall short, so I’m going to expand it by about a quarter to tell Dusty’s story better and bring Sofi back into the picture a little more! In my head, all my stories play like movies, so I’m really glad I can convey that into the books. LIzzy 🙂

  43. Dear Lizzy,
    I have only just really discovered ebooks as a means of a little break from reality! I have to share that I have thoroughly enjoyed and, really, loved reading your books. I started with Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assasin. Even though a little clunky, they were still the best of the ebooks I’ve come across so far and I have enjoyed re-reading them. The Katie’s Hellion series, which I’m sure you’re very busy with at the moment, is also great work and I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment.
    I would also like to praise your other books – Maddie’s Oasis and The Warlord’s Secret. They dont seem to be mentioned very much, but they were also great reads! And Kiera’s Moon is one of my favourites. I just loved the idea of her being able to make grass grow! It was a delightful idea.
    Thank you for creating such lovely worlds and fantastic characters that are nice to visit.
    Kind regards,

    • Hello, Chelle! I totally agree about D’s Oracle and D’s Assassin being a little hard to read. The revised D’s Oracle will be released soon and the revised D’s Assassin in November! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed all the books! Maddy’s Oasis and Warlord basically tanked – haha! It’s ok – part of what I wanted to do this year was experiment with different subgenres and writing styles to see what clicked with readers. Kiera’s Moon was a gamble for me – I targeted it more to the young adult audience, so I was worried about how people would take it! The overwhelming response has been positive, though, so I’m glad I released it. There are tons of great ebook authors – I have a few on this page you can check out: I know these folks and love their work. There’s a good variety, too! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

  44. I LOVE Maddie’s Oasis, Kiera’s Moon, Damian’s Oracle, Damian’s Assasin and Katie’s Hellion…. Thank you!!!!!!! I’m in Afghanistan and reading your books is relaxing…. Looking forward to read Damian’s immortals and book 2 and 3 for Katie’s Hellion. YOU ROCK!!!!!

    • Holy smokes about being in Afghanistan! It’s gotta be hotter than it is here in AZ!!! Glad my books are helping you relax!! Are you military by chance or just touring the countryside?! 😀 Lizzy

      • I’m Military….. tourism here is not good for anyone’s health yet but it’s not as bad as everyone think it is, at least in the area were I’m located…. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of work to be done but being here and see the changes….. it is amazing……..It is hot but it’s getting better. Keep writing….a lot of us here enjoy your books…. Thanks

        • HI Lourdes – That’s awesome about being able to change the world around you for the better. Since you’re the only person I know in Afghanistan, I’ll attribute all the good work to you. 🙂 Thank you for your service, and I’m so happy I can do my little part to support you and the others deployed over there! If you’re interested, you’re welcome to send me your APO address, and I’ll send you guys some paperback copies of my books! Lizzy 🙂

          • Hi Lizzy… I send you my APO address via my yahoo e-mail. It will be great to have your books here… internet is good but sometimes the signal is really slow…

            Thanks again and keep writing

          • Awesome, Lourdes! I’ll send you paperbacks, and you can re-read them again untii Rhyn’s Redemption comes out in March! 🙂 Lizzy

    • Hi Deana! Yes, there is! ‘Damian’s Immortal’ (Jule’s story) will be out in early December and ‘The Grey God’ (Darian’s story) in May. 🙂 Lizzy

  45. Hi,
    First of I’m completely new to romance novels (and admit to having entertained my fair share of prejudices against them in the past), I’ve always been a hardcore fantasy and sci-fi girl. But I’ve recently been reading the George R.R. Martins series a Song of Ice and Fire, and I found myself loving the series and plotlines but craving the sparce scenes of romance hinted at in the series. So, after some reflection, I decided that I wanted to find a book that contained the other worldly super natural characters and plot lines I love, yet somehow managed to intertwine a believable love story into the action, (without becoming a twilight fluff fest). Needless to say, I found that in Damian’s Oracle, Damian’s Assassin, and Katie’s Hellion.
    I’m really happy to have found those books. They are perfect for a girl who loves action and fantasy and mystery, but craves a love story at the same time. I’m sure it must be extremely difficult to balance out the development of romantic relationships, with the convoluted and violent plot elements in these fantasy novels. As a grateful reader though, I just wanted to let you know that you are doing an AMAZING job, and I can’t wait to read the next installments in Damian’s series, which I am sure will only increase their popularity and fan base.

    Thank you for writing these novels!!!

    • Hi Lorraine! THANK YOU! Your note was AWESOME! I started out reading and writing fantasy, and I’ve always considered fantasy writing my roots. I discovered romance books somewhat by accident and thought I’d try to write one – – but with just as much adventure as the fantasy books I really enjoyed. The rest is history …. I will tell you if you want to read an incredible fantasy romance author, try Lynn Kurland. She’s my all time fave romance author because she doesn’t forget about the story when writing about the romance. 🙂 It can be hard to balance the different elements. Basically, I try to combine the richness of fantasy world building with the character driven focus of romance novels. I’m happy it’s working! Yay! LIzzy 🙂

  46. I have read all of your books tht are on smashwords love them all u r truly a great author keep them coming its great tht they r free but even when u start charging I will b buying them lol I love ur books

    • Aw, thanks, Ariel! I’m glad you’re enjoying all the books! I will be releasing free books to my mailing list, even when we go to the charging model in December, so you’re welcome to sign up! LIzzy 🙂

  47. OMG, Okay I just finished reading Katie’s Hope. When I got to the ending my response was “F**K, SERIOUSLY??? NO F****N WAY” lolz. I was happy yet pissed at the same time because like everyone else who will read this (well maybe not everyone haha), I screamed out in frustration at the end because I thought that was how the whole series ended (I was really afraid that you wanted to leave the rest to our imagination and I was thinking to myself at the same time “she can’t be that cruel…right?” lolz); however, once I realized and read that there will be a 3rd book, I was happy that you didn’t leave us to imagine what happened to Katie and Rhyn as well as sadden because I would have to wait until March 2012 (but I would choose the latter any day lol). Anywho, thank god Katie didn’t die-dead lolz. Btw, how do you pronounce Rhyn? I actually tried using a translator to read it back to me, and nothing. Is it suppose to read as Rin? Well, I am glad that you just ended off with a cliffhanger and that the ending was not the end-end of the series, cause boy would that be unsatisfying for sure. Once again, great work (as expected :D) and I look forward to more from you. Can’t wait to get the box set for your series thus far! It will be such a good collection to have ^_^.

    • Hi Emi! Hahaha … so sorry! Yes, that would’ve been frustrating had this been the end of the series. Rest assured book 3 won’t leave you all at a cliffhanger at the end. 🙂 I’ve been pronouncing Rhyn as “Rin.” I’ve got a few more books I’ll be releasing before March, then I’m taking January off. I wanted to have a fresh mind for both the final book in the Rhyn Trilogy (March 2012) and the final book in the Damian series (May 2012.) This has been an incredible and exhausting year!!! I’ll release a box series of the first three books in the Damian’s series before the holidays, and I might do something for the first two books in the Rhyn trilogy … not sure yet. I’ll have to figure that out soon!!! Lizzy 🙂

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  49. I’ve just finished reading Katies Hope and have to say I really loved it!! I remember when I read the first in the trilogy and how a shouted “NOO” at the computer screen when it ended on that cliff hanger, I did the same with this. I can’t wait to read the third and see how you’re going to end it, I myself keep daydreaming various endings!

    • Thanks, Rose! Glad you enjoyed them both! Don’t worry – no cliffhangers at the end of book three!! hahaha! Now that would be cruel! 🙂 Lizzy

  50. Hi Lizzy,

    Loved all your books! Keeps me going on the treadmill! I know you have the 3rd book of the Rhyn Trilogy scheduled for March, but was wondering if you are putting anything else out before then. I’m going through withdraw and it’s only been a day since I read your Origins short story. Think you can write a book a day?!?!

    Please keep writing!


    • Hi Stephanie! Haha about withdrawal! Holy smokes about writing a book in a day!! Gotta quit the day job, then I can write faster! that’s cool that you read them on the treadmill. I wish I could write books while on a treadmill – I need to drop about 40 pounds!

      Yes, I’ll have three more original books come out before March (A Demon’s Desire in October, Damian’s Immortal in Dec, and a yet unnamed one in Dec) and I’m re-releasing Damian’s Oracle soon and Damian’s Assassin in Nov. Might have a couple more short stories out before March – we’ll see. So more books coming!!

      Lizzy 🙂

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  52. Lizzy, I think your books are great. The characters are perfectly developed and the plots are so involved. I work overnight and your books keep me awake! I was floored that something this good was free. Keep up the great work!

    • Woohoo, thanks Karen! I’m glad my books help keep you awake! Haha … I’ve got more coming out this fall … I am switching to a charging model in Dec, but I wanted to keep everything free this year to build a fan base. 🙂 Lizzy

  53. Hi Lizzy. Just wanted to say that I have just finished reading Kiera’s moon and even though it’s aimed at young adult’s, I loved it!!! I think a sequel would be wonderful. I lost myself within the book and became so engrossed I could’t put it down. My poor husband say’s, “The Kindle is the worst present he’s ever bought me”. Haha… I’m looking forward to reading more of your books.


    • Yay, Louise! I’m glad you enjoyed Kiera’s Moon. 🙂 You know – there are worse things in life to be addicted to than ebooks! Hahaha! Lizzy 🙂

  54. Hey Lizzy! Just wanted to let you know that i’m a GREAT fan of your “war of gods” series! It was refreshing to finally read something without the damsels in distress.I’d love to read more of your stories so please keep up the good work and all the best!
    Samantha 🙂

    • Thank you, Samantha! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the Damian books! 🙂 I’ll keep writing as long as people keep reading … hahaha! Take care! Lizzy

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  56. Hello, Lizzy!

    I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying both the Rhyn and Damian’s books! I have just finished Damian’s Assassin and am champing at the bit for the next one. I had a feeling when I met Two who he was going to turn out to be, but seeing that I was right was priceless. I’ve really enjoyed both of them so far…now I am off to read the second book in the Rhyn series.

    Please add me to the list when your email newsletter is up and running.


    • Howdy Lil! Glad you enjoyed the War of Gods books so far! I’m excited about book three … will be out in December. 🙂 Everyone has loved Katie’s Hope, so I hope you like, too!!! Let’s see … the link to the mailing list: You’re more than welcome to sign up! Everyone who signs up in 2011 will get free ebooks as long as I’m writing! Lizzy 🙂

  57. Hi,

    I’ve just finished Kiera’s Moon and I loved it – I really didn’t think I would as it’s not something I’d usually go for but I enjoyed the Rhyn, and the War of the Gods books and thought I’d give it a go. I found it really enjoyable – you really get to know the characters in all your books (possibly because you’re not wasting page after page on repetitive sex scenes like most novels I’ve read recently).

    Please keep up the good work and let me know when you release anything new.


    • Hi Kirsty! Thanks for your comments! 🙂 I should be re-releasing Damian’s Oracle in the next week, then “A Demon’s Desire” a week or so before Halloween. 🙂 I was surprised people liked Kiera’s Moon – I thought my hardcore paranormal fans would steer away from it, like they did Maddy’s Oasis. I’m happy you enjoyed it!!! Lizzy 🙂

  58. Hello Lizzy,
    I just finished Katie’s Hellion and became an immediate fan of yours. I have already downloaded all your books that were available to me on my Nook, and have signed up on your mailing list. Your fabulous, so refreshing from the same old, same old that’s out there. I’m trying to locate Katie’s Hope now so I can continue with the Rhyn’s series before continuing on with the rest of your books. (Please let me know when it will be available to download) Keep wrighting and you’ll always have me in your corner to read and recommend them.

    • Hi Doragale! Woohoo – so glad you’re enjoying the books!! 🙂 And thanks for recommending them. I definitely appreciate it. Even with the advancements in publishing and distributing books, it’s still word-of-mouth that moves e-books off of e-shelves. Haha! As for Katie’s Hope … (sigh) I’m trying to get it uploaded to BN. I didn’t go through my edistributor for this one, because there was either a 4-6 week delay between when I released the book and when it got to BN. I thought I could chop that time to about 3 days – – – – but have been waiting to get my account approved. So, once that’s approved, I’ll be able to upload pretty much immediately. Hopefully it’s not too much longer …. :-((((( My poor Nook fans are suffering!!! Lizzy

      • Hey Lizzy,
        Can’t tell you in words how much it means that you answer all these comments/cur teaks. As for me, I say Thank you. I’t really means a lot to me. I have found and uploaded Katie’s Hope, and can hardley put it down. Your’r Great! Keep up the wonderful wrighting, I ‘ll whtch my e-mail for updates and any new works form you. I have told a S..t loand of friends about your books and they are all going for it. Keep up thr good work.

        • You’re welcome, DG! Readers are the foundation for writers – of course, I’m going to take time to talk to you all!! 🙂 I’ve learned so much from my readers’ feedback, and they’ve helped me improve my writing considerably this year. Thank you for taking a chance on my books and leaving me comments! 🙂 Lizzy

  59. Hey,
    have to say i have really loved all the books you have done, and have to be the best of all that i have read! Literally just finished Katie’s Hope and stayed up all night just to finish it. Thanks for such great books, can’t wait for the rest 🙂
    Alannah 🙂

    • Thanks, Alannah! Yay! Happy you’re enjoying all the books. 🙂 There are more coming, so don’t worry – I’ll keep writing til you all are bored with me! hahaha! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

  60. I just finished Damian’s Oracle and absolutely LOVED it! I just downloaded Damian’s Assassin and cant wait to delve into it. I must say that I think the fact that Sofi was very strong and stood up for herself and her beliefs is great. I also like how she seemed to be a real person, not just another main female character. I also like the fact that there arent any 10 page sex scenes in your book. I think there are only so many ways you can hear/read/or write about them. The missing sex scenes did not distract from the story in any way, and I feel that if you had those scenes in there it would have taken away from the story. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more in this series.

    • Hi Becky! Woohoo! Glad you liked Damian’s Oracle! I’m releasing the revised version in a few days. 🙂 It needed an editing, and I released the original one before I had an editor … lol .. bad Lizzy! Yeah, I’m a fan of sweet romances, too. I love comlex, flawed characters and fun storylines. Sometimes, these two things get axed when people focus on the sex scenes only. Thank you for yoru comments! Lizzy

  61. I love all of your books!! I cant wait for your new books to come out!! I love to read all kinds of books! And yours I love to read again and again! Dont dtop writing!!

    <3 Rosa

    • Thank you, Rosa! 🙂 I’m happy you’re enjoying the books! No worries – I’ve got about 60 more projects planned …. muwahaha … I’ll be writing until you’re fedup with my books! haha! Lizzy 🙂

  62. Hi, I love your books. Read them all. I stumbled onto them by accident. I love Sophie the way she is. She’s strength, then Dusty’s girl is feminine. I love that all your characters don’t have to be all the same over and over and over again. Writers do that and it bugs me. lol. I can’t say enough about your books. Love them all. And I keep rereading them. Thanks for them being free and actually enjoyable with good plots.
    – 😀

    • You’re welcome, Autumn! I try to keep my characters as unique as possible and from falling into any stereotypes. 🙂 I’m happy you’ve enjoyed the Damian series! You may like the Rhyn books, too. They’re both free on, and iBooks, and the first book is free on BN, too! Thank you for taking a chance on my books!!!! Lizzy

  63. hello Lizzy,

    i want to start by saying that i am a big fan of your books. i just found out while browsing through your eBooks list that i read every single one of them . i honestly didn’t know they were all yours. i am a book junkie so i read at least 2 books a day. so i was surprised to find all your books were among my favorites especially Katie trilogy . my only complain Lizzy is that i really want to know what happens in the series. both Katie and Damian`s. any idea when your latest installments are coming out?
    please keep up the great work and the great quality and uniqueness of your books.
    i love them
    thank you

    • Hi Delal! That’s AWESOME! So you were reading my books without realizing they were all mine. I think that’s wonderful! Don’t worry – the final book in the Rhyn Trilogy (entitled, “Rhyn’s Redemption”) will be released March 2012. I’m also going to do a book just for Gabriel, since everyone has really liked him! His book will be out in fall 2012.

      There are two more books in the War of Gods/Damian series: “Damian’s Immortal,” which will be released 2 Dec, and “The Grey God” which will be released May 2012.

      Take care!
      Lizzy 🙂

  64. Will there be another book in the Damian series? I loved both the Oracle and Assassian? Couldn’t put them down! I would love to read more about Jule and see the other charectors developing in their home lives with their mates and children.

    • Hi Hope! Yes, there will be two more books out in the Damian’s series. “Damian’s Immortal” will be released 2 Dec, and “The Grey God” will be released May 2012! I’m also re-releasing an extended version of “Damian’s Assassin” next month. Woohoo! I’m calling this the Autumn of Gods… lol … And yes, Jule is up next in “Damian’s Immortal!” Lizzy 🙂

  65. I too find the exclusion of major sex scenes refreshing for myself and my young adult daughter. How nice we can share your books. Loved Damien’s Oracle and Assassin. We can wait for the next in the series.

    • Hi Lisa! I think it’s awesome you and your daughter can share books! I’ve had a lot of mother-daughter readers leave comments that they found it cool! Makes me happy! 🙂 Damian’s Immortal will be out 2 Dec! Lizzy

  66. I just wanted to say that I read the new version of Damian’s Oracle and love the new changes. It flows so much better. I can’t wait for the re-release of Damian’s Assasin. I truly love your b0oks and can’t wait to read A Demon’s Desire. Keira’s Moon is still my favorite though! Thank you for such wonderful stories.

    • You are very welcome, Yaremis. I’m glad Damian’s Oracle reads better. I didn’t want to touch the story, because people have just loved the story, so I did what I could (with my editor’s help) to clean up the writing. I’m glad it helped!!! I didn’t expect as many people to love Kiera’s Moon … I’m doing a sequel on it next year. 🙂 Lizzy

  67. Hi. I really loved Keira’s moon, and iam constantly looking for something similar to that story. Any ideas?

    And yes. Iam a man, and i like these books. 🙂

    • No worries – there are a few guys who read my books! I think it’s awesome! Let’s see … as for something similar to Kiera’s Moon … what did you like about it? The space part or just the characters in general? I have a few books out there, but none of them are space-based … I’d like to think my characters are pretty good in most of the books … everyone loves “Damian’s Oracle,” so you can try that one! I’ve also got a few friends who write as part of the Indie Eclective. At some point, most of us have free books out there on Smashwords and/or Amazon, so you could try out a few new authors. The link there is: Hope this helps! 🙂 Lizzy

      • I liked the new universe feeling, and i liked how you described the feelings inside the caracters. The attraction, comfort, and seduction. The thing is iam not a bookworm. Iam a real life player of this “game” named life, so i cant really describe what part catched my attention the most. But still it felt real, like how i feel when i pick up girls and such. And i dont care if its free or not, if i like it, i get it. Basically i could feel the confusion inside Kiera very well, and the dominance in A’ran. Iam looking for any books what contains these well described feelings, but i like sci-fi the most, since real life can become a bit “grey” after a while.

  68. This is my first introduction to Lizzy Ford and I’m so impressed by the diversity of her work; not sure if I’m more interested in death’s personal assistant or the girl hooking up with a battle-hardened warrior prince living in exile 😉

  69. I know I’ve stated that I loved the Damian and Katie series but I also loved maddys oasis. That doesn’t seem to get the recognition it deserves! You know you found a great book when just by reading you can imagine yourself in the book and feel what the characters feel.

    My new fav author! Great writing!

    • HI Beena! 🙂 Woohoo – glad you’re enjoying all the books! “Damian’s Immortal” (book 3, War of Gods/Damian series) will be out 2 Dec and the final book in the War of Gods series (The Grey God) will be out in May.

      “Rhyn’s Redemption” (book 3, Rhyn Trilogy) will be out in March, and I decided to write Gabriel a book, because he’s just so neat! His book will be out in autumn 2012. So you haven’t missed anything! 🙂

      So happy you liked Maddy’s Oasis! That one largely didn’t go over well with readers, but I thought it was a cute story! 🙂 I’m glad you did, too!!

      Lizzy 🙂

      • I definitely did! Im glad I haven’t missed anything! I can’t wait to read the new books! Finally I have another great book to read again.

        • I hope you enjoy the new ones! Damians Immortal is now out, and I’m hoping to launch my next trilogy at the end of the month … woohoo! 🙂 Lizzy

  70. Hi Lizzy…

    I’m a reader from Kenya and I love your books. I fell in love with Kiera’s Moon, Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin. I’m eagerly awaiting Damian’s Immortal. I read the three books back to back till at one point I had to wear sunglasses coz the light was killing my eyes and I had not slept. I guess what i could ask for is more love making between the characters in description. You have a gift and should be proud of it. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Ciru! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! So sorry they kept you up too long!!!! Damian’s Immortal will be out in under a month! Woohoo! I’m so excited!! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

    • Hi Katie! It’ll be out in March! Woohoo! And then I’m going to write a book for Gabriel in the fall. I loved his character! Lizzy 🙂

      • Thanks for letting me know. I think I can survive until March. Or at least try. I love Gabriel’s character as well and would like to see how he became Death’s guy.

  71. I read several of your books on a free site and really enjoyed them. I will be purchasing most of them, because I prefer “real” books, plus I can reread them anytime (and anywhere) I feel like it. I will also be purchasing your new books as that come out!
    I read many of the comments posted… here’s my two cents…. don’t change a thing! Your writing style is as good as many of the more famous writers and you have the perfect blend of action, romance and sexual references (without getting smutty).
    I have read series where the writer decided to “mix thing up” and all it did was ruin the series and disappointed their readers.
    So, thank you and keep up the good writing!

    • Thanks so much, Karla! 🙂 I’m updating a couple of the paperback versions, but they’ll be back by mid-next week. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books, and thanks so much for your kind words. I know my writing isn’t perfect, but I work on it regularly and have an editor to help me grow. A lot of the improvement I’ve made this year has been the direct result of readers’ feedback, so I’m always happy to hear I’ve found a good rhythm with writing! 🙂 LIzzy

  72. If it is not broken do not fix it. Please keep writing. When you can not put a book down and know that the next part is not available, this is worse than craving for chocolate. I have just enjoyed both Damian books and am avidly waiting for the next two. I normally read action thrillers, this is a whole new world…….. good luck with your tour.

    • Thanks, Pamela! I try to mix action and adventure with romance, I guess because that’s what I like to read and watch on TV. I’m a total fan of movies where things explode and the hero and heroine fall in love by the end! Haha! Damian’s Immortal will be out on 02 Dec – I posted an excerpt this week from it. If I forget to do my blog posts next week, I”ll probably post another one. Hahaha! Lizzy 🙂

  73. Today is a first for me – first time I’d come across you at all, first time I’d read your books and first time I’ve tracked down an author and left a comment on their site. I’ve read both books so far in the Rhyn Trilogy during the course of today and thought they were fab! (just as well I had the day off work!) Just wanted to say well done Lizzy 🙂 I’ve downloaded a couple more of your books for my Kindle and am looking forward to getting stuck into those too. I think your books are well written (far better than a good number of more famous works), the stories compelling enough to keep reading and I agree with many of the above comments about the balance of action/romance/sex – don’t change a thing and keep writing! xx

    • Thank you, Rachel! It’s an honor to be the first author you stalked. Hahaha! 🙂 People love the Rhyn Trilogy … Damian’s Oracle is free on Amazon, too, and it’s another fave for folks who loved the Rhyn books. I try hard to balance the action and romance … I LOVE strong, flawed characters, because I think they reflectthe challenges real people have, where sometimes, there just isn’t a good option, but you gotta make a choice. So happy you enjoyed the books enough to find me! 🙂 Lizzy

  74. Dear Lizzy
    I have read both your books Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin.
    I enjoyed them so much all though i am going blind i use my computer to read to me and i love the way the book unfolds… will there be a 3rd book?

    • Hi Kirsti! Yes – book three (Damian’s Immortal) will be out on 02 Dec. So sorry you’re going blind using your computer to read! I don’t like reading on the computer, either. I print out my books to edit them – – just seems easier! Ha! Lizzy

      • Reading your great books give me hope, as for using the computer to read its just untill the Doc does my eye op. You are a great writer :)Thanks
        Kirsti Siviter
        South Africa

        • I’m happy my books give you hope. 🙂 Yay! Scary about your eye op, though. 🙁 I hope that goes well … take care! Lizzy

  75. Hi Lizzy

    Sorry I haven’t write you in a while… I’ve been out the loop but I’m back……..waiting for the 3rd book of the Damian’s Series….. My sister went NUTS when I told her the name of Jule love interest……..LOL, the same with the rest of my family 🙂

    Take care and keep writing

    • That’s awesome!! 🙂 So cool about your sister!! Well, Damian’s Immortal is with the editor … 02 Dec is right around the corner!! Yay!! 🙂 I’m so excited!

  76. I have Katie’s Hellion, Maddy’s Oasis, Damian’s Oracle, & A Demon Desire. I just bought Katie’s Hope, Kiera’s Moon, & Damian’s Assassin. I can’t wait to read them. I have read the others numerous times. 🙂 I love your work and spread your name to other people all I can. 😀

    • Thanks so much, Amy! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying all the books! I have a blast writing them and talking to my readers. Damian’s Immortal will be out in a week, too! And thanks for spreading the word!!! Lizzy 🙂

  77. I love Sofia’s character she is great but I want to see more of Damian and Sofi working together and how Damian will deal with a pregnant Sofia!I can’t wait for the 3rd book and for Rhyn’s Redemption I can’t wait for March to come!Your books are incredible thank you!!!!! :))))

    • Thanks, Amanda! 🙂 Damian and Sofi are in book three more than book two. I’m excited about Rhyn’s Redemption, too. Gotta start writing it in January. Yay!! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the books!! Lizzy 🙂

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  79. I loved Damian’s Immortal it was great I wanted more I hope you decide to give us a sneak peek from the 4rth book!Great job!I wanted more! 🙂

    • Ack! Sneak peek?! I have to write it first … hahahaha! That’s what I’ll be doing in March/April, after the next Rhyn book is out! Woohoo Rhyn and Darian in 2012! Lizzy 🙂

    • You’re so welcome! Great job with the name of Jule’s soul mate! 🙂 Immortal turned out really good – I was so happy with it!!! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

      • Thank you… I’m glad you liked the name….I cannot wait for Darian’s turn LOL…. your book is a HIT here.

        Thank you, like I told you before, your books relax me and everyone here that has read them, either on line or the hard copies you mail me…..

        Take care and keep writing

        • Thanks, Lourdes. That’s so cool! I’m happy I can offer some escape for those of you who might as well be on the moon … it’s rough being away from home, so I’m happy I can bring something positive to your day! (And, your books shipped this week! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!) Lizzy 🙂

          • That is great!!!! I won’t tell anyone until I receive them, if I do I will get run over LOL

            Thanks and keep writing

  80. Hey Lizzy,

    This is random, but I was just wondering: how do you make the covers for your books? They all look so good! Do you make them yourself, or does someone make them for you?

    • Hi Cat! You’re not blind! 🙂 From where did you download the original one? If it was Smashwords, you should be able to go right back and download the new version. If Kindle or BN, it might be a bit more difficult, though you could download the compatible version from Smashwords, too. Let me know if you have any problems with it! Lizzy 🙂

      • I don’t have the original. I found your books just a couple of weeks ago, and in reading through this site, I saw mention of two different versions. Wasn’t sure if the current smashwords link was the up-to date one.

        • Yes, the one on Smashwords now is the revised version. There’s only a few ebook libraries where the new one hasn’t posted yet (Sony ereader store, Kobo ebook store … might be one more.) But on Smashwords, Amazon, BN, and iTunes, the revised versions are up! 🙂 Lizzy

  81. Hi Lizzy! I just finished Elle’s journey and I can’t wait for the next book. I hope you bring baby bear back, I miss him. LOL.

    • LOL I know! Poor baby bear! I thought he was cute, too, but he does have a tiny part to play in the story. I’m glad you enjoyed Elle’s Journey!!

  82. Hi Lizzy

    I just wanted to say Happy New Year!!!!! Sorry I haven’t e-mail you for a while… lots of work and I went home for a much needed rest and relaxation 🙂

    Take care and keep writing

    • Hi Lourdes! No worries! I’m so happy to hear you got to go home for a little bit! 🙂 Happy New Year, and stay safe!! Lizzy 🙂

      • Hi Lizzy or should I say Eliza LOL

        I just finish reading Elle’s Journey… I LOVE IT!!!!!! I have to wait until spring/summer for Shadow Rising????? Not fair 🙁

        Take Care and keep writing

        • Yay! I’m glad you liked it! I was worried folks wouldn’t, because it is so different! It’s one of my faves, though, and in the next book I’ll start killing off people, I think. It’ll be fun. Hahahaha! Lizzy 🙂

          • Oh … killing imaginary people. One day, someone is going to take my enthusiasm for tormeting my poor characters seriously. Hahaha! 🙂 Take care!

  83. Ive read all of them starting first with katie’s hellion which I found by accident and it was really good. Your books are amazing and just suck people in leaving them wanting more. I cant wait to see what you come up with next, I already know it will be one of the best(:

    • Aw, thanks, Jordyn! I’m hoping I can keep up with my muses hahaha! I’m working on the third Rhyn book now! Fingers crossed for cooperating muses. Haha! Lizzy 🙂

  84. I have read and love all of your books. I am anticipating the release of all the others, I have not read one and not enjoy it. I wish your books will be thicker, I want you to write longer stories. I just can’t get enough. As with your short stories and other trilogies, the Foretold captured me. You create AMAZING characters. Your books are AWESOME. I am in love with your writing ability and your incredible imagination. If only they can be made into movies. Some steamy scenes will go well (not if overdone). But I love the books the way they are. Also, you did a great job with the revised book versions.

    • Awesome, thanks so much, Lia!! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed all the books, even Elle’s Journey. Someday, I want them to be movies, too. They’re movies in my head when I write them, so it’d be awesome to see that come to live on the big screen. Wishful thinking … LOL 🙂 Yeah, my lovely imagination has gotten me far but leaves me no peace sometimes haha! Thank you so much for your feedback!! Lizzy 🙂

  85. hi Lizzy,

    I like your books. You have an amazing writing style. Are there just two books in Damian’s series or are there more?? When are the rest of them coming? Is there anyway I can track the releases?

  86. hi lizzy,
    i love your books ! your abrolutly amazing ! i was just wondering when the next book in the rhyn series will be out ? ive read the other two and i think im having withdrawl symptoms lol . cant wait for any books you putout in the future 🙂 your an amazing writer thankyou 🙂

  87. I stopped reading for a long time (years actually) because books started to lose it’s thrill, the plots and the writers just seemed boring, funny enough on my birthday feb 1, 2012 my friend handed me a book by Linda Howard the book was about 340 pages long which i finished in a day, yesterday i was browsing through amazon and i was looking for fiction and saw you book and the title caught my attention “The Warlord’s Secret” i just finished the book about 3 hours ago and I wanted you to know You just became on of my favorite Writers, I wanted to thank you because you actually gave me faith that Good writers are out there again, I might just have to look a little harder to find them….. Also please put me on the mailing list for the second part of this book.

    • Wow, thanks so much for your feedback, Antonia. Comments like yours are the reason I write – I’m thrilled I can touch someone with my books. There are a lot of good writers out there, but I feel the same as far as trying to find them. It’s hard to find a good book and even harder to find a writer who always meets your expectations. You made my day – thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! 🙂

  88. i am really running out of patience waiting for Rhyn’s redemption! But one thing i know for certain it that it is well worth the wait!:)

  89. I found your book on ibooks. I absolutly love them. Im not sure if they have all your titles listed can you please send me a copy of all books and series for me. I have been telling all my friends about you books. You have me hooked.

  90. Hi Lizzy,
    I loved “Kiera’s moon” very much. 🙂 Wonderful book of romance and fantasy. 🙂 I have read it lot of times again and again. I couldn’t come out of that imaginative world. When I reached the end of the book, I wanted to continue reading and know about what happens between Kiera and A’Ran and to their planet Anshan. I was disappointed that i couldn’t read more. Please try to make a sequel to “Kiera’s moon”, I am very much looking forward to read it. 🙂 🙂

  91. I just read damian’s oracle and damian’s assassin … they r amazing i love them n now need to start damian’s immortal …i cant wait to read it … i love your writing, ur one of my favorites … i love ur books ….
    im gonna read all of them …. keep writing 🙂

  92. hi,i just wanted to say how much i love your ebooks really love them.I have read Damian’s books except for the last book in which we are all waiting with a bated breath only wish there will be more pages especially in Rhyn’s Redemption.

  93. Thank god I read that there’ll be more to the Rhyn series b/c the ending of the 3rd book is such a cliffhanger!!! Awesome read & can’t wait for more to come out!

    • Wahoo! Thanks, Jen! This series has been so popular – I couldn’t end it after three books. I had readers pleading in emails and everywhere else not to end it LOL

  94. I loved the first two books of the Rhyn trilogy, but can’t seem to find Rhyn’s Redemption for the iPad. Will it be out soon? Can’t wait to read it!


    • Alas, I’m still waiting on Apple to approve it. It’s been in their system waiting for 3 weeks! 🙁 Usually, their process is faster … I’ll post a note on my website and FB as soon as it’s up!! Thank you for your patience!

      • Lizzy, thank you for your quick response! I think you’re a fantastic author, and I am so glad I found your books. They are worth the wait! Thank you also for letting me escape to another place through your writing, to get away from the humdrums and other bad times life throws at us, and taking me on a fantastic journey. You are truly gifted and I look forward to reading your other series as well. I wish I could kick Apple in the butt for holding up the 3rd Rhyn book!!

        • I know! Rhyn is being held hostage by Apple!! Ack! LOL Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m always thrilled when someone else enjoys the little worlds I create as much as I do!! Lizzy 🙂

  95. Hi Lizzy… Sorry I haven’t write to you in a while…. bussy bussy packing and getting ready to go Home (TIME LEFT 0.65-WEEKS, 4.57-DAYS, 109.56-HOURS, 6573.88-MINUTES and 394432.86-SECONDS) LOL……..
    Waiting for the final book of Ward of Gods….:-)

    Please hurry….. Thanks and keep writing

    • Yay, Lourdes! I’m so happy you’re coming home!! You’ve been there for quite awhile. Will start working on The Grey God soon … I’m wrapping up Rebel Heart so I can send it to my editor! Woohoo! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

      • Thank Lizzy :-)… Yeah it has been quite awhile (13 month)…..but is almost over.
        Thank you for your books

        Keep writing

  96. Hi Lizzy, I have read the War of Gods Trilogy & Ryn’s Trilogy and I just love all of the characters and the storylines. When in May is the Grey God ebook gonna be on sale and which site? I can’t wait to read it 🙂

    • Hi Bibi! I’m happy you’ve enjoyed the Rhyn and Damian books! The fourth book in the War of Gods series will be out in mid-June, I think, after I get back from traveling. I wanted to have it out sooner but will be traveling for about 3 weeks, so I don’t think I can release it til June! Lizzy 🙂

  97. Hey Lizzy ..long time I have not posted a comment for you Greeting from Honduras …finish reading elles journey OMG…its always AWESOME reading your book but with this one was all new experience let me tell you I did not notice i was reading the last page until i turning over and said end … i was way immerse in it can way for the other book..again you are a blessing and can wait for any of your new books to come in…. love your books and once again your are AWESOM , AWESOM , AWESOM!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Hi Evelyn! I’m happy you liked Elle’s Journey!! Not many people did, but it’s one of my favorites! I wanted to write that story for sooooooooo looooong! LOL I’m super happy you liked it. Yay! Lizzy 🙂

  98. Hi Lizzy

    Sorry I haven’t write in a while….. I AM HOME…..and I got sick LOL…..all is well in beautifull PR…..taken so much needed time off and counting days until the release of the final book for the Ward of Gods…… Please hurry

    Thanks and keep writing

    • Yay, Lourdes! Welcome home!! So sorry you got sick, though. I hope you’re better by now. :-/ Looks like Darian’s book will be out in mid-June, because of my upcoming travel. I’m excited, though! 🙂

      • June?????? I’m going to cry:-) I am doing better thanks. I’m in Dominican Republic visiting my sisters and having a great time. Please hurry with the final book of the war of gods.

        Keep writing

        • Hi Lourdes! Wahoo! Enjoy your time with your family! 🙂 Yes, so sorry to break everyone’s heart with the War of Gods late release. My schedule is driving me crazy hahaha! Take care! 🙂

          • Hi Lizzy

            I am sooooooooo happy that you’re doing great with the tours…….no worrys I just cry until the release LOL

            Take care and keep writing

          • Oh, no, Lourdes! Don’t cry!!! The next book will be out soon!! 🙂 Did you read Rebel Heart? I thought you might like it, because it’s got a government/military aspect. If you didn’t read it, just send me a note with what format you want, and I”ll send it to you!

  99. I loved the War of Gods books just as they are, My only regret was that I was done reading them to fast…I can’t wait for the next one

    • Hi Carol! I’m pushing it back probably until after my travel is over … so between June 9-15. It sucks, but it takes me about 3 days to format and upload it, and I’m about to start traveling this week for a few weeks. :-/

  100. Hello Lizzy!!!!

    I just devoured all three War of Gods. Can’t wait
    for Darian’s story. I have blown off plans, and my boyfriend in
    the last three days so I can read on my kindle app. I randomly
    came across Damian’s Oracle and I was hooked. I had found a
    PDF version online, and after the second chapter, I looked you
    up on Amazon. I bought all three. I just finished Jule’s story and I have to
    get up in an hour and a half for work. Thank you for taking me out of my
    stressful life and into your world. You have become one of my fav authors.
    I’ll be telling everyone about you and your books.
    Thanks again!!! xo

    • Thank you so much, Shannon!! I really appreciate that! I’m always really happy when people have as much fun in the worlds I create as I do. So sorry if your boyfriend is mad at me now, though. hahaha! The fourth in the Damian series will be out in a few weeks! Lizzy 🙂

  101. I love your books! I would not change a thing. They are very entertaining, and enjoyable. Please keep them coming!

  102. Absolutely love your books, I came across Damian’s oracle one day and was instantly hooked, couldn’t put it down, I have read all three (twice):), can’t wait to see what else you can come up with!!!!

    • Wahoo, thanks, Tisha! Happy you’re enjoying th ebooks! The fourth one in this series will be out in the next few weeks. I’m super excited about it! Lizzy 🙂

  103. Hey Lizzy,

    Just finished reading Rebel Heart and I really Loved it! You pulled me into Lana’s journey and I was unable to put my Nook down until the end! I have read all of your books and I just want to say thank you for your wonderful storytelling and I look forward to more. Btw any chance you will make a sequel to this? There seems to be so much more that could happen to Lana and Brady!

    • Hi Stephanie! Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed Rebel! I’m not sure – I probably won’t do a sequel to that one. If I do, it wouldn’t be out until late 2013. I’ll have to think about it. I thought it might be neat to do a book about one of Brady’s brother’s, too, like from a different perspective of the insanity they’re all going through. I’ll give it some thought and figure out this fall if it’s something I could do next year! Lizzy 🙂

  104. I really enjoyed both series- waiting for Grey God. I skip over the sex scenes. Anyone can write about $&#% but you have a talent for a true fantasy plot and the narrative of characters we can relate to, empathize with and tend to care about page after page. Keep it up, I think you are truly gifted. (and I have easily read over 1,000 books in the last 15 years!)

    • Thank you so much, Janay. 😀 You made my day! I looooove books with strong characters and the type of plot you can lose yourself in. I started out writing fantasy, so I think that style of writing carried over into my romance writing. I’m happy you’re enjoying the books! Lizzy 🙂

  105. Hey Lizzy
    When is your book The Grey God (Book IV) coming out??
    I love all your books so much please keep writing!

    • Thank you, Kirsti!! I’m not sure for the Grey God – maybe by the end of the month. The past three weeks of shows and travel slowed me down so much. :-/ I gotta catch back up again!! Lizzy 🙂

  106. I just wanted to tell you I love your War of the Gods series. I got the first as a freebie for my Kindle and then I bought the next two last night (BTW I’ve already finished the second one). Are you able to set up a pre-order for the fourth book on Amazon?


    • Hi Jessica! Unfortunately, no, my book isn’t available for pre-order. Amazon doesn’t allow indie authors to put their books up for pre-order. I hope they do someday, though!! I’m happy you’re enjoying the books! Lizzy 🙂

  107. Hey Lizzy,
    I love all your books, I read all I could find. Wish you would continue writing. Don’t mind… But can I get a mail when a new book releases? Like when the ‘The Grey God’ releases? I have read the three… And well… It didn’t take time for you to become my favourite! ‘Damian’s Oracle’ is amazing, Damian is still my favourite character, actually, from all the books I have read so far, meaning not just yours but every other book I have read. Reading Books are a great hobby of mine. Although, I only read Best-sellers a while ago, had to change my mind completely after I found Damian’s Oracle in kindle. Whoa! That’s what books should be like. There is something about Damian that is way too appealing. ‘Rebel Heart’ is awesome, I don’t usually like sci-Fi stuff but it’s you so I allowed my instincts to guide me, absolutely wonderful it turned out like this. I didn’t think ‘Maddy’s Oasis’ would be sooo good because you write supernatural stuff and something out of the ordinary and not something of a everyday lifestyle, but you did and I am surprised at how good it turned out to be. I will read ‘Demon’s Desire’ in just a while. Can’t stop searching for your books. Love you and your precious books. They’re short but large enough to be effective. That’s all I have to say for now.
    Thanks. Lovely meeting you…
    Best Reagrds,

    • Hi Turja! It’s a pleasure to meet you, too! And I’m super happy you’re enjoying all the books! I worry, too, if people will like the different kinds of books I write sometimes. I try to stay focused on the characters, because I think that’s really what people connect to. No matter what kind of book it is, if you don’t like the characters, you probably won’t like the book. Haha! And yes – you can sign up for my mailing list here: That way, when I release a new book, you’ll get an email with links! Thank you for taking the time to read my books and provide feedback! Lizzy 🙂

      • Hey Lizzy,
        Yeah, I am in the mailing list, thanks! If you write the book, I would definitely like the book. I prefer the style you write in because it’s in 3rd person but with one person’s view at a time, that’s how I like a style of writing. Every book, EVERY, I’ve read of yours is great! I advised my friends to read them and now they call me awesome because I have such a good choice and compliment the awesome writer you are! I hope you keep on writing. I can’t wait for The Grey God, is it going to free at first?
        Please always write!
        Best Regards and love
        Turja <3

  108. I just read Rebel Heart and Maddy’s Oasis… two books/two days. I did not want to stop reading until I was done. But I read pretty quickly, it only took a few hours for each. Loved them both! Great writing Lizzy! You’re my new favorite author. I usually read books here and there from different authors, but I’m willing to read almost anything you write. The only other sci-fi author that I read all her books is Anne McCaffrey. That says a lot about your work and style of writing. I’m so glad I stumbled upon to find your books.

  109. Hi Lizzy!! I love your books. I’m glad to hear that you’ll have some new ones coming out soon. I’ve bought all your other books. I really loved Elle’s Journey. I hope you’ll be writing the rest of the books in the Foretold trilogy soon. Please let me know when they’re coming out. I can’t wait!

  110. i just finished reading The Grey God in the War of Gods series and…OMG in-effing-tense. WOW i can hardly breathe and my mouth is still gaping open lol. i was on the edge of my seat most of the time wondering what was going to happen next and i felt my heart bursting out of my chest that i was worried i might be having a heart attack. its half past one in the morning where i am and i know i ain’t going to be sleeping any time soon! serious adrenaline rush, anyway enough gushing, loved the book and i know we will continue seeing more amazing work from you, thank you so much, and i wish you many more years of amazing creativity x

    • Wahoo! Thanks so much, Leanne! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was one of my better books. 🙂 Yay! Sorry to keep you up, though. Hahaha! Lizzy 🙂

  111. Lizzy,
    I just love you right now! I got the War of Gods and Rhyn Trilogy, even Kierra’ Moon and I can’t get enough! I’ve been reading and re-reading your books over and over again…. What have you done to me? XP Keep on writing Lizzy!
    By the way, where can I get Rhyn Trilogy: Origins? Is that another story to it?

  112. Weird when i got damian’s oracle the name was different from the lil boy who died from toby to cody…. y is it different now did u change it?

    • Yes, I did change the name. There were a couple of people who thought that the little boy in Damian’s Oracle was the same as the one in the Rhyn Trilogy, so I changed it to avoid any confusion! Good eye! 🙂 Lizzy

  113. Hi I just finished rebel heart. Loved it. Please say that Dan and Elise are getting a story. I have to know more about this new world that you have introduced us to.

    • Hi Katie! Maybe down the road, I can do another book in the Rebel Heart world. I think there’s a lot of potential for more stories there. And I adored Dan and Elise’s relationship … so maybe in a year or two I can do another one! Lizzy 🙂

  114. I’m a huge fan of yours! I´m currently living in a rural area in Brazil so the only books in english I find are on-line. That´s how I “stumbled” upon your books on Smashwords. The first one I read was ‘ Kiera’s Moon’ and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve read all the books in the Rhyn Trilogy ( I know there’s one coming out about Gabriel and I’ll most definately read it too!) and the War of Gods series, as well as Elle’s Journey, and I definately plan on reading the rest of the books as soon as they are out. I’ve also read the all single titles and I have to tell you I’m truly happy to know there’s going to be a sequel to Kiera’s Moon. Keep up the awesome writting and best of luck to you!

    • Thank you, Keyla! I’m thrilled you found me through Smashwords, too. I’ve had people from all over the world find me through there – it’s been an awesome doorway to the world for me! 🙂 I’m working on Kiera’s Sun right now … behind schedule (as usual!) but working on it! Ha! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

  115. Can anyone say whether any of these books go out in the international market. I read all that have so far emerged. recently issued can not get anywhere else in the country where I live (Rhyn’s Redemption, Damian’s Immortal (Book III), The Grey God (Book IV)) …… English is not my first language so if I wrote something wrong I apologize right now. . I can read English but not write too good …. ooo I’m from Croatia. Loved all your books!

  116. OMG! I finished ‘Dark Summer’ a couple of days ago and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I can’t wait to find out what happens to Summer in the next book and I wonder what ‘sacrifice'( I say sacrifice ’cause I know it will be some kinda of tough decision) she’ll have to make to go back to being light…. I’m positive her becoming a light witchling is going to happen in either book 2 or 3 in the series;)
    P.S.: I am impatiently 😉 waiting for the next 2 books…and all others that will come.

  117. Loved The Witchling! I’m mad at myself for not waiting until the other were out so I could read them all at once! Keeping my fingers crossed that book 2 is coming out soon. This ranks up there with Ryn’s story for me. Love your writing!

  118. I just read dark summer in 3 hours and loved it I am so keen to read book 2 when will it be released ? I may have to start on one of your other books in the mean time … Thank you for such an amazing book .

  119. Hi Lizzy, just wondering when Xander’s Chance will be released. I’ve seem Feb 2013 and Winter 2013……either way, I can’t wait! Love your books!

  120. Lizzy! I adore your books. I love how the stories just grab you and pull you in. I get hooked on the struggle and the tension between the characters. I hope to see much more from you soon! And honestly, the lack of explicit sex scenes makes the stories that much better. You can focus on the actual relationships and the events that shape them. Your writing is an escape and an inspiration. Keep writing!
    Love, always,

  121. Lizzy,
    Just wanted to say I love your books!! I ran across your books on amazon. It takes a lot to hold my attention book wise. Your books thus far, I could not put down!! That says a lot!! I loved your Witchling series my daughter did as well (I can never get her to read) but she did not put it down ! Lol So far I have read all your trilogy’s. Keep writing, I definitely am one of your biggest fans!! One day I hope to write a book as well, hope mine are as good as yours!
    Thanks for taking me into your writing world!

  122. Hi Lizzy,

    I love your style of book and find it hard to find books that are the right balance of romance and fantasy. I have been completely hooked on your Witchling series and read Dark Summer right through to Autumn Storm in less than 2 days! The story is just so fantastic and I feel like you have tapped into my heart and mind and deeply embedded the story and characters and I cannot believe I have to wait until the next one comes out!
    This was a recommendation from kindle but after reading the other comments (I sat and read them all waiting to see comments on the witchling series) I am going to have to sate my desire for the next book by reading your other books.

    Thank you for becoming an author!

  123. Hi Lizzy!
    Just finished Autumn Dawn in less than 2 hours. I hope Winter Kiss will be released soon. I love your style of writing! It takes you to another place, puts you right in the story. Loving this saga!

  124. Hey Lizzy
    I was just curious why the witchling books are no longer available on b&n? I check oncea week ur list of books and when i checked today all the witchlings are gone! Please tell me they will be back before #3 comes out!

    Ur camping buddy
    Stacy Lee

  125. Hi,

    I am new to your books and all I can say is wow, wow, wow to “Gabriel’s Hope” book.

    I am now a big fan. I could NOT put the book down to the point where my kids and husband threaten to take my kindle away for a week. 🙂

    The story grabbed my attention from beginning to end! I loved it. Like everyone else, the sex in the book can use some sprucing up but the story made up for it all.

    Please, please tell me you’ll put closure to Gabriel’s story. I would love to see what happens to Deidre.

    Thank you again for a wonderful well written book.

    • Maria have you read the first three that come before gabriel? Katies hellion katies hopeand ryhnns redemption, they are awesome and will explain gabriel alot more!

      Just an fyi!
      Stacy lee

  126. hey lizzy,
    i love all ur books and their stories and their characters, everything about it.
    i just love reading them. its really hard to stop in between, once i start reading ur books i stop reading it once i got red eyes….lol…:-P
    if someone tell me to choose one fav book, i cant choose because each of them is soooo well writen.
    i just wanna thank u for writing great stuff.
    keep it up.
    love ur books…:-)

  127. Hi,
    Really liked the Damian Books read all of them in two days. Great plots and I can actually see the improvements in writing. These are the first fantasy and paranormal romance novels I have ever read and continued with Kiera’s moon going on to the others soon. Great reads. Only complaints didn’t liked the cursing and too short. lol. Will make great movies, if done well. Wouldn’t mind a story about Adrian: Damian and Sophia’s son. Really liked how you developed Darian’s character from broken too strong very inspirational in terms of overcoming great difficulties.

    You have a great imagination that pulls people in
    Keep it up.

  128. I absolutely adore all of your books that I have read so far and will continue to read more of them. You are a very talented lady. Being a perfectionist is a very good thing when it comes to writing and is an attribute that I share when I write, though I only do so recreationally. Just wanted to give you the compliment of letting you know that you are a great author. 😀

  129. You really make it seem really easy together with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be actually one thing that I feel I might by no means understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very broad for me. I’m taking a look ahead on your subsequent submit, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  130. Hey Lizzy. So I just wanted to tell you that I love all of your books. You are one of my favorite authors. Anyways, I am just getting started on the Witchling Series and I was wondering why I am unable to find Summer Night available for purchase? Thanks for all the great stories and keep doing what you are doing.

  131. Hi Lizzy,

    Love your books! My favorite is Rhyn’s story/trilogy . When is Darkyn’s Mate available at Barnes & Noble? Can’t wait for your up coming book Star Kissed and the many more books still to come:)

  132. Hi, I really love your books, but I like to know when will you be releasing Kiera’s Sun? Thank you for your time.

  133. Hi, I am new to your books and have enjoyed them all. I just finished reading Darkyns’ mate. The book was very good but made me very sad. I am hoping that Deidre does find a way out. I don’t think that anyone w/a good heart and deceived from the begining should have to live in hell. I know its about sacrifice, but Hell.

  134. Hi Lizzy,

    I’m half way through Star Kissed (purchased through Amazon) and so far I love it. But, I think you might need someone who can do a better job at editing. I’ve read more than half of your books and I’ve never noticed so many grammar and spelling issues. Or the use of the wrong word. I just thought you should know because I’ve seen lots of reviews in Amazon and some people will give a bad review because of those issues.

  135. Lizzy, I have to tell you how awesome your books are and I have not been disappointed in any of them. I just recently read Zoey Rogue and I am sooooo in love with that series I can’t wait for the next book. I loved War of the Gods! Such fantastic stories, you have a fan for life and your talent is extraordinary. I am so happy I stumbled upon Damian’s Oracle on Amazon. Keep writing and I’ll keep buying. 🙂

  136. hi just finish reading Zoey Rogue loved it great story looking forward to book 2, when will book 2 Zoey Avenger be released in New Zealand. cheers kevin

    • I agree. I still hate past-Death, she is such a b….. brat, yeah, that’s the right word. Ive always dug the darker relationships, and I think that Deidre and Darkyn make a very good pair. I am hoping that we see more of their relationship next year in Underworld.

  137. I see you didn’t approve my earlier comments. It’s okay they weren’t exactly glowing. This is for you.

    I wanted you to know I did like your books. They got great bones. What I mean to say is their premise is very sound The gods each selecting their mates one by one. A book for each of them. A strong heroine with the trials and tribulations of being yanked out of her own secure known world to the unknown with the constant of the man that she would bond with on more than just an emotional level.
    That’s where it ends though. While the bones are great the tendons meat fat and skin are incomplete. At the end of the second book of the war of gods Everything fell apart you yanked everything outta thin air at such a mind boggling speed. Action Action Action. But it wasn’t bonded with the story. Characters appearing without leading up to it. No hanging out in the shadows. Watching the fight just where were they before the fight then appeared in the middle stabbing the bad guy in the back.
    Or the flux of power for our heroine. Before you had established the limits of her powers when she was healing Sofi and had to rest. But at the fight she had unlimited powers. Constant draining from the bad guy. Healing not just one but two from deaths grip. Then that Jenn character comes up from nowhere saying she was drained of all her power by B. Whoa. Ok cosmic connection? This girl wasn’t even in the vicinity and shes the only one drained of her powers? B didn’t even feel the change of whos powers were whos and what direction it was coming from.
    Then the death chat. It was expected you built up to that excellently. Except the orbs. where did they come from? Did humans at that time have those things? Was his family peasants or royalty? Were they slaves to the Gods who thought it necessary to destroy them? Why were they destroyed? Was there some sort of crime his family do? None of that was explored.
    Magical orbs? What is the source of light. Harnessing electricity is only since Benjamin Franklin. Thinking back into our worlds history. Actually you got the ages for your characters a little too old pre-history even pre-human. So lets just put it in the dark ages shall we. Yes magic abounds in that era in lots of forms. Gods were having fun playing and physically interacting with humans then.
    Then the boy comes back changed. Where did the changes come from. That wasn’t fully explored either.
    Incomplete world building just leaves the reader confused and not able to really get transposed into the story. Just an interloper looking in. So unable to really get the pulls and yanks in their heart. Instead you rely on shock value. With the language and some of the shocking stuff like making love on top of the other girl. Afraid to really commit to one direction so you go only halfway and quit to go a different direction before the end.
    Meaning the sexual part. first half of the first book was so sexual then it dried up for the rest of the story. Try this: write for harlequin. one book or a whole series. Use their editors which are really helpful to help you learn. I have never read a bad harlequin. And I have been reading them for over 30 years. Fully explore in one direction. Your romance is lacking. With no development or redemption.
    Sofie was bonded. Even before she was bonded. Great. First half of the book was excellent on that score. When the other woman was brought in. It became gross. Mind blanks after that. I don’t want to think about it hurts my brain.
    The flagrant disrespect (in your efforts to explain later in the story you establish that mind reading or lack of is a respect thing), and the rules (even later you explain that it was indeed a promise between brothers) between the two women about the mind reading. He refuses to read her mind. Later in the story as if in an after thought to explain why you do mention casually that he had promised his brother had made him promise not to.
    While your brain isn’t lineal you have the whole story and even other volumes in your brain while writing but keep in mind the reader does not. We read it lineal one word at a time. It would certainly be better to write an explanation in earlier chapters then write explanations in after thought.
    You had so much maybe too much. The characters weren’t fully explored even the character descriptions didn’t solidify in mind. All had Adonis features? So who was what. While reading the second book you go describing the man in the beginning. Golden statue okay. Then she called him mylord. What. The queen deferring to another as her lord? Oops. and that kiri it was close enough in spelling to my queen right so how did the little man in the corner know? Now we find out it was an endearment for my beloved. Um used too loosly and should of been part of the development for their romance as well. Not just their fireside chat in efforts to explain what you left out in earlier parts of the story.
    It really is your incomplete world building and character building that falls short. As for characters that have lived for long times you used personalities barley out of their teens. Even my rabbits had more diverse personalities. I suggest reading Michael Scott’s series about Nicolas Flamel. He really did his homework in developing those characters using history and mythology as a guide. You could feel their true age. in 300 thousand years there is so much happening even just the endless stretch of time that one could become fossilized really but that wouldn’t be a good character(or would it). But the really good ones, even Twilight explores that. And all that cussing. Seemingly every character did it frequently. In my apartment there are a few who do. (A few) and those that do are avoided. Along with the cussing there is more, they are gossips that spread hatred for everyone to everyone. talking about others who have no business knowing secrets about those people if the gossip was true. If not true then just plain wrong to do.
    Who wants their bio put out there with their worst moment as an introduction? Casual cussing is one thing but constant suggests something else. Disrespect. When I read a story I want to endear the characters. Want to feel for the characters root for them.
    Instead of feeling like I am a shadow walking through their world alongside those characters I feel like I am looking at a snow globe and that snow globe is constantly snowing. Pretty to look at but Cant see clearly and will forever be a shield between. Your stories have so much potential. But leave me feeling they are bare bones in a sack. With other bones mixed in.
    I cannot read another of your books sorry. I tried actually but as I began I cannot finish. If there is a book or series of your that does efficient world building would you let me know. Email me k.

    • Hi Shartina-

      I’m sorry your comment was deleted. I receive a few hundred spam comments a day from spambots and do my best to catch all the comments. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the War of Gods books and appreciate the time you too to leave feedback.

      Have a good day!

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