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fiverr tips

The Things People Do For $5

For those who haven’t tried it yet, is a site where people from all over the world post things that they are willing to do for $5. Over the next few weeks, I will be writing articles about my experiences with specific fiverr gigs.  This article will just be some general fiverr tips. Fiverr ends up keeping $1 for playing the middle man and the service provider gets $4. Using Paypal makes the process extremely fast and simple. The first question that probably popped into your mind when you first heard about Fiverr was “Is there anything on there that I would want or could help me?” The answer is probably yes, but you have to sift through a lot of other stuff to find them. I’m going to give a few fiverr tips on finding quality services and avoiding services which can do more harm than good.

A quick glance at the front page of fiverr shows that your hard earned $5 can buy you a video of a stuffed monkey saying your message, a physic reading and an attractive female who will claim to be your girlfriend on Facebook for a month. I’m not sure how Lizzy would feel about that last one. 🙂 The first of the Fiverr tips I will give is that instead of looking for a life changing service, you should look for things that you could do yourself but would rather not due to time involved (with things like directory submissions) or due to lack of skill (like me with graphic design). A lot of people write off fiverr as a lot of junk, the same way I used to hear people make the same claim about eBay 13 years ago. I think that they are completely missing the point.

If you start working on your site’s SEO and decide that you want your site submitted to 30 different internet directories, you can do it yourself or pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you. If you decide that the task is going to take you two hours to do, and you decide you would rather pay someone $2.50 an hour to do it for you, then you can find a well reviewed service provider to do it for you. That’s another big fiverr tip: make sure you check the providers reviews. Reviews aren’t a guarantee, as there are groups who provide fake fiverr reviews just like any other site on the internet.  However, if someone has a lot of positive reviews, then you should feel relatively safe. I also make sure to read the negative reviews for any hidden “gotcha’s” that aren’t discussed in the listing’s description. The good part is that – worst case with a service like this – you’re out 5 bucks. We’re going to talk about a few other bad scenarios in a bit.

The thing I love about fiverr is that I’ve been wanting to dabble in outsourcing for about a year, but it seemed little daunting to get started. Fiverr lets you take advantage of outsourcing without lengthy searches and without any commitments. There are a lot of “full service” businesses that charge a high fee and then hire multiple “sub-contractors” on fiverr. If you know reliable providers, it’s a great idea. For most of us that’s overkill though. We only have a few tasks that we don’t feel comfortable doing or don’t have the time to do. I’m going to talk about a few types of services that are a good idea and a few that are not so good.

Fiverr Tips : Good things to outsource

Graphics work – For me, this is the biggest no brainier on Fiverr. I use Photoshop or GIMP several times a week but I have no artistic ability whatsoever. I would much rather pay a few dollars to someone like Dafeenah and get something that looks great rather than spend an hour or two myself and end up with something that looks like a first graders art project.

Website / RSS directory submissions – These aren’t hard to do at all, but they can be time consuming. If you decide that you these things done you can spend some time or pay someone $5 while you read Lizzy’s books. 🙂

Press Release / Article submissions – The effectiveness of the press releases and article directories has plummeted since the Google update “Panda” earlier this year. They still MAY be worth doing, but they are extremely time consuming. If you can find someone to send your press release to 30 services for $5, that would save you some time.

Fiverr Tips : Bad things to outsource

Twitter followers – Anybody who has read me series of Twitter articles has no need for these services since I showed how to get targeted fans for free. 🙂 Still, there are a lot of people offering this service, so there must be a lot of people buying it. Long story short: the followers you get are going to be garbage. Regardless of what sellers say, the followers are likely not real people but rather fake accounts generated by automated bots. Even if they were real they would be random people rather than the specifically targeted people you can easily acquire yourself for free.

Facebook likes – These are tempting! Twitter followers are easy to get but Facebook likes take a lot of time and usually money. The lure of 1,000 new likes that somebody SWEARS are real people for only $5 seems like a no lose scenario. Every negative we discussed with Twitter applies to Facebook with a few extra bonus dangers at no additional charge. I said in the Twitter that the followers you got were likely real people. The scary part is that fake accounts are the better of the two alternatives! If they aren’t fake accounts, they are indeed going to be real people, real people whose accounts were tricked or hacked into following your account. When they notice that they are mysteriously following you when they never asked to, they aren’t going to be real happy.

When I decided to write this article, I spent some time in the seedy underbelly of the internet where people deal in things like Facebook likes to discover the methods. The “industry” standard was to provide about 90% fake accounts and 10% real people whose accounts would be hijacked with malicious code and made to like specific targets. Scary stuff which you should stay clear of.

Fiverr Tips : Dangerous things to outsource

Google +1 clicks – Trying to game Google is never a good idea, as the penalty for getting caught might be getting de-indexed in Google which is the internet equivalent of the death penalty. I read a post last week where a person bought 50 +1 clicks on his page from fiverr. The problem is that the 50 clicks came in a two hour period and all from IP addresses in India. His site was subsequently removed from Google. How’s this for the king of all fiverr tips: don’t do anything that may get your page removed from Google.

Anything that requires you giving someone Admin access to your site – This is a tricky one. About two months ago I discovered a WordPress plugin that I thought was worth buying. The plugin cost $20 to buy for your site or for $30 you could buy a “developer” license which let you install it on “client” sites. Since $5 is cheaper than $20 I decided to go to fiverr to try and find someone who had bought the developer license who could legally put it on our site.

I found two people on Fiverr who were advertising the plugin. I emailed the first seller and asked him if he had a legitimate developer license or if he was using a hacked version. He admitted that he was indeed using a hacked version so I thanked him for his honesty and went onto the next. The second seller stated that he had a legitimate developer license. The only caveat was that he needed temporary admin access to install the plugin on our site. The guy seemed legit but had no fiverr feedback and no website to point me to. Once someone has admin access to your site, they can modify any code they want, insert anything they want, etc. I decided that I just couldn’t risk giving someone access to our site’s backend just to save a few dollars.

I ended up buying the developers license of the plugin myself so I could install it on a friends site too. If I decide to try to install it as a fiverr service I’ll have to try to convince people that I can be trusted to go to their site, perform the installation and then leave without doing anything else. That would probably be worth its own article. 🙂 The morale of this story is if they need any type of access to perform the service, be VERY careful.

Links – buying back-links to your site is the trickiest fiverr service of them all to cover. I’ve talked about the dangers of buying links before so I won’t go into too much detail here.

A fiverr gig from a well reviewed seller that offers 10 links to your site that are manually acquired is probably safe. They aren’t likely to be relevant links so they probably won’t do too much to increase your site’s search engine visibility but they also probably won’t get you kicked out of Google.

On the opposite side of the link spectrum are the services which offer literally thousands of links to your site for $5. Some of these even claim (laughably) to be manually acquired. These can be every bit as dangerous as the +1 clicks we talked about earlier. If your site is an older and well established site that gets good traffic and natural links, then you may be able to survive a link bomb of this size. If however you have a new site or a site without a lot of traffic or links, there’s a much better chance Google will notice your newfound link bonanza and reward you with the dreaded “Google slap”.

I could easily find 100 website owners who have bought these services and had no ill effects, but I’m far too paranoid to try with our site.

This was intended to just be a general overview of fiverr tips for what’s safe and what’s not. Over the next few weeks I will be buying several fiverr services and posting my experiences here. If you’ve got any that you’ve had a good experience with feel free to post them here!!

How to Make a Custom QR Code

Custom QR Code for Guerrilla Wordfare

Custom QR Code for Guerrilla Wordfare

Seeing Custom QR Codes has become extremely common recently, but not many people know their name. I think I’ve heard them called “3D bar-code thingy” as much as anything. Regardless of what you call them, you see them on most advertisements nowadays and for a very good reason. A survey taken in May of this year showed that 35% of American adults have a smartphone.  Those numbers are sure to increase, and custom QR codes will become more common.

The QR codes allow for someone with a smartphone to take a picture or “scan” the code. The most common use of the codes: to take the user to a specific webpage.  I’ve become totally addicted to scanning bar-codes since Amazon instituted the scan search feature into their iPhone app earlier this year. Thursday night I was at a Barnes and Nobel looking at a book on electronics. In addition to flipping through the book to get a feel for it, I scanned the bar-code into the Amazon app on my iPhone which instantly pulled up the Amazon reviews on that book. I’ve also scanned items at Best Buy to compare prices with Amazon. The toughest part then is figuring out if you can wait a few days for the item to be shipped to you or if you need it now. 🙂 If you’re doing ANY type of print advertisement then you really want to make sure you have a custom QR code somewhere in your ad.

I’ll show a short YouTube video showing how to make your own custom QR code and then talk more about uses for the QR codes.

As we talked about in the movie, there are now a ton of uses for a custom QR code. Some of the options at the site shown in the video: Make Your Own Custom QR Code

Custom QR Code Uses

You can browse to a website.
You can bookmark a website.
You can make a phone call.
You can send a short message.
You can send an e-mail.
You can create a vCard (v2.1 or v3.0) with coordinates to add a contact to your device.
You can create a meCard to add a contact to your device.
You can create a vCalendar event to add to your calendar.
You can create Google Maps URLs.
You can create Bing Maps URLs.
You can create iTunes app and review URLs for iOS devices.
You can create special youtube:// URLs for YouTube app on iOS.
You can fetch and encode the latest tweet of a Twitter user.
You can overlay a Twitter profile image over the code.
You can create a mobile URL to tweet on Twitter.
You can initiate a chat to a particular Blackberry PIN on Blackberry Messenger.

That’s a lot of uses! I’ve used several other sites to make a custom QR code in the past, but I love this site’s options for destination as well as color customization. If there is a demand, I may do a future video on making a more advanced custom QR code. This site and video should be plenty to get you started. If you have any creative ways you use these codes, I’d love to hear them!  Feel free to post them here.

“ShareThis” to help your Readers Share your Content with Others

I wrote an article in September on WordPress Plugins worth using. A few days after I wrote that article I started using another plugin which I have been meaning to discuss. It’s called “ShareThis,” and it adds social media sharing buttons to all of your posts.

Google is placing more and more of an emphasis on social media in its search results. The most obvious way this is manifested is in search results where one of your friends has clicked “+1” on a page. Your website may be on page 5 of Google results for “science fiction novel” for just about everyone else in the world, but if your friend Bob has clicked +1, it will probably be displayed on the first page of results for any of his friends, along with a message saying that Bob liked this particular page. You can see what this looks like.

Google liked results

Not only do you get the boost from page 5 to page 1 (which is huge) but you get a personal recommendation from one of your friends to one of their friends. This might not happen too often for your page, but it’s one example of how social media can help you. If two articles on two different sites are similar in almost every way but one has had 20 users tweet it out and the other article has had 0 tweets, then Google will likely assume that the article with 20 tweets is the better article and will place it first in the rankings. SEO is alive and well but it’s getting more intermingled with social media daily.

Google is working through several issues with how to factor in +1 hits to search engine results. They claim only +1 hits from individuals they deem “relevant” will count towards rankings results. This is to combat people trying to inflate their rankings by buying +1 hits from eBay and fiverr.

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced you need people to share your articles with their friends, what should you do about it? Make it as easy as possible. is a fantastic site which makes adding social media and bookmarking icons like the ones below automatic, easy and free.

ShareThis screenshot

sharethis WordPress screenshot

For WordPress users it’s as simple as installing the “ShareThis” plugin. For users of other blogging software or other types of sites, you can go to their website for details on how to get it up and running. It has step by step instructions for seven different blogging sites, a normal website and a newsletter. You can even pick how you want to buttons to look. Once I installed the WordPress plugin and added in our social media accounts, I never had to think about it again. Every time I add new content to the site, ShareThis puts the buttons on the bottom of the article. This makes it extremely easy for your readers to share the article they just read with their friends.

There are definitely flashier options out there for adding social media buttons to your site but ShareThis is a quick and easy way to add this functionality.

An Update to my Facebook Ads Adventure

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article detailing my experience trying Facebook Ads to build our Facebook fan base. If you didn’t read that article, the synopsis is I got crushed. I targeted a very specific and relevant niche and decided to try a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) ad. I ended up with a click through rate near 0.02 and paying around a dollar per new friend. That isn’t very friendly! Figuring out the value of targeted Facebook friends can be tricky, but I know our magic number isn’t one dollar.

I thought because I did my research and had targeted such a narrow audience, that CPM would be the more cost effective method of using Facebook ads. On paper, it should have been.  In reality, it wasn’t.

After a week break, I decided to give it one more try. I would leave my targeted niche the same, my ad the same, everything the same except switch from CPM to CPC (cost per click). After a few hours, I could see I had made the right decision.

Facebook Ads CPC campaign 1 results

Facebook ads CPC CTR screenshot

Facebook Ads CPC campaign 2 results

another campaign screenshot

$51.51 spent for 300 clicks and 233 ‘likes.’ That’s $0.22 per ‘like,’ which is one fifth the cost of the ‘likes’ I got through CPM. For those of you keeping score at home, my click thru rate was more than TEN TIMES higher with CPC vs. CPM. These were based on several days’ worth of results. Same ads, same targeting – the only change was CPM vs. CPC.

This is a really, really gray area for Facebook Ads. I expected to see lots of articles on this phenomenom but I didn’t. It could be a coincidence, or it could be some logic in the Facebook ad system to place CPC ads higher the CPM ads. I’m not saying that Facebook Ads does this or any other form of shenanigans, I’m just sharing my results to say that – if you’re going to experiment with Facebook Ads – you should definitely do a small CPC vs. CPM test to see what works better for you.

Everything I said in my last article and video about Facebook ad targeting and ad design still holds true, I would just ad in one more small test to measure CPC vs. CPM.

If an indie author emailed me today and asked for advice in testing a Facebook Ads campaign I would tell them this.

  • Read my two posts on the subject and watch my video
  • Get a Facebook Ads Coupon (if your eligible) so you can do $50 worth of testing for $8
  • Dedicate your first $10-$15 credit to finding the right targeted niche. Pick two or three small niches and run a $5 daily budget with each of them to see which one performs better.
  • Once you’ve got your niche, the next $10 should go to settle the CPC versus CPM debate for your niche.

After these steps you will have: starting getting new connections, figured out what your optimum niche and pricing type is and still have $25-$30 left in credits to spend to bring in new connections. If you’re eligible to set up an Facebook Ads account and get a coupon, then that’s a pretty good return on an $8 investment.

If you have any specific questions feel free to post them here or email me via our contact us.

Making a Facebook Fanpage Picture Using GIMP

Last week I wrote an article on “Getting the Most out of your Facebook Fanpage Picture“. I got a lot of great comments about the post on this site, Kindleboards and Facebook. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m helping people. While I’m not an indie author myself, I obviously have a very strong connection to the community and am glad I can contribute to it.

I also received several comments from my new Kindleboards friends saying that – while my post did a great job of explaining why you want a custom Facebook fanpage picture banner – it didn’t explain how to actually make one. This comment really made me smile because it’s 100% true and very surprising for someone who inserts an instructional video in most of his posts. I didn’t make ours myself and I’m not a graphics designer so this is far from my area of expertise. There are a lot of great instructional videos on there on using Photoshop & GIMP (which is a free Photoshop equivalent) but telling people to go watch videos and figure things out wouldn’t be my style so I made a ten minute video on using GIMP to make a custom Facebook Fanpage Picture.

Using GIMP to Make a Custom Facebook Fanpage Picture Banner

I’ll pause here while you laugh at my “design skills.” 🙂 It’s now obvious to the world why, I pay a designer. I know that’s not an option for everyone and it sure wasn’t an option for us at the beginning so it’s important to give advice to our do-it-yourself readers too. GIMP isn’t the easiest program in the world to learn but I hope this at least helps you get started on the right foot. There are a lot of people who are far more qualified than I am to answer specific design and/or GIMP questions but if you have any let me know and I’ll try to find out.

Once again, if you do make your own Facebook fanpage picture banner or have one made for you post it here for all to see!!

How to Get the Most out of Your Facebook Fanpage Picture

A few of my social media and SEO posts are long and involve thinking and (shudder) math!! This post is the exact opposite. It’s short, sweet and easy and requires so little thought you can read it with your morning coffee.

As I’ve talked about before building a Facebook following can be a tough nut to crack without paying for advertisements or giveaway prizes. One thing we all have to make sure of is that if Facebook offers us something for free that we can use to our advantage, we jump all over it.

There was one thing that Facebook was offering that – until recently  – we had been ignoring. When I realized my error, I hung my head in shame for one minute and then took steps to correct it. The thing I wasn’t using properly was the Facebook fanpage picture.

This little tidbit of knowledge isn’t widely known, but Facebook gives us quite a bit of latitude with our fanpage profile picture.  We all have pictures on our fanpages, and most of them look like this.

Normal Facebook fanpage picture

Screen shot of a Facebook Fanpage picture

There is nothing wrong with that page at all. Until a few days ago, ours looked just like it, just with 10,000 or so less fans. The “secret” that I stumbled upon was that Facebook gives you up to 180 x 540 pixels to use for your picture. If they’re going to offer me that much real estate for free, I’m going to grab every last pixel!

I thought about doing it myself but then remembered that I have no artistic ability whatsoever. Anybody who has followed our website long enough will remember the old Damian’s Oracle cover that I designed a year ago and agree with me!  😉 I sent the photo specs to Lizzy and she sent them to our cover artist, Dafeenah, who came up with this:

Full size Facebook fanpage picture

our custom Facebook fanpage picture

The image really draws your eyes to it and sets your page apart from a lot of the others. I was very happy with the way it turned out.  Adding a custom full length banner is an easy way to improve the look and feel of your page. I can also see us swapping out banners when we run special offers or giveaways in the future.

If you’re handy with Photoshop, GIMP or some other graphics program then set the dimensions of your canvas size to 180 x 540 pixels and start designing your custom Facebook fanpage picture. I emailed our graphic artist Dafeenah yesterday telling her that I was going to write this article and begged her to create a gig to make these banners for people. If you’re like me and you want a great looking banner but you don’t trust yourself to do it, then you can check out her gig and have one professionally made for five dollars.

Regardless of if you make it yourself or have someone make it for you, as soon as you have one, post it here so we can check it out! I can’t wait to see what ideas creative people come up with for their own Facebook fanpage picture. And as always, please feel free to post any questions or comments.

Tips for Providing Content and Thoughts on Interacting with your Twitter Followers

If you’re doing what you know you should be doing, then you have a website or blog which you update at least once or twice a week. The bad news is that writing quality content takes time. The good news it you can use the content you write for all sorts of things. The video below shows how to take the RSS feed from your site (if you’re using a blog, your site will have RSS) and automatically send it out on your Twitter feed using

Now that we’ve talked about the methodology to employ to acquire high quality followers and tools to use to help you accomplish your twitter goals faster, it’s time to talk about what to do with all of the twitter followers you’re getting. Long story short, build a relationship with them.

The thing a lot of business in general and authors in particular forget is the “social” in social media. They treat their websites, Twitter and Facebook pages like traditional media. They blast out the messages they want to distribute at regular intervals and then come up with their next message. That dynamic misses the entire point of social media. The social media format is designed for a back and forth dialogue between you and those that follow you. I know that these types of relationships take time and energy, but these are would-be members of the fan base you’re trying to build. If you’re not going to build a relationship with these people, who are you going to build one with?

A lot of authors dialogue with their fans goes something like this:

Booklover14: I have a horrible headache 🙁
Author48: Buy my book, that may help!!

This example is obviously tongue in cheek, but not too far off what I’ve seen on Twitter. Opportunities to show interest in the lives of their fans go wasted while every opportunity to pitch their book gets pounced upon. The worst part is, sometimes the same people that act like this make it big. It happens. Sometimes someone writes one book and gets a big publishing contract. It happens. As frustrating as that can be for someone who has been grinding toward their goal of being an author for years without much success, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should copy them. We have a saying in the household that gets used quite often: “They’re buying a lottery ticket.” It’s not a flattering term.

Basically, it means that they’re sitting around waiting for that big break. They write a book and put it on Amazon, just like 100,000s of other people. They start a blog, just like 100,000s of other people. They sign up for Twitter and Facebook and post every time something cool happens with their books, just like 100,000s of other people. Then they sit around and wait for a “big break” the same way someone waits for their winning lottery numbers to be called. If you have real talent, you may want a big break but you might not need it. Here is a little snippet from a post on JA Konrath’s blog a few weeks ago:

“As long as websites like Amazon make browsing easy, the cream has the potential to rise to the top. You don’t have to be a monster bestseller. A hardcore niche group of 10,000 fans can support a writer quite easily. Write two ebooks per year at $2.99, and three shorts at 99 cents, and you’re making $50k a year.

But eBooks don’t stop selling after a year. They sell forever. And good books will eventually find more than just 10,000 readers. And every new book you write will find new readers along with old fans.”

That math should give you hope, since those are attainable goals. You cannot afford to let chance decide your fate as an author; you have to try to seize it yourself. If acquiring 10,000 fans is what you need to be financially successful as an author then acquiring them should be your #2 priority (writing good books will always be #1). Taking the time to build relationships which help you reach your goals is a small price to pay.

Free Twitter Tools to Help Speed up the Process

In our last post we talked about how to build a targeted Twitter following for free. This post will demonstrate two popular free twitter tools that can help speed up the process we outlined. There are a ton of ton of tools out there but we’re going to talk about Tweetdeck and

One of the things I love most about this system of finding followers is that you can do it in 5 minute chunks. I wish everything was so easy to fit into your daily routine! Tweetdeck helps speed the process up even more by showing you all of your different “target streams” on one page. If you have 5 different terms that you look for new followers from, you can make a column for each 5 so they’re always in front of you. When you log on you can check for any tweets involving you or your friends, and then scroll over to your searches to find and follow some new potential followers.

Tweetdeck is handy, but is a necessity. As we explained in our last post, un-following people has nothing to do with trying to maintain an “impressive ratio”, it’s about keeping your following/follower ratio close enough for Twitter to allow you to follow new people. If you let it build up then you’ll hit a point where you have 800 or more people you need to un-follow. That will take some long sessions and completely defeats the purpose of using this method.

If you’re using a different twitter client or bulk twitter un-follow tool and you like it by all means stick with it. I choose these two because they were free, easy to use and very popular.

In our next post we’re going to talk about using RSS to automatically stream content from your blog to Twitter and some thoughts about interacting with your followers.

How to Build a Targeted Fan Base of Followers on Twitter for Free

What better way to start our week of Twitter then with a video and article on how to build a following of exactly the type of fans you want for free. I’m sure a lot of you have seen offers on or other sites offering to get you “5,000 Twitter followers in 24 hours” but you knew it was too good to be true. You were right. Those types of offers use nothing but fake accounts made by bots. Those types of followers will never do anything for you or your career as an author.

What you really want isn’t 10,000 or more followers, it’s 1,000 or more targeted followers. If you’re a science fiction writer and you create a twitter account to build your web presence, you probably want fans who read science fiction. There are numerous courses on the internet offering to teach authors how to use social media for a fee. While I’m sure there is good information to be found in those courses most of us have more desire then we have money. If that sounds like you, you’re going to love these articles 🙂

I’ll insert the video here and talk about it some more underneath it.

After watching that you should know exactly how you’re going to find new Twitter followers now, next month and next year. The thing I love most about this method is that you can see real results in whatever spare time you have. If you only have 5 free minutes a night, you can steadily build your Twitter fan base with exactly the type of people you want following you. If I’m hoping to get people to check out my page on free books for the Nook, what better thing to look for then people using “romance” and “nook” in the same tweet. If they just read one romance book on their nook, why shouldn’t they read mine next?

If you’re a science fiction author but you don’t know where to start, go to Amazon and check the top selling authors in the science fiction category. Once you’ve identified them, find their Twitter profiles and start following their followers who look like they’re real people who read books. You’re trying to avoid bots and spammers here but don’t worry too much about following someone you shouldn’t as you can always un-follow them as soon as you realize what they are. When you’re done following #1’s followers, go on to #2, #3 etc. Following 50 people a day using this method would keep you busy all year and you probably wouldn’t even make it all the way through the top 100 list.

As good as those two methods above are, they aren’t even the best ones in the video. The methodology of following those who follow another author’s hash tag or RT an author’s tweets is unbelievably powerful. In the video I use the example of science fiction author Erin Morgenstern. I have no idea who she is; I just pulled her name off of the Amazon hot new author list. She has about 2,400 followers. If you’re a science fiction author you want as many of those as you can get but what should really interest you are the people who re-tweet her tweets. While all 2,400 of those people think enough of her writing to follower her on Twitter, only a handful are so passionate about her writing that they share her with their friends by re-tweeting what she tweets. Once again, if these people are that passionate about an author in your genre, why couldn’t they be that passionate about you? All you have to do is try to build a relationship with them.

There is nothing more valuable to any author then fans like this. Fans who think your writing is so great that they have to share it with their friends are exactly who you should be looking for. These are the type of fans that help authors “explode” onto the scene.

The part about un-following people who don’t follow you may be a bit controversial but it’s the truth. Twitter says the following in their help center:

“…there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow: this limit is different for every user and is based on your ratio of followers to following. When you hit this limit, we’ll tell you by showing an error message in your browser. You’ll need to wait until you have more followers in order to follow more users—basically, you can’t follow 10,000 people if only 100 people follow you.”

I doesn’t get much more clear than that. If you follow someone and 10-14 days later they haven’t followed you back, don’t feel bad about un-following them. I’m not saying you should un-follow them, just that you shouldn’t feel bad if you choose to. Twitter is about building relationships, and if they don’t want to follow you you’re probably better off moving onto the next target. The twitter help center also says:

“We monitor all accounts for aggressive following and follow churn (repeatedly following and un-following large numbers of other users).”

Is that what we’re doing here??? Not even close. Twitter is talking about automated bots which people use to follow and un-follow thousands of other users a day. THAT is what they will ban you for, not for following 40 people a day and every few days un-following those who have had over a week to follow you back but haven’t. Twitter’s help center also states:

“You can read more about these below, but if you don’t follow or un-follow hundreds of users in a single day, and you aren’t using automated methods of following users, you should be fine.”

Straight from twitter’s mouth: keep it under 50 follows a day and you should have nothing to worry about. After a week or two start un-following batches of those who’ve you’ve been following the longest but haven’t followed you back (I’ll show you how to do that this week) and you will turn yourself into an unstoppable tweeting machine.

We will be covering tools to help increase your twitter productivity and what do to with all your new found followers later this week. If you enjoyed this article please let us know and use the buttons below to share it with others. As always, please feel free to post any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them.

The Week of Twitter

During the Week of 10/9 to 10/15 we will be posting several articles discussing twitter best practices, tips and tricks here at We will have articles on:

    Building a targeted fan base of followers for free
    Free tools you can use to manage your twitter
    How to automate some twitter content and thoughts on interacting with your followers

As always, these articles will be 100% free so feel free to share this link with anybody you know who is interested in building a twitter fan base.

The reason I wanted to post this is that I’m thinking of doing a fourth article on answering specific twitter questions so if you have any let me know and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability next week.

I hope you all have a great weekend,