New release: “Broken Chains” (#3, Broken Beauty Novellas)

The third and final installment of the Broken Beauty Novellas is now available!

The truth will set her free …

But first, it might suffocate her.

After a brief reprieve and quiet birthday, Mia once more becomes the center of media attention. This time, it’s because the allegations against her attackers go public – before Mia and her team are ready. Thrust into intense public scrutiny again, Mia is faced with a new difficulty from the direction of her father, who follows through with his threats and forever alters the dynamics of her world.

Her desperate need to be loved by her father is crushed once and for all. But it’s the great family secret she discovers that offers her the first piece of real hope she’s experienced since the incident. For the first time in months, she’s starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel – and that light includes Dom.

All she has to do is survive the publicity – and a terrifying confrontation with one of the men who hurt her.

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Broken Beauty (#1)

Just a broken girl trapped in her broken world.

When seventeen-year-old socialite Mia Abbott-Renou wakes up in a garden, she has little recall of the previous night – except that she is hurt and alone. Not only has she been raped, but she also remembers the identity of one of her assailants: the son of a wealthy politician who happens to be her father’s political ally.

Mia wants and needs justice. Except this privileged man has an alibi and her father forbids her from going to the police. It’s a critical election year, one that his party might lose, if Mia comes forward with the truth.

Devastated and struggling to heal, Mia finds herself caught up in the politics of her family and stuck in a tug-of-war with her conscience over what to do. Worse, the men who attacked her have hurt several other girls, and Mia may be the key to stopping them. Her choice: betray her family to do what’s right, or fall in line like a perfect, dutiful senator’s daughter.

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Broken World (#2)

She’s not her daddy’s little girl anymore.

A confrontation is brewing …

Mia realizes the aftermath of her rape is not over when she is rocked by another challenge, one that will put her publicly at odds with her father, a U.S. Senator who has made her the poster child for his re-election. But the public face he wants her to wear can’t be farther from who she is inside.

The latest rape victim is expected to die soon, and only Mia can identify the attackers. With pressure from the police to come forward, Mia is distraught when her father forbids her from speaking out.

She is surprised to discover new allies in her siblings, who break ranks with her father to support her. But even they have their own agenda.

Before Mia turns eighteen, she’ll face the ultimate choice: betraying her family or her conscience.

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