Cover Reveal: “Trial Series” omnibus!

Love the Trial Series? The Box set releases in February in ebook and paperback!

perf6.000x9.000.inddAnd paperbacks will be available on order from your local bookstores (as well as Amazon!) How cool is that?!

The Trial Series paperback and ebook omnibus will launch in early February. I’ll send out a note when they’re available. In the meantime …

Excited?! Can’t wait?

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The Trial Series

*****Recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content*****
Summary: Leslie Kingmaker has three weeks to choose a leader for the supernatural community, find her soul mate and break a curse. To make matters worse, the three candidates vying for leadership and her heart – a werewolf, fae and vampire – won’t tell her what she needs to know to navigate the trials. One of them is supposed to betray her, and all she has to guide her is the obscure, rambling commentary in the Book of Secrets, an ancient tome that’s been in her family for two thousand years.

She soon discovers the candidates aren’t the ones on trial – she is. The family curse is a threat to the supernatural community, and the three candidates have sworn to do whatever it takes to break the curse, even if it means killing her. In a race to understand the ancient spell that befell her family, and struggling not to lose her heart to any of the sexy, brilliant men in the process, Leslie must defy the odds and end the curse if she is to survive the trials.

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