EpicTeenFiction.com – coming soon

I had a thought earlier this year. As an entrepreneur, I’m hit with tons of BRILLIANT IDEAS! all the time, but most tend to wash out when I look at them in depth.

One of those that has stuck with me: if you’re an author trying to research your genre/demographic, where do you go? Is there one place or a billion? Because I go to a billion to find out what’s trending, what the outlook is for the next 12-24 months, what’s been optioned or in production for film, what authors and genres are being picked up for publishing deals etc.

If you’re a reader looking for updates on all things book released (fandoms, movies based on your fave books, what’s hottest selling in your fave genres, what’s coming up, what’s going on with your authors, etc.), where do you go?

Why can’t you go to ONE FREAKING SPOT to get the information you want?

So, for teen books (which I’m defining as young adult and new adult), I decided there needs to be one website where you can find the information you want. It’s called EpicTeenFiction, and it’ll be a free site that consolidates – at a high level – what’s going on across the industry (indie, small press, traditional, etc.) in one place.

It’ll have additional features as well, to include columns organic to the site, fandom consulting services for authors, bloggers and authors corners, and features of member authors and bloggers.

Our IT folks have the framework in place. This size of a site requires dedicated servers and some other fancy stuff, so it’ll be a few months before it’s up and running, but I’ve been assured it can be created according to the dream I have for it!

I’ll keep everyone updated!

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