Review: Fallen for You by Carlie Sexton

If you believe your life is the sum total of your choices, what do you do when things just don’t add up? You are about to find out. It won’t be pretty. It won’t be dull. And surely, it won’t be safe. In fact, making just one wrong choice could put evil at your bedside watching you sleep.

And so it is with Kate Simmons, a young woman who, by choosing to regain her life, actually puts it at risk by the very choices she makes. After unimaginable heartbreak stops her world on a dime, Kate falls into a three-year blackness of self blame that brings her to the edge of life, itself. As time finally brings light back through tiny cracks of renewed desire, Kate moves out of the prison she made for herself in her mother’s home to find a new reality, rooming with her best girlfriend, Charlie.

Yet, to be free is to be vulnerable, and Kate’s choices more than ever mark a splattered line between being happy and being dead.

Care to choose? Here’s your menu:
A strangely alluring building manager so possessed with wanting you for his own, he’ll bury more than the fact he has a girlfriend; a buff college student for whom you are clearly hot, as are all the other girls on campus; a pushy lawyer who is as handsome as he is intoxicated with conquest, who doesn’t take no for an answer, who gets what he wants — always.

Sometimes, it’s whom you choose. Sometimes, it’s who chooses you. If you’re Kate, it’s both, and it puts you on a perilous road where good looks and humor are the thin masks of jealous delusion and utter violence.

You’re in trouble when the sum total of your choices is written in blood red.

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Tammie’s Review:

4 STARS!!!!

Right from the first chapter you can tell that Roger is creepy and would make you a bit uncomfortable if you met him. As the story continues and you get to know Kate you see that she is a kind person with a big heart. She has been deeply hurt in the past and it has taken her a long time to be ready to learn to love again. I liked that she trusted her heart when Neil came into the picture and proved he was worth giving a chance to see if they could work. I also liked her trusting her gut with Roger. I felt sometimes that the flow of the story kind of stuttered a little, but not enough to keep me from following the story or from enjoying it. Once I got started I didn’t really want to put it down. I am looking forward to reading book 2.

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