Review: Claimed (101 Nights, #1) by S.E. Reign

20738550 Tie me. Tease me. Take me.
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For fans of “50 Shades” and the “Crossfire” series comes “101 Nights,” a SERIAL erotic novella series consisting of short, steamy reads …

I’ve just been named the heir to the throne – if I can prove to my conservative father that I’ve given up my playboy lifestyle and settle down with a respectable woman.

But why earn the love of a woman when I can buy it? Better yet – why not just blackmail the pretty girl who breaks into my penthouse? We both need something. I need a fiancée – preferably one I can control down to what socks she wears – for three months to satisfy my father’s edict.

She needs to save her family from being evicted from the building I plan to knock down to make way for my new upscale mall. Three months as my loving, devoted fiancée in public – and my personal whore in private – is a small price for her to pay to save her family.

What I’m not counting on: how possessive I quickly become of the blue-eyed vixen – and how quickly the press and world not only find out about her but rally behind a real life Cinderella.

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Emmanuelle’s Review:

4 STARS!!!!

What would you do to save your family? Natalie breaks into Elijah’s apartment to dish out some dirt on him and gets the tables turned on her when he’s the one that threatens her. Elijah is trying to get his dad off his back for being “irresponsible” as he tries to rise to the top of the business empire. Together, they strike a deal that both feel is in their favor. Natalie quickly discovers that she may have drawn the short straw.

This tale quickly spirals into a hot steamy read, where both Natalie and Elijah are trying to control each other and satisfy themselves. It’s hard to tell where lust and hate begins and ends. This story is a short read that will leave you anticipating grabbing the next book in the series.

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