Now accepting review requests!

I’m happy to announce that GW is now accepting review requests. We are putting together an awesome team of reviewers, headed by Amy and Nicole, to launch this newest endeavor. Information about the review program and submission details can be found under the Request A Review tab on our main site and are also listed below.

We accept all subgenres of romance books (to include erotica) for review and will accept galleys/ARCs as well as already published books.

To submit your book for review, please read through our policy and then include the required information in your request. DO NOT attach your ebook. We’ll contact you when we have a reviewer available.

GW review policy

GW staff reserve the right to accept/reject submitted books based on reviewers’ interests and time availability. Reviews are not guaranteed, and all requests – whether accepted or rejected – will be responded to as time permits. We will also strive to post the reviews in a timely manner. If a specific timeframe is requested by authors, we will do our best to have the review completed. To improve your chances of having a review posted on a specific date, please submit as early as possible.

Book reviews are subjective and the opinion of the reviewer. We have carefully selected reviewers for this site for their ability to provide fair, balanced reviews. We make no guarantees that said reviews will be positive (4-5 stars.) GW will purchase review copies of books, except in the case of ARC/Galleys that have not yet been released. In that case, GW will request a copy of the ebook from the author/publisher.

Submit the following in your review request

Series (if applicable):
Author email:

Any/all format(s) available for review (Paperback, Epub, Mobi, PDF):
Purchase Links (if released):
Release date (if ARC/galley):
Book cover (and/or link to the book on Goodreads)

Submit your request to Amy and Nicole:
with the subject of


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