Furlough Friday Event – Oct 4-6: Free and Cheap ebooks


To support those readers affected by the Gov’t Shutdown, a few authors got together and decided to lower or ebook prices for the weekend. We can’t make the government function, but we can entertain those who could use a tiny bit of happiness about now.

Below is a master list of the authors and books participating. Grab a few books then drop by their FB page/blog and say hello! Drop by Lizzy Ford Books over the weekend for more links and giveaways! Note: Unless otherwise specified, links are for ebooks at Amazon.

Free at Smashwords (All Weekend!)

18 Lizzy Ford Self-Published novels at Smashwords

FREE at Amazon (All weekend!)

Teen Paranormal – “Dead Radiance” by TG Ayer
TG Ayer on FB

Teen Paranormal – “Coexist” by Julia Crane
Julia Crane on FB

Teen Urban Fantasy – “Reveal” by Brina Courtney
Brina Courtney on FB

Teen Fantasy – “Chosen” by Jolea Harrison
Jolea Harrison on FB

Teen Fantasy – “Ever Shade” by Alexia Purdy
Alexia Purdy

Time Travel Romance – “Golden Blood” by Melissa Pearl
Melissa Pearl on FB

Time Travel Romance – “Daughter of Time” by Sarah Woodbury
Sarah Woodbury’s blog

High Fantasy – “Crystan Origin” by Mike Cooley
Mike Cooley’s blog

High Fantasy – “The Sable City” by M. Edward McNally
M. Edward McNally’s blog

Dark Fantasy – “The Wizard Takes a Holiday” by Red Tash
Red Tash’s blog

Paranormal Romance – “Forever Fae” by LP Dover
LP Dover’s FB

Paranormal Romance – “Damian’s Oracle” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romance – “Katie’s Hellion” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romance – “Gabriel’s Hope” by Lizzy Ford

Dystopian Romance – “Rebel Heart” by Lizzy Ford

.99 (10/5 – Only)

New Adult – “No One’s Angel” by Kelly Walker
Kelly Walker’s blog

.99 All Weekend!

Thriller – “Dark Beach” by Lauren Ash
Lauren Ash’s blog

Thriller –  “Under the Looking Glass” by Alisa Tangredi
Alisa Tangredi on FB

*(NEW!)* Horror“Hell Town” by R. Nightshade

*(NEW!)* Mystery“Something Blue” by Emma Jameson

Mystery – “Dead is the New Black” by Christine DeMaio-Rice

Chick Lit – “Alert the Media” by Mia Fox
Mia Fox on FB

New Adult Romance – “Say When” by Tara West
Tara West on FB

New Adult Romance – “Now or Never” by AJ Bennett
AJ Bennett on FB

New Adult Romance – “Love’s Second Chance” by LP Dover
LP Dover on FB

New Adult Romance – “Out From Under” by Selene Chardou

New Adult Romantic Suspense – Love, Lies and Deception by LP Dover

New Adult Drama – “Broken Beauty” by Lizzy Ford

Teen Fantasy: “Disarming” by Alexia Purdy

*(NEW!)* Teen Romance: “Before” by Cambria Hebert

Paranormal Romance – “Fearless” by Shea MacLeod

Paranormal Romance – “Katie’s Hope,” “Rhyn’s Redemption” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romance – “War of Gods Box Set” by Lizzy Ford

Paranormal Romances – “Xander’s Chance,” “A Demon’s Desire” by Lizzy Ford

Contemporary Romance – “Maddy’s Oasis” by Lizzy Ford

Sci-Fi Romance – “Star Kissed” by Lizzy Ford

Teen Paranormal – “Dark Summer” by Lizzy Ford

Teen Fantasy – “Elle’s Journey” by Lizzy Ford


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  1. Katie’s hellion just charged me 10.95 on Amazon. Whoops. That’s what I get for not double checking before clicking…

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