Cover Reveal: “The Grace in the Darkness” by Melissa Andrea

Lizzyland is happy to support Melissa Andrea by revealing the covers for her two upcoming releases, “The Grace in the Darkness” and “The Edge of Darkness.”

The Edge of Darkness MA COVER

Excerpt #1: “I’ve never met anyone like you before Araya. The way you view life and love; you’re not angry with anything that’s happened to you.” I turned my head toward him, and a smile tilted the corner of my lips. “Yeah, I’m kind of amazing that way.” I teased. He rolled over, bracing his arms on either side of my head, and we stared at each other upside down. His thumbs swept across my cheeks and his fingers caressed the sides of my neck up to my jaw. Tilting my neck back, he kissed my chin, and the dip below my bottom lip. He brushed his lips back and forth over mine, but the touch was so light, I couldn’t even be completely sure it had happened. “Yes, you are.” He whispered.

Excerpt #2: Colliding into her, we fell against the wall. My mouth came down on hers fiercely, and my fingers flexed around her ribs. I lifted her against me, and her shapely legs wrapped around my waist easily. My hands moved over her hips, and my fingers dug into her flesh, bringing her closer and harder against me. I needed her to know exactly how good this was going to be.

The Grace in Darkness TEASER: ma grace darkness

“I can’t come back as anything that didn’t allow me to be close to you, Hummingbird, because damn it all to hell if I don’t exist unless I’m with you.”  -Ryland


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