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Today we have Jim Mullaney with us to tell us a little about himself, his books and a giveaway!!!!


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Book blurb:


When Banyon takes an easy gig bodyguarding the visiting Queen of Albion, he figures for the first time in his career he’s finally got it made. A little quick cash for an afternoon’s work. What can go wrong?

When you’re Crag Banyon, don’t ask.

No sooner does he take the job than someone tries to kill Her Royal Handbag. No sooner does he save her than someone tries to kill him. No sooner does he say to hell with it and escapes to his favorite bar than the local temperance league shuts it down. Banyon’s having the worst day of his life, and that’s before a rival P.I. commits a very public suicide that somehow links back to Banyon Investigations, Inc.

Banyon would rather be warming his favorite barstool than figuring out what it all has to do with an ancient wizard, a nasty curse, a sleazy pawn shop, and a very large tree, but unfortunately someone’s finally figured out a motivation that has him stumbling out the nearest exit. This time if Banyon doesn’t show up for work, he’ll be visiting his legs in a different zip code.


Author of what sounds to be an awesome book!

Jim’s bio:

Jim Mullaney is the author of The Red Menace series and The Crag Banyon Mysteries series. He is busy writing his fourth Red Menace novel. The first book in the series — Red and Buried — is coming out in paperback this April, published by Moonstone Publishing.

He was born in Massachusetts, the last of six children. He sold his first pseudonymous novel at 25 and has since published 31 others. He likes dogs and hates cats. He used to slice bologna for a living, has written for Marvel Comics and has contributed on The Destroyer to National Review Online. In addition to The New Destroyer, he has with Warren Murphy co-authored the Destroyer companion guide, The Assassin’s Handbook 2: Chiun’s Big Book of Rainy Day Fun.

Mullaney currently lives a hermit-like existence in his native New England. His pet peeves include poverty and injustice, but only as they apply to him.

Where to find Jim:

Jim’s web site
Facebook author page

And now for the giveaway!!!!

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