Cover reveal: “Katie’s Hope” and “Rhyn’s Redemption”

Okay, so here are the new covers for all three of the Rhyn Trilogy books! We had a blast picking these out … Designs by PhatPuppyArt, typography by Eden Crane Design. The covers are dark, simple, and emotional with a touch of magic … like the books themselves!

We redesigned the covers prior to the launch of “Gabriel’s Hope” (#1, Rhyn Eternal), which will launch December 28. The cover reveal for Gabe is Dec 22.

I’m so excited!

4 thoughts on “Cover reveal: “Katie’s Hope” and “Rhyn’s Redemption”

  1. Crystal

    I love the book covers! They are beautiful and simple at the same time. Sinister and Romantic, great combination.

  2. BIJI

    ..they’re beautiful.. Congratulations Lizzy. I love it. Of all, Katie’s Hope cover caught me. I haven’t words to describe what tht makes me feel.

    And.. Waiting for Gabriel, my love… *sigh*.

    With best wishes


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