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Hello Lizzyland!
Have I got a steamy feature for you today!
Check this out!!

Our erotica compilation novel LITTLE PURPLE BOOK OF PASSIONS is available NOW by T.H. Dillon (Thomas Hunter Dillon) and Sierra Sofia. 16 shorts stories (8 from a male perspective, 8 from a female perspective) of love and lust! Get it while
it’s hottttttt. Ok, it will always be hot, but get it and YOU can feel it, too ;)


The Little Purple Book of Passions is what you secretly fantasize about, but are too nervous to admit.
Thomas Hunter Dillon and Sierra Sofia have exposed some of their own hidden desires and sultry moments, and compiled them into sixteen sexy scenarios that include a little something for everyone.
The phrase “inspired by true events” may come to mind as you sit back and get lost in their world of erotic encounters.
Whether you are looking for something a little spicy to shake things up in your bedroom or you simply want to lose yourself in a sensual fantasy world, The Little Purple Book of Passions is sure to ignite the fire inside!

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Amazon Paperback
Amazon Kindle
Createspace Paperback
Coming soon to Barnes and Noble!!!!

Author Bios:

T.H. Dillon is an All-American guy leading a normal life, who just happens to wake up to coffee and dirty thoughts every morning. Although he is the strong-silent type, he finds inspiration in all walks of life and is careful to observe and take notes to ensure a woman is putty in his hands. While some are shy to discuss their sexual fantasies and dreams, T.H. Dillon instead writes his down for the world to see. When the bedroom door closes, his sexy and mysterious mind craves to please. T.H. Dillon’s mind is here for the taking—enjoy!


Sierra Sofia is a woman of the world whose erotic nature transcends her “normal” existence. She is combining her passion for writing with her sexual prowess and insatiable appetite for erotic gratification. Normal scenarios in her life have now become a blank canvas for the sexual muse that inspires her. She strives to bring her readers an equally exciting experience; for if they can feel what she encounters with her muse, the world would be a much happier and satisfied place. Now, her fantasies and real world experiences spill over into the pages of her first erotic book!

Sierra Sofia is also known as C.L.Foster who is currently working on her first paranormal romance entitled Bluffing the Devil. She hopes to have that on the market early 2013!


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