Book Feature Wicked Nights by author Diana Bocco

Today’s featured book is Wicked Nights by Author Diana Bocco!


Women are disappearing, and NYC police investigator Laurie Cole is sure Alex Volman knows something about it. Unfortunately, he’s not talking — that’s part of the territory when your family tree is loaded with magic and warlocks.

But when Alex learns that the perpetrator has something even worse up his sleeve, he can’t stay silent. He’ll help Laurie, but she’ll have to give as much as she gets.

One night. One ritual. Passion can change everything.

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Author Bio:

Diana Bocco is a full-time freelance writer and author. Her work appears regularly in top publications throughout the world, from Marie Claire and Writher’s Digest to Adirondack Life, Self and Dog Fancy. Diana writes both fiction and non-fiction and also teaches writing workshops through

Diana is an avid traveler who has lived in five countries on three continents and is currently based in Thailand.

You can find Diana on her website.

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