Book Feature: “How to be Happy: the Little Book of Peace For Your Soul” by Samantha van Dalen

Today’s book feature is a little different. Every once in awhile, I read books like this to help me pull my head out of the day-to-day worries and remind me about life’s little treasures. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is another fave. Enjoy!


Summary: I always used to wonder why everything always seemed so hard and if I would ever be happy. It was not until I entered the second half of my life that I understood the many enigmatic and elusive lessons I needed to. How to be Happy is a compilation of the lessons I learned which ultimately healed my old wounds and taught me how to embrace life. I hope that you too will find some solace in reading this book.

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 About Samantha (taken from her Amazon author page)

Samantha van Dalen resides in London where she runs her own property and relocation company. Apart from working for a living, Samantha writes in her spare time, paints in oils, grows perfumed roses, takes long walks with her hound, loves to cook and entertain her eclectic array of friends.

Samantha wrote Maestro when the main character, Guillaume Gillane, literally came to her in a dream- he appeared in the dream as he is described in the book. The entire plot and even the pivotal date in the book were also part of the dream.

The association with dreams continues into Samantha’s paintings where all of her portraits are in fact spirits who have visited her while she sleeps. Samantha has sold a few of her paintings to unsuspecting collectors around the world.

Samantha updates her blog often, where she shares her photos and ideas:

Samantha’s latest book, How to be Happy, The Little Book of Peace (for your soul) is a compendium of the lessons Samantha has learned in her life. How to be Happy is proving very popular as a gift for loved ones for the Holidays.

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