Book Feature & Giveaway: “Hell Town” by R. Nightshade

Please welcome to Lizzyland debut author, R. Nightshade. She’s just released her debut horror ebook “Hell Town”. She’s also having a giveaway on her blog. Please visit to enter and win an autographed paperback copy of Hell Town. (oh and R. Nightshade is Lizzy’s sister. She’s very new to the publishing world so if you all could make her feel welcome and give her a few likes on her Facebook page that would be awesome!)

horror ebooksArmageddon Network’s Ghost Detectives are called to small town Hillsboro, Ohio to check out an abandoned opera house. As soon as they arrive, they discover that the town is suffering from a series of gruesome murders. The Sheriff suspects the murders are connected and the serial killer is still on the loose. Ghost hunters and best friends Knox, Jim, and Ray quickly find themselves over their heads in evil and devise a theory that they think will solve the town’s problem. Will the ghost hunters stop the ultimate demon from destroying the town, or will they make a fatal mistake and send everyone to Hell?

Available at: Smashwords

Author Bio:

I am Horror Author R. Nightshade, and horror is my cup of tea. First, I’d like it to be known that I believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Having said that….

I also believe that The Unseen exist in a realm that intersects our Earthly world. Once in a while we may get a ghostly glimpse, hear a noise, or see an Earthly object move without explanation. Ghost hunting and paranormal investigations are of particular interest to me. With the advent of television shows and public access to ghost investigations, I believe the evidence found by paranormal investigators cannot be ignored.

On the fictional side of life, I have always enjoyed horror movies and stories and over the years I’ve developed an unquenchable thirst for ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and all the supernatural beasts of the night. I’ll admit, things that go bump in the night can scare me, but that’s the best part!

I plan to unleash several horror stories in the coming months and I’m very excited about each book. My first release is Hell Town and will be available on October 3rd, just in time to prepare for the best day of the year: Halloween!



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