Book Feature: “The Bystander Series” by Carolyn Evans-Dean

Please welcome to Lizzyland author Carolyn Evans-Dean. She’s sharing The Bystander series.

family saga

Bystander, NY was the kind of place that people only found by accident after making a few wrong turns on their way to someplace more important. There were no highways or major thoroughfares, just a few crooked roads that eventually led down to the village square. It looked like a place that time forgot; with Tarlick’s General Store, a non-denominational church, the grange, a local bar called the Beer & Jeer, the volunteer fire station and an old brick horse trough planted with annual flowers being the only highlights of the town’s center.

For a city-bred woman like Ellie Richardson, Bystander was the perfect place to start over after the death of her husband. Self-discovery paves the way for a little romance, a lot of healing and business success in her newly adopted small town. Unfortunately, the calm of small town living will be shattered when terrorist attacks force everyone to rely upon each other for day-to-day survival.

also includes a special sneak preview of the sequel, Christmas in Bystander!

Available at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback

Almost one year has passed since widespread terrorist attacks crippled the country. The village taleslight apocalyptic tale that began in the picturesque village of Bystander NY, continues with the introduction of three women of varying backgrounds. Follow their journeys to learn what led them from much larger cities to that insignificant little speck on the map, known as Bystander.

The electric grid is down. With no gasoline for travel and no supermarkets to patronize for food, life has been bumped back to the 1800’s for most of the village residents. This trio of short stories takes the town from the Christmas holiday through the spring planting season.

Catch up on the happenings of Bystander through the eyes of a new cast of characters. Things are rarely as they seem in this quaint town

also includes a 4 chapter preview of A Slice of Heaven, a soon-to-be released mystery that is unrelated to the Bystander series!

Available at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback

Author Bio:

Carolyn Evans-Dean has been reading since she was old enough to hold a book. Raised in a rural village in New York State, she is currently a city-dwelling micro-business consultant and freelance writer yearning to get back to those country roots. Her agricultural and informational writings have been published in Mother Earth News, Grit Magazine, Backyard Poultry Magazine, Countryside & Small Stock Journal and Backwoods Home Magazine.

With a love of nature firmly established during childhood, Carolyn enjoys hiking and exploring the lakes, gorges, waterfalls and forests of her home state. These locations are often woven into the fabric of her stories.

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