Book Feature: “Keeper of the People” by Karah Quinney

Today’s book feature is by historical fiction author Karah Quinney, “Keeper of the People”. Book One in the Keeper series.

historicalKeeper of the People (Book One)
In a strikingly real work of prehistoric fiction comes Keeper of the People. As a young woman of great power Taikiuu must choose for herself whether to remain with her village or to trust a foreign traveler with her life and the lives of those she loves.
Jon’lan, a trader, falls in love with Taikiuu when they are thrust together by forces beyond their control. They are joined by a former captive who will find the courage to dream of freedom and a wild boy, outcast from his first band, who will choose to no longer walk alone. They are relentlessly pursued by vicious warriors with a thirst for power.
Jon’lan and Taikiuu unite with Roark, a jaded warrior, and his wife Star Feather who seek a better future for their newborn son along with the two orphaned children in their care.
Yaa, a brave little girl with dreams in her eyes, will follow her brother into an unknown future and do the unthinkable by taking up a weapon in defense of her people. Fearing for their lives, they seek to escape those who would pursue them to the end of the world.

This is the sweeping saga of a young woman who would defy tradition and follow her heart while seeking a better life for her people. Driven by the promise of freedom, Taikiuu will sacrifice all that she holds dear in an effort to secure the future of her band.

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One thought on “Book Feature: “Keeper of the People” by Karah Quinney

  1. Dear ms quinney, for many years…about 30 ..I have been a fan of Jean ayals works and I have searched dilegently for another author whose work was anywhere close to her style and you my Dear ms quinney. Are the tirar author. To come. Within those ranks… Thank. You …Thank you…Thank you…I pool forward to reading more of uour works. Sincerely, Stella. Cash

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