Book Feature: “Heaven Below” by Nolia McCarty

Please welcome to Lizzyland young adult author Nolia McCarty but you might know her as bestselling paranormal author Heather Marie Adkins. Regardless of which she’s writing as her books are a must read.

YA booksHate is what drives mankind, but have you ever stopped to consider that one day, love will be our salvation?

When sixteen-year-old Kelli McNeil sets into motion an ancient prophecy from an extinct civilization, memories of past lives return to her. As the dreams intensify, Kelli discovers that she is the answer to the renewal of her lost race and without her, her kind will never rise again.

In every memory and dream is a man: Sebastian, whom she loves…and fears. When she meets him in the present-day, Kelli can’t help but fall for the man she feels she’s always known. But there is more to it than love and the fate of her people. Because in every incarnation, Bastian isn’t only her true love—he’s also her murderer.

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Nolia McCarty is American by birth but Irish by heritage and heart. Her dream is to live on a small cottage in Ireland where she can watch the sheep outside her window and write all day. “Heaven Below” is her debut young adult novel. Nolia has several releases planned for 2012 including “Wiccan Wars” and “Barefoot Blue Jean Nights”. Visit her blog at for more information about her upcoming books! In her real incarnation, Nolia is author Heather Marie Adkins. Under this (real) name, she has written several novels, including paranormal romances “The Temple” and “Abigail”. Find more information on her at .


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