Book Feature: “Ballo Di Anima” by Samantha Jeffrey

Please welcome to Lizzyland, author Samantha Jeffrey. She’s sharing her debut novel. If you can, stop by her Facebook page and give her a few likes. She’s a new young author and it’d be wonderful if we could give her some support as she starts out her writing career.

 booksA teenage girl falls victim to peer pressure and suffers the consequence’s of drinking to much. Due to her shenanigans her mother forces her to move to a small town in Italy where Italian is the lost language only remembered by a select fanged group.  After a life changing year Elizabeth is faced with a life or death situation when her ‘friends’ turn out to be more dangerous then she original  thought. Elizabeth would feature in the vampires spirit dance as the sacrifice. But would Vladimir’s love for her save her or is Elizabeth destined to become yet another unsolved lost girl case sitting on an offices desk?

Available at Xlibris

Author bio:

After reading Twilight I was unable to find a look that I was able to enjoy, so instead I decided to create my own. As a 16 year old in 2009 I started writing a love story I’d really enjoy. Three years later, I’ve graduated high school, started by bachelor at university, got married and had a beautiful baby boy, and I’ve finally published a love story with a twist no one saw coming. Its a book I truly love to read, and I hope others will too.

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