Book Feature: “Time Keepers: A Revolutionary Tale” by J.Y. Harris

Please welcome author J.Y. Harris to Lizzyland. She’s sharing her young adult/middle grade novel, “Time Keepers: A Revolutionary Tale.”

middle grade ebookHistory is supposed to be dull… except when you’re thrown into it like some crazy reality show.

Kristen Everheart wasn’t looking forward to this Saturday assignment.  Instead of sleeping in and hanging out with her friends, she’s taking part in a Revolutionary War battle re-enactment—with her geeky brother Brad, no less.  Only the enticement of seeing one of Brad’s cute friends could get her out of bed so early.  However, at the re-enactment site, Brad and Kristen soon discover something isn’t right.  Strange fog, disappearing landmarks, deep silence…  yep, something is definitely off.  When they meet a girl in authentic colonial garb walking through the woods, Brad and Kristen soon realize the truth:  they’re back in 1777.

 The siblings have no idea what’s going on; all they can do is try to get through the day. The girl, Rebecca, is on her way to deliver a message of vital importance to General Washington, so Brad and Kristen accompany her. They also team up with the son of a tavern owner to help Rebecca get back to Philadelphia.

 Four teens—two natives, two clueless—making their way through the wilds of eighteenth-century Pennsylvania.  What could possibly go wrong?  Deserters, guards, patrols, and a sharp-witted British officer, among other things.

 Meanwhile, Kristen and Brad are still worried about how—or even if—they’re going to get back home.

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Author Bio:

J.Y. Harris is a life-long reader, and has been writing creatively ever since she was a young girl. Over the years, she’s worked with critique groups including published authors, and in 2008 was named a semi-finalist in the first Breakthrough Novel Award contest.

Harris grew up and went to college in upstate New York, but has been living in North Carolina for over 20 years.

She has also published a couple of contemporary romance novels under pseudonyms Dana Hayes and Jean Louise.

Feel free to contact J.Y. Harris at


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