Book Feature: “Love on Loan” by Nicole Smith

Please welcome to Lizzyland author Nicole Smith who’s sharing her latest “Love on Loan”, a novel filled with romance, mystery, money, and danger.

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Melanie Campbell attends a wedding with no expectation of anything unusual. A surprise proposal from a man she just met leaves her wondering what the future will hold. Is it true that a handsome man can talk her into the strangest job of her life? And if so, what will it mean for her heart? 

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Author Bio:

I love to write romance, because I think we all need a little love and fun in our lives. The romance novel, Love On Loan, has just come out on This is the story of Melanie and Mark and how their love grows as they get to know each other in an unusual relationship. My hobbies are to read, crochet, watch movies, and cook. Sometimes the foods I like to make show up in my books. 😉




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