Book Feature: “Blood Duty, A Fantasy Romance” by J.R. Tomlin

Please welcome to Lizzyland fantasy romance author J.R. Tomlin. She’s sharing her novel, “Blood Duty”, which is on sale for a discounted price of only .99. Be sure to get your copy soon as the special discount is for August only.

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Tamra Dervon, Captain of the Guard of Wayfare Keep, thinks her biggest problem is her love affair with Jessup. The scout is holding things back from her, and she doesn’t know what. But when a seemingly unbeatable army of demons invades, Tamra’s personal problems look very small. Tamra and Jessup find themselves leading a last-ditch defense. Their army is defeated. Jessup disappears in the retreat. As Tamra continues the struggle to defend her homeland, she discovers that another duty lies ahead — to face a demon horde alone.

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Author Bio:

J. R. Tomlin is a native of South Texas and spent considerable time in Scotland growing up. She now resides in the rainier climes of the US Pacific Northwest. She shares her home with two cats, and her hobbies include horseback riding and hiking. She has written non-fiction as a staff writer, but her love has always been reading and writing fantasy and historical fiction. Her short fiction has been published in Sorcerous Signals as well as in the anthology, Arcane Whispers. Her novels with co-author C. R. Daems include Talon of the Unnamed Goddess and Pendant of Power. She also writes historical novels set in Scotland which include Freedom’s Sword and A Kingdom’s Cost.

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