Book Feature: “Afterlife II: More Stories from the ER” by Mark Randle

Please welcome to Lizzyland author Mark Randle who’s sharing the supernatural series entitled “Afterlife II: More Stories From The ER”.

afterlife storiesHere are more stories from the ER, recountings from people who truly believe that they have had encounters with the world they believe is waiting for us beyond the grave. We hope that you find them as entertaining and awe-inspiring as before. Read them with an open mind and let your conclusions be your own.

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afterlife stories

One of the biggest questions we have is “What happens when we die?” No one really knows except those who have already passed on. This book contains stories from nurses, doctors, and hospital staff who have witnessed death first hand. Some of the stories are beautiful, while others are terrifying.

Available at Amazon and Paperback

Author Bio:

Mark Randle was born in 1967 in Chicago. Mark specializes in the Paranormal. Mark likes writing books that are collections of true stories he gets from people who have experienced them.

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