Book Feature: ” A Post Apocalyptic Love Story” series by T.S. Welti

Please welcome to Lizzyland author T.S. Welti. She’s sharing her Post Apocalyptic Love Story series. T.S. is also having a giveaway of 2 autographed copies of her latest novel Parallel Spirits on Goodreads. You can go to Goodreads to enter. Giveaway lasts from Aug 3rd through Sept 28th.

No Shelter (#1) A Post-Apocalyptic Love Story (No Shelter Trilogy)

When the environment is ravaged by rising sea levels and monstrous storms, America is divided and survival becomes more precious than love.

apocalypseWhen seventeen-year-old Nada and Isaac stumble upon a handsome stranger in the woods, their cozy alliance and romance begin to unravel. This stranger promises Nada the impossible in exchange for helping him rescue his sister from a prison in the last corner of civilization in the western United States. But this rescue operation is wrought with complications, including the fact that the girl they are supposed to save is the ex-President’s daughter. This mission puts everyone’s life at risk, especially Isaac–the one person who has always been there for Nada. Now Nada and her small tribe must choose between a somewhat comfortable existence in the mountains and the chance at a life free of fear and starvation.
No Shelter is a post-apocalyptic love story of approximately 90 pages or 22,000 words. Contains some violence.

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Left Behind (#2) A Post-Apocalyptic Love Story (No Shelter Trilogy)

After a harrowing rescue and escape, Nada sets off to rescue Isaac from the prison where she was forced to abandon him. During this long journey,apocalypseNada’s feelings for Daedric intensify… until they discover Isaac roaming the mountains north of the Salton Sea-and he’s not alone. Isaac is accompanied by a mysterious and beautiful girl, a fellow prisoner who was also set free by the Guardians. Nada is conflicted about how she will fit into their tribe, and how she factors into Isaac’s past. Meanwhile, Isaac must decide whether to ditch everyone for their own good or stay true to his promise to Nada to “never give up.”

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Buried Alive (#3) A Post-Apocalyptic Love Story (No Shelter Trilogy)

apocalypseAfter their haven in the woods is compromised, Nada and her tribe must decide whether they want to hike all the way from California to Washington D.C. in the dead of winter with the Guardians on their tail. Nada isn’t certain she wants to spend the rest of her life living in an underground shelter with Isaac, even if it means living comfortably and free of fear. Nada thinks this is the most difficult decision she has ever had to make until an even more difficult decision presents itself. Will love or shelter conquer all?

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Author bio:


T.S. Welti was born and raised in Southern California, but she is currently living in Portugal while finishing up a few writing projects. T.S. writes mostly science fiction, fantasy, and romance for readers ages 13 and up. In her spare time she loves spending time with friends and family; consuming mounds of books and chocolate; obsessing over music and lyrics; pretending to be a celebrity chef; and reveling in the sweetness of being alive. She is incredibly humbled that she gets to do what she loves every day and she thanks all her readers for supporting her debilitating writing addiction.

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