War of Gods giveaways – Week 2: Damian’s Assassin

Welcome to week two of the War of Gods giveaways! This week, I’m featuring autographed copies and swag of the second book in the War of Gods series, “Damian’s Assassin.”  This giveaway is open international!

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With the White God in Europe, Dustin is left alone in Miami to protect the Grey God, a man-god struggling with his identity, and the White God’s mate. One of the Black God’s vamps in Miami suddenly goes rogue and starts killing humans by the dozen. Dustin initially doesn’t think much of the ruthless, human-hating thug, Talon, until it becomes clear that the vamp is receiving help from otherworldly beings whose intentions are nothing short of destroying humanity. To make matters even worse, Dustin’s begun to dream of his dead sister, who tells him he’ll be seeing her soon.

Dustin rescues Bianca and her troubled brother, a Natural whose mysterious talent makes him vital to Talon’s plans. Bianca, a woman as sunny and sweet as Dustin is hard and cold, has the rare Natural gift of healing. She can bring the recent dead back to life or turn a vamp back into a human. She can even reach Dustin’s heart, which he locked away long again after his sister’s death. Convinced he’ll be killed soon, Dustin won’t risk his heart or Bianca’s, despite their mutual attraction, and Bianca discovers even her incredible talent can’t save both the men she loves.

Purchase the ebook from: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords.

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14 thoughts on “War of Gods giveaways – Week 2: Damian’s Assassin

  1. Love your books! I started following you on FB just to see when the next book was coming out. Thanks for the chance to get an autographed book. 🙂

  2. I love all of your books. I am so excited to have a chance to win an autographed copy. Thank you. syndiasia at yahoo dot com

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