War of Gods Giveaway – Week 4: “The Grey God”

This is probably the one folks have been waiting for.  Haha!  So, I’ll expand this to five autographed books.  Open international!

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The Grey God Darian can’t quite shake off the dark streak remaining after the thousands of years he spent enslaved by evil – or the memory of how the only woman he loved betrayed him. When given a second chance at life and love, Darian struggles to leave his past behind, before it destroys his future. The warrior destined to become his mate, Jenn, is accustomed to fighting – and defeating – dangerous men. But Darian isn’t just another powerful man, he’s immune to her mind reading talent and completely unpredictable, a trait sure to get anyone near him killed. Jenn feels trapped between the wild god and his enemies, who learn her fate long before Darian does. Rather than embrace her destiny at his side, Jenn defies it in an attempt to protect him and her own heart. 

Available from: Amazon, Amazon UK, BN, Smashie, and iTunes.

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20 thoughts on “War of Gods Giveaway – Week 4: “The Grey God”

  1. You are a new author to me. I have lived in Spain for 24yrs and until my son bought me my kindle it was hard to find good books in English.
    This look like the type to go on my TBR list.

  2. I can’t believe it’s FINALLY here! It’s next on my to-read list. Have to finish Rebel Heart first


    Thank you for holding the giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  3. I got it the day I returned from vacation – once the kids were in bed it was just me and the The Grey God…wonderful story…worth the wait. Now about Xander and Jonny…

  4. Looks very interesting ,looks like it’s a thriller , sci-fi, romance all in one , just the kind I like to read , although I have never heard of this book before.

  5. Hi Lizzy,
    I love the War of Gods series, I have been waiting for Grey God.. 🙂 I would love to get an autographed copy of the book.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I love this entire series! From the beginning I was always a little worried about how Darian would develop into his own. I am so glad to see his story line turn out this way.

  7. I’m in love with the War of Gods series, have been since i read the first one and i just about had a heart attack when this book came out, i was racing onto amazon and clicked BUY NOW then went straight to my Kindle and did not move until i had finished reading. Thank you Lizzy so so so so so so much for writing amazing stories!

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