Updates: Grey God, Kiera’s Sun, Witchling books

Just a few updates!  It’s been a quiet couple of weeks, and I’ve gotten a lot done!

The Grey God (Book IV, War of Gods)

Most importantly, “The Grey God” will be out mid-to-late next week. I’ll be sure to alert everyone in every way I can.  It feels like my strongest book yet, and I’m really excited to share it with you all!

Katie’s Hellion (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy)

Starting July 15, I’m going to renew a marketing push for “Katie’s Hellion.”  The screenplay is done, so I bought a slew of ads and put together a plan for boosting Hellion on the charts again.  We want it to look as attractive as possible to movie-types!  If you want to help:

  • tell a friend (or a zillion friends!) about the book;
  • leave a review on Amazon or Amazon UK so we can trigger their algorithms to promote it; (and so I write you a new book, if we reach 1,000 reviews!)
  • share/tweet/promote the announcements and ads to your social media network, etc.
  • if you have friends who want to read it, Hellion is on Wattpad right now for free! Wattpad will be promoting Hellion to its 2+ million readers starting mid-August

 Upcoming books

“Dark Summer” the first of the Witchling Trilogy, a YA paranormal series.  This one will be out in early August.

“Kiera’s Sun,” sequel to “Kiera’s Moon,” will be out in late August.

“Gabriel’s Hope,” the first in the Rhyn Eternal series, will be out in late September.

I’m a writing fool this summer!

Did I miss anything?  I haven’t redone my publishing schedule for Oct – Dec, but there will be a book a month for the fall/winter.  Most likely a second (and possibly, third) Witchling book.  I think you all will like the new series; I’m loving it so far!

12 thoughts on “Updates: Grey God, Kiera’s Sun, Witchling books

  1. Looking good!! Only thing missing is Vara’s story….I’m just gonna keep plugging for a Warlord sequel til you get sick of it enough to write one! Lol! Seriously, next couple of months look to be awesome reading time! 🙂

  2. Wow, you are on fire! I can’t wait to read all your new books. I will definitely spread the word on Katie’s Hellion.

  3. Holy cow! You’re really putting those demons to work!! Keep it up Lizzy!! Good luck with the movie types!! We’re all dying to see Rhyn make it to the big screen.

  4. Amazing job Lizzy…. I cannot wait to see Rhyn on the Big Screen!!!!!! 🙂

    Make sure the actor who will play Rhyn has the bad boy looks… Callin Farrell comes to mind LOL


    Keep writing

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  6. hi lizzy. Sry but was just wondering when will Kiera’s sun be out? I am dying to read that one. would appreciate an approximate date. I knw u must be tied up but cant help it 😛

    • Hi Lizzy,

      I also have the same query as seep. I am eager to read Kiera’s Sun. Hope it’s as entrancing as the first of the Anshan trilogy :). Good luck with your writing.


      • Hi Seep and Vijaya,

        Lizzy mentioned in another post possibly having it out by the end of Sept or first part of Oct. She was sick for a little while so she’ll be releasing it a little later than planned.

        Dafeenah (the helper elf) 🙂

  7. I freaking love kiera’s moon. But, I am excited about Kiera’s sun!!! Cannot wait to read it!!!!!! I also loved the war of the gods!!

  8. Fell in love with Kiera’s personality and cannot wait for the second book to come out!!! Could I get an approximate date as to when it is coming out??????

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