“The Grey God” (Book IV, War of Gods) now available from Amazon, Amazon UK

The wait is over! “The Grey God” is now available from Amazon and Amazon UK!  Links and description below! BN is being slow to upload, and Apple is also in processing stage. I’ll post links this weekend as they both populate! For those who don’t want to wait for Apple or BN, you’re welcome to download it from my ebookstore. I have PDF, EPUB and Kindle versions available!

The Grey God Darian can’t quite shake off the dark streak remaining after the thousands of years he spent enslaved by evil – or the memory of how the only woman he loved betrayed him. When given a second chance at life and love, Darian struggles to leave his past behind, before it destroys his future. The warrior destined to become his mate, Jenn, is accustomed to fighting – and defeating – dangerous men. But Darian isn’t just another powerful man, he’s immune to her mind reading talent and completely unpredictable, a trait sure to get anyone near him killed. Jenn feels trapped between the wild god and his enemies, who learn her fate long before Darian does. Rather than embrace her destiny at his side, Jenn defies it in an attempt to protect him and her own heart.

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14 thoughts on ““The Grey God” (Book IV, War of Gods) now available from Amazon, Amazon UK

  1. Hey Lizzy! i finished reading te grey god n so far i can come up with only two worda to describe how much i loved infact adored it: breathtakingly amazing n beautiful!!!
    the imagery, plot, summarizations – everything is so cool, i just dont know how to express how much how i loved it….
    i actually finished it after exact 2 hours after i got ur mail about it release n downloaded it n started reading it right away but since my net was getting a little messy i couldnt comment earlier…..
    i loved jenn’s strong personality….guessing it must have been kinda hard somewhat to create such a character? nonethless, the imaignations shows through; she was awesome n i think no one of some other kind of personality would have suited darian better than her, since they both share the same kind of pain from their pasts….
    i like how u actually took so basic stuff of life n made it into this amazing story that was the god’s past….i mean, not letting go of our past, being sometimes unable to live with the present when we know we have done something wrong in the future hence blaming ourselves, not wanting to be others in fear of hurting them or ourselves – its one of the most toughest yet challenging aspects of life, feels good to know a god had it too! lol….
    its weird somehow, that while i was reading n something came up about jenn, i kept saying ‘even i do that’ i mean, SO much traits of mine match hers….just take it this way that u kinda created a picture of my personality as well while creating hers….
    i also never wanna be dependent on someone, especially if God gave me along with others like me to be strong n lead our lives independently….but then the resilient aspect every1 calls ‘love’ comes along the way, entirly altering our plans for the future….but i guess like jenn, im immune to it n maybe, just maybe will see it in a different retrospect in the future, just like she did….
    i loved her character, was simply gorgeous imagination of yours….as always, you made another great creation of yours in the form of the grey good….thanks for sharing such a marvelous piece of writing with us all! simply amazing! couldnt love it more:)
    ooh n i also kinda liked xander, he seemed cool, n i was excited to know there’s gonna be a book on him too since u mentioned its name in the end of this book….good luck with that:)
    P.S. the thing about darian coming up with the weird sentences, when he didnt quite know how to put what he meant properly into thoughts….it was cute. lol:)

    • Ack! I think I missed this comment you wrote on The Grey God! I’m so sorry for the slow response, Rayan! I missed two comments from two of my most devoted fans. I’m just happy I found them when I went through them today!

      I’m so happy you identified with Jenn. She was a strong, honorable character. I loved watching her grow, and I’m happy she got a second chance to be happy. Just like Darian. I think Jenn’s character was easier for me to create, because I tend to go through those personal battles, too. Especially when I met my husband. I didn’t want to fall for him, because it means giving up part of yourself. But I learned you get so much more back – if you can overcome that initial fear. I tried to show that through Jenn, and I think she turned out awesome! She’s one of my favorite female characters I’ve created!

      Lizzy 🙂

      • Hey Lizzy! ur a pretty writer urself so i think its ok u missed some comments n stuff i mean probably got caught up in other stuff n all…
        anyways, i totally agree, i liked jenn the most from all ur ‘female’ characters, hope u know wat i mean, LOL!!!
        n yes, i think many women can relate to her since hers is the kind of battle we females eventually have to fight, lol…
        but hell if i know, i mean, im only 16:P 9yet pretty mature for even a 16-year-old:P) n of course, EVERYone deserves a second chance for being happy n enjoying their lives….even a murderer, after he gives up his sins…..
        n yes it is easy to create such characters when we have gone thru their situations ourselves i mean if u have completed my book u would know that too since i also put parts of me in my characters…..every character is nothing but a reflection of its creator….
        n yes i agree. part of falling for someone u love alot also requires giving not just a part but kinda all of ourselves i mean like they say, in order to gain something u have to give something as well…
        thats why im never, EVER gonna fall for any1, LOL! no offense, but i just really value my freedom…..
        anyways, im here in my homeland right now, writting this from Pakistan, the weather is amazing here like it rained all day long here even now it is even though its near night now here….
        P.S. hope u dont mind my over-talktativeness…chatter-box, thats my second name, but i also have a habbit of extending my conversations but its part of how we form so many neural networks in our brains, u know….im working on my next book here as well since i have nothing else to do here n besides skool’s gonna open in a while so im writting as fast as i can so ill have plenty of time to finish n back it up later, the book, i mean…
        have fun with the rest of ur works:)

  2. Wow. Lizzy…

    I love this book. It’s amazing. It’s everything I wanted Darian’s book to be. And I had tall expectations of Darian, after all he is the GreyGod, the only one who can beat th shit out of both th White n Black Gods at th same time… It was like looking at someone you watched grow up, becoming the man he is now. The sense of accomplishment is personal.. Thank u forDarian..

    And jonny…
    He grew up. I always knew this would happen. But I am happy for him. It is, after all, his destiny. He has learned to accept his darkness and Bianca is finally letting him go.

    And Xander, u r giving him a chance.. I developed a crush on him from th last book. I always had a thing for really bad boys. And I loved what Darian gave him at the immortal world. I wonder how the sexy snack tasted!!

    And last but not the least ,Jenn..
    I thought Sofi fought her destiny well, but Jenn outruns them all. She’s smart, suave, sexy, sophisticated, independent, everything Darian deserved. And Daian deserved it all after wht he went through. Same goes fr Jenn. Poor thing.. But she rose like a phoenix frm it all.

    I loved the long story, the intriguing plot lines, the pace pf the story, locales, the chemistry ofth the lead pair, fight scenes, loved wht he did to th others, loved the conversations… Loved it all…

    Hated that Dusty dint hav much to do. But B compensated. Same for Jule n Yully. Wow, I love Yully.. She’s hot. And Charles… Hmmm what happens to Charles???.. Well Lizzy, we can always use another book from you..
    May I give u a list of lead characters? – Xander( u r obviously working on that one), Pierre, jonny, Charles, Toni, Han,….

    One can hope…

    • Hi Biji! I am so sorry for the late response to your comment. I missed two this time around, so I’m going through to make sure I don’t miss any more!

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback on The Grey God! Yes, I like Xander, too. He’s the kind of person you WANT to have a second chance! Haha! And poor Jonny. I think I’ll write Jonny’s book after Xander’s. I get a lot of requests for Jonny’s book. 🙂

      I hope you don’t mind, but I named one of my characters in Dark Summer Biji. 🙂 If you haven’t read it yet, I can send you a copy!

      Lizzy 🙂

  3. I can’t believe it’s here!!! I’ve been re-reading “The War of Gods” collection while waiting for this! Now it’s here! AND NOW I JUST NEED TO READ THIS!!!!!! I NEED IT!!! XP

    You’re awsome lizzy!!!!


  4. Hi Lizzy… well you know my opinion of the last book, but just in case….I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT 🙂 and so my friends in Afghanistan…….they are dying to read Xander LOL.

    The entire series should make an amazing movie….. One per year…. Think about it…

    Thanks and keep writing

    • Thank you, Lourdes! I’m so happy you and your friends overseas liked The Grey God! Hopefully, I’ll have Xander’s story out in early 2013! Lizzy 🙂

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