Book Feature: “Dayclean” by E.R. Dinsmoor

Please welcome to Lizzyland author E.R. Dinsmoor. She’s sharing her contemporary fiction/romance/mystery novel, “Dayclean”. In August she’s planning a Goodreads giveaway for 10 autographed copies of the book along with an accompanying bookmark. Be sure to follow her Facebook page for details on this future giveaway. Links at end of post.

contemporary fictionA simmering feud between two powerful Southern families bursts into violence in Beaufort, South Carolina, when a Gullah teen runs away from a sadistic foster home and into the lives of a hard-fisted shrimper whose drinking can’t drown out his tragic past; a beautiful social worker with her own demons; a homeless schizophrenic Shakespearean searching for his family; and a child psychologist about to be swept into her own crushing drama. These characters, and more, come together to protect the teen when they discover a murderous conspiracy to destroy his life. Events speed toward a volcanic conclusion as the war between the families comes to an explosive head that will leave a devastating end for some, but a merciful new beginning for others.

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dogsPhoto of Beau and Miss South Carolina (Important characters from book)

Author Bio:

Dayclean” is the debut novel of e. r. dinsmoor. Raised in El Paso, Texas, the author attended the University of Texas at El Paso, majoring in Piano Performance, with a minor in creative writing. She studied short stories for one semester with the late, great Raymond Carver. At one point, the author was called into Mr. Carver’s office. He asked what she wanted to be when she grew up! The author replied, “I don’t know. Got any suggestions?”  Mr. Carver responded, “Yes. Get married!”

Facebook page:

Excerpt from the ForeWord Clarion Reviews: Titled for the local concept of “dayclean”—the promising moment just before sunrise—this warm-hearted mystery featuring a fusion of cultures and dialects avows the redemptive power of love, life, and starting over. The characters are likeable, their language ripples and shimmers . . . Moving forward, dayclean might be the best option after all.”

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