Excerpt 2 from “The Grey God” (War of Gods, Book IV)

This week’s excerpt is below!  If you missed last week’s, click here.  Normal warnings apply: cursing and typos abound! This will go through two more revisions, so don’t worry about my grammatical abuse.

For those who always want me to write longer books: I think you’ll get your wish with this book.  It’ll be my longest yet. 🙂

Excerpt from “The Grey God:”

The hair on the back of Darian’s neck rose suddenly, and his newfound ability to track Watchers and Others pinpointed where the Watcher would appear before it did.  He faced the corner, weapons drawn.  A moment later, the small, grandfatherly looking Watcher with emerald eyes appeared.

“Hello, ikir,” the Watcher said.


“It has been awhile since you have been you. You remember me now.”

Darian cocked his head to the side. “I remember enough to know I never liked you.”

“And we never liked you.  You always were a complicated man.” The Watcher offered an empty smile. “Unlike Damian.”

“He’s better suited to be the White God than I ever was,” Darian said.  “He lacks my … darkness.”

“It makes you stronger.”

“You’re not here to talk about my shit.  What do you want?”

“I admit, I’m surprised you haven’t sent me away.  Damian would’ve expelled me by now.”

Darian considered the words, well-aware of the same truth.  He should’ve felt something, perhaps gratitude to the man before him, for the Watchers had helped Sofi find him and Bianca heal him.  But he felt nothing, not even his brother Damian’s fury at the immortals messing with the mortal world.

“It’s my duty to expel you.  As soon as I figure out how, I will,” he said simply.

“Ah, I see.  And Others?  Will you treat them with the same temporary tolerance?”

“No.  Them I don’t like.”

“Good.  That will make this a fruitful conversation,” the Watcher said. “I need to know where the Others are and what they’re doing.  I believe Damian has a Hunter among his men, but the White God refuses to speak to me anymore.”

“I can find them,” Darian said, watching the Watcher’s reaction closely.


“And Watchers.”

At these words, the Watcher’s smile faded.  Its green gaze turned intent, and Darian waited for it to speak again.

“If you really can find Others, you must reveal their locations to me.  We will remove them from the planet,” the Watcher said.

“I could,” Darian agreed. “Tell me, Watcher, if I am the Gatekeeper, what gate am I guarding?”

“The one between worlds.”

“Show me.”

“Will you help us rid the earth of the Others?”


The Watcher held out his hand.  Darian took it.  They Traveled, and Darian opened his eyes in a place where it was dark and cold.

“There are now two places on earth where we can enter from the immortal world.  This is ours.  The Others have their own,” the Watcher explained. “Once we are here, we can Travel at will.”

“I take it the portals can never be closed, or you wouldn’t have showed me where it is,” Darian guessed, looking around.  His eyes adjusted to the darkness.  Opposite the entrance, he saw an area that shimmered darker than the rest of the cave.  Snow crunched under foot as he moved closer to the portal.

“Correct,” the Watcher said. “Before your battle with the Other in Ireland, there was only one gateway open.  You failed to close it, and now there are two.  We can no longer monitor the Others coming into the human world. Does that mean anything to you?”

“I have two gateways to guard. I can do it,” Darian said.

“The Grey God cannot guard two gateways.  The war will spread.”

“Do not underestimate me, Watcher.”

“Perhaps you need some motivation to do what you should. This can be arranged.”

“Or you could tell me what you really want from me,” Darian said, not liking the words.  Watchers had a reputation in the immortal world as being puppet masters. They’d left the human world alone, until several months ago.

“That’s not our way.” The Watcher motioned to the back of the cave. “Gods, Guardians and Naturals can pass through, too.”

“Keep playing your games,” Darian growled. “Soon, I’ll figure out how to do more than track your kind. Maybe then your ways will change.”

The Watcher continued to ignore him. “Have you never wondered what remains, since regaining your mind?”

Darian stared at the portal, memories swirling through him.  The only part of his life that had been good lay beyond the gateway in front of him. 

No, he told himself.  The good part of his life was gone.  Only memories remained.  He’d been enslaved before the Schism, and Damian would never speak of what happened to their home. Was it the way he left it?  Were the gardens where he was born and the beach where he played as a child still there?  If he walked beneath the apple trees in the orchard, would she be waiting for him with her sweet smile, as she had the day they met? As she had the day she betrayed him?

He couldn’t help fearing everything was as he left it, and the only thing truly broken in either world –was him.


15 thoughts on “Excerpt 2 from “The Grey God” (War of Gods, Book IV)

  1. You’re killing me, Lizzy!!! I almost didn’t read this excerpt. As if I had any real willpower!! I can’t wait!!

    • Yay! I’m super excited about this book. It’s been in my head for a long time, and I’m getting really nervous about it like I do the Rhyn books. Been revising like crazy – keep adding then deleting then adding and deleting. I know at some point, I just have to let it live the way it is … haha

  2. I AM DYING HERE……….. Lizzy PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE give me a small hint the time frame for the book…….. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks and Keep writing

    • 3 weeks, I think. It’s longer than my normal books, so revising has been awful, plus I’m not sure I want to release it over the Fourth of July weekend! LOL we’ll see!

    • Probably about … 3 weeks, I think. Maybe 2. I think it’ll depend on the upcoming holiday. Last year, I released a book over 4th of July and it did awful, so I might wait until the next weekend!

  3. Wow Lizzy.. You have outdone yourself..! Again…!!!
    I love it.. I can’t wait for the book sweetheart. Make it fast.
    Darian is supercool. I never did like Watchers. . Not even wen they helped Sofi n B in th first two books.They freak me out with their sudden comings n goings.

    Thanks for making it longer..

  4. AMAZING – I have just finished the other 3 books for the 2nd time (thinking the Grey God was due in end May) and am now biting at the bit to get solidly into this book and couldn’t find it anywhere until I found this site through google search – can’t wait for this one to be ready. Will have to appease my hunger with some of your other books until The Grey God is ready. Thank you for an entertaining and enthralling series.

  5. I just read the other comments for this post….. You should release this book for the fourth of July weekend. 🙂 As in, right now. Only because I’m flying to NY tomorrow and I need a book to read between the layovers. PRETTY PLEASE

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