Book Feature: “Guardians of the Word Series” by Jolea M. Harrison

Please welcome to Lizzyland author Jolea M. Harrison. She’s sharing the latest release in her Guardians of the Word Series, Legend, which was released June 4th. Chosen (Guardians of the Word) book one in the series, is currently available for free download on Amazon.

fantasy ebooksDynan Telaerin lives within a shell of his own making, a place devoid of light. Every moment is a struggle to rediscover who he is. After barely surviving the loss of his twin brother, Dynan is forced to run farther and submerge his identity deeper than ever before. Legend is the story of his survival, how he discovers a reason to want to live and where he learns that dreams can be real. But there are no guarantees, for with each action an equal and opposite reaction occurs. There are nightmares to consider and souls to be lost. 

To protect him, and give him time to heal, Dynan is sent to a place that is forbidden by the laws he’s supposed to uphold. It’s a calculated risk that he needs the anonymity Cadal can provide. The danger is weighed against the odds he’ll be discovered – by the people of this backward planet, by allies who would use this infraction against him, or by an enemy who would see him dead. 

The plans so carefully arranged soon start to unravel when Dynan meets the girl of his dreams – dreams that he doesn’t remember until they walk up to him, living, breathing and beautiful. Preordained by the Gods, their attraction to each other is unstoppable. From the moment of acceptance the difficulties set before them stand in the way of their desire to be together. There are enemies, known and unknown, lurking in the outer reaches, and one, who as promised, intends to destroy everyone Dynan cares about. 

Maralt Adaeryn has plans of his own and none of them end with happily ever after.

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Other books in the Guardians of the Word Series:

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The Guardians of the Word is an epic fantasy, science fiction amalgam that tells the story of Dynan Telaerin and his ancestor’s long struggle to rid the world of evil. Beyond the barrier lies the heart of deception, trapping the world in a repeating cycle of devastation, rebirth and then destruction once again, every thousand years. For countless cycles knowledge is destroyed, the words of truth lost to future generations until one young man, the First King of Cobalt sacrifices his eternal soul to remain. He brings lost knowledge forward in time to his ancestors, Dynan and Dain, who like him, are telepathic twin brothers. It is their destiny to finally break the cycle, or die in the attempt, damning the world to the final darkness, for in their time, the Gods are weakened, the demon prevails and unless it is defeated once and for all, will remain to rule in domination and terror.

The Chronicles are Chosen, Myth, Telepath, Legend, Union, Adept, Seer, and King.

About the Author:

I started my writing career in earnest about 10 years ago when I set out to finish my epic series, The Guardians of the Word, which is eight books in length. I decided to publish and got it together enough to manage it in June, 2011. It’s been more than worth it, and I’ve enjoyed every minute, but especially getting to know the incredibly helpful and wonderful people I’ve met because I took a leap of faith.

I’m a writer, a mother and manager of chaos. I try to do too many things at once, like so many of us, but it all usually works out. I love writing. It’s what I’m passionate about and what I want to do above all other things.

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  1. Since Chosen was the only one available on Nook, I went ahead and got that one 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation.

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