Book Expo America 2012: Set Up

Today was our set-up day for Book Expo America 2012 in New York City.  My sister, health/fitness author Rachel Short, and I drove from Ohio to New York Sunday. It was about an 11 hour drive, but it seemed to go quickly.  We got to the hotel and ate PASTA.  Wow does New York have the best pasta ever!  I’ll be ten pounds heavier by the time I leave.

This morning, we went to the Javits Convention Center to get set up. It was a bit stressful, because we drove my sister’s car and had to go to the loading docks with all the semis and stuff around back.  The workers there unloaded our stuff, and were really funny and efficient at everything they did.  It turned out to be a positive experience where we made friends like Izzy, our forklift driver, and Eliot, the poor guy who got about five calls from me over the course of an hour and helped me figure out what to do.

I have to say, even the chaotic mess that was the display floor was still impressive.  There were forklifts and pallets of books/displays everywhere.  There are book publishers and distributors from all over the world here, and a bunch of authors in my corner of the conference area. Tomorrow, I’ll have more time to see who’s here, but I saw publishers from the UK, Saudi Arabia, Russia … and a ton more.  The displays from folks like Amazon, St. Martin’s Press and Penguin (among others) were incredible.  I’ll take more pics tomorrow.

Setting up was a little stressful. Our banners were delivered to a different booth at random, so it took us a couple of hours to find them.  But once we had them, we were able to create a really nice display. Love the banners? Designed by Dafeenah, of course, and printed by Britten Banners. I was really impressed with how they turned out.

After we got everything set up, we went to a diner nearby and met Shannon, one of my readers who lives in New York!  Shannon is super cool and just graduated from college in April. Yay Shannon! We had coffee/tea and chatted for awhile.  Thanks for meeting us, Shannon!

Tuesday is the opening day of BEA 2012. Looking forward to the first day of the show!

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