Upcoming book launches and events!

I haven’t blogged in a looooong time!  I thought now was a good time, especially with the upcoming events.

Book updates

Rebel Heart will be released this week!  I hope it doesn’t take FOUR WEEKS to make it to iTunes like Rhyn’s Redemption did!  Ack!

I’m also working on The Grey God and hope to release it either between my two upcoming events OR after I get back from New York (mid-June.)  It takes me about three days to publish a book once it’s edited, which includes time for formatting and uploading it to all the different places we upload.  I don’t know if I’ll have that time between the Phoenix Comicon and Book Expo America.  Soooo … Darian might have to wait to see the world until sometime after June 9!

The first book in my new young adult paranormal trilogy, Dark Summer, will also be released towards the end of June, which should put me back on schedule.  Then, Kiera’s Sun in July!


I leave Wed for the Phoenix Comic Convention, where I’ll be exhibiting (booth 341) Thurs- Sun.  I’m super-excited, especially because I want to meet Patrick Stewart.  Wowza.  That man is just wonderful!  Haha!  We’ll see if I can get his autograph!  I’ll be blogging and tweeting live from Comicon, so I’ll let you all know how it goes!  This feels like it’ll be a blast, and I’m going to meet some other indie authors who are also exhibiting.

After Comicon, I come home for a two days then fly to Ohio to see my family and drive with my sister to New York for Book Expo America.  I’ll be exhibiting at BEA June 5-7 (Tues – Thurs) and will be blogging and tweeting live from there.

One of my goals at BEA is to see if I can make the connections I need to sell foreign rights to the Rhyn and War of Gods series, so my books make it to place like India, China and a lot of other places where I have readers but have trouble getting books to them.  So, we’ll see.  Fingers crossed!  And, I’m going to approach a few people about the Katie’s Hellion script, too!

Otherwise … I’m keeping busy with world domination plans and writing!  My animals are doing great, and my hubby is working on launching his own online budget SEO company, so he can help other authors and business owners.

Life in Lizzyland is busy but fruitful and most importantly – FUN!  I’ll let you guys know when I’m ready to reveal my latest crazy scheme! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Upcoming book launches and events!

  1. Lizzy i am so excited for you! You are on a roll. Happy to see you pursuing your dream. I have to admit I almost like a small child with excitement regarding Kieras Sun!!

    • Yay! Thank you, Yaremis! Things are definitely getting a bit busier, and I’m hoping I can start meeting some of my fans in Phoenix and New York! I’m excited about the books this summer, too! 🙂 Lizzy

  2. Oh Yeah! I am going through a Lizzy Drought! I have been checking B&N regularly for new stuff by you! So excited!

  3. I have been waiting for Darian’s book ever since you introduced him in Damian’s Oracle.. Now, I have to wait till June only.. Wow…. Thank you so much.. And did I tell you that my birthday is in June..?? Thank you once again for an amazing BDAY gift..
    You are a Gem- rare and PRECIOUSSSSS….,!!!

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