Screenplay ‘treatment’ for Katie’s Hellion

I deliberated not posting this, but I feel like Rhyn and Katie belong as much to you all as they do to me!  I’m posting a link to the rough draft screen treatment for “Katie’s Hellion” (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy) for you all to read.  There are some awesome twists and turns added in!  For my regular readers, you’ll remember that I recently announced that I’d begun working with veteran screenwriter Rick Natkin to adapt one of my books into a screenplay. For new readers, click here to read that post.

The book we chose: Katie’s Hellion. The primary reason: the characters are more layered and the story more intriguing.

Rick’s been working tirelessly on this and recently sent me the first draft of the screenplay treatment. I’m learning the lingo as I go, but basically, a treatment is a scene-by-scene breakdown of what the screenplay will look like.  In order to fit into the traditional three-act movie format, Rick’s adjusting the storyline, to include, pulling in details from “Katie’s Hope” (Book II, Rhyn Trilogy) and adding depth to Katie and Rhyn’s relationship so that their story will convey better to the big screen, where people can’t really read background or prose on what people are thinking!

In short, I LOVE what he’s done.  He’s managed to keep the original feel of the story intact while altering it where needed to fit a cinematic format.  And he’s doing it while maintaining the characters and without turning this into a Twilight 2.0 series.  Rick is doing an incredible job!

For anyone interested in seeing the treatment, click here.  Keep in mind it’s a gritty first draft (with typos and ponderings included!), and chances are, some of it will change when Rick writes the screenplay.


12 thoughts on “Screenplay ‘treatment’ for Katie’s Hellion

    • And you’re totally right! They’d be awesome as movies! But, one step at a time … if no one loves the script enough to produce it, then we won’t get far! LOL

  1. OMG! I am SO HAPPY that they are being made into a movie! I always told my kids that they would make a GREAT movie! I can NOT wait! I almost drove my kids crazy waiting for the third book to come out I am REALLY gonna drive them crazy waiting for a movie to come out!

    • Well … they’re not being made into movies yet. LOL This is basically the first step. So, if no one likes the idea, then it won’t go anywhere. Haha! But it’s worth a shot! Lizzy 🙂

  2. OMG!! I’m so excited! I’d totally go see the movie! I’d love to see it screen out and match it along to my imagination! LOL… super excited… I always hoped there’d be a movie to go with the books…

    • I hope there’s one eventually! This is the first step, so we’ll see if I can find anyone who’s interested in producing it. Fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Read the treatment and liked it. The changes to the plot were more palatable than I expected and some of the story is actually clarified in the treatment. Pleasantly surprised. Good luck to you Lizzy. Fingers crossed for movie deal!

    • I thought he did great, too! My fingers are crossed, too. It’s a dream right now, but that’s how everything starts. LOL 🙂

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