Rebel Heart Now Available at Amazon, Barnes &Noble, and Lizzy’s Store

Lizzy Ford’s latest release, Rebel Heart, is now available at Amazon, B&N, and via Lizzy’s store. It’ll be uploaded this weekend to iTunes and will be available there as soon as it makes it through processing.

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Futuristic romance. After nuclear strikes cripple the East Coast in the year 2135, security expert Lana is alone with a secret she must protect at all costs, even if it means placing her life – and her heart – in the hands of Brady, the compelling, dangerous leader of the rebellion. As a member of the lower class, Brady serves two masters: the rebellion and the regular army. It will take all his connections and strength to protect Lana and keep from falling in love with her.


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14 thoughts on “Rebel Heart Now Available at Amazon, Barnes &Noble, and Lizzy’s Store

    • Hi Amanda! Wahoo! Glad you liked Rebel! I’m never sure how the non-Rhyn/Damian books will do. Some do well (like Kiera) and some just tank haha! I don’t know … I didn’t plan a sequel to this one. I think it depends on how good it does!!

  1. Just bought it this morning… unfortunately I am borrowing a book from someone and have to finish it before I can start on this one (BOO!)… but I’m sure it rocks!

    • I loved how Rebel turned out. I fought that book for so long, and it took Christine (editor) helping me to rework some major parts of the plot before it finally came out right. I was so mad at that book hahaha! Lizzy

  2. Hi Lizzy! just finished reading rebel heart n….WOW!!! it is splen-did!!!!!! couldnt love it more…although it was entirely different from the rhyn/damian books n the paranormal fiction stuff, it is still soooo amazing in its own way! gotta say, dan and elise would have made a cute cuople, as they both annoyed one another so much…lol!
    you did a great job, as always, with this one too:) once again, LOVED it!

    • Thank you, Rayan! I’m glad you loved it! I was worried people might not, because there’s no paranormal in it. But I thought the book turned out really good, even though I had to fight the muses to get it written. Haha! 😀

  3. Another great romance Lizzy! I was a little iffy on the futuristic aspect but, I knew you would not disappoint. Thanks for another great read.

    • Thank you, Karen! I tried to keep the story more focused on the characters than the new world … the first version of Rebel was awful. It was too focused on what was going on, so I had to do some major revising before I released it! Thank you for reading all my books!! Lizzy 🙂

  4. I LOVED this book. It’s on my “Reread often” list. I’m a sucker lately for futuristic/post-apocalyptic (sp?) romances. I, for one, would most definitely like to see more of Lana and Brady. I really did fall in love with these characters. I think I’ve read Maddy’s Oasis> probably a half dozen times. I can’t wait for your next one. 🙂

    • Thank you, Amy!! I loved how Rebel Heart came out. I think there’s a lot of potential for that world, too, in terms of someday writing future books, too! Happy to hear you like Maddy’s Oasis, too! (Not many people do – hahaha!) Lizzy 🙂

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