Phoenix Comicon – Day 3: do men fear romance books?

One of the funniest things I’ve run across the past three days: men who walk by my booth thinking it’s something else then either back away suddenly or go out of their way to avoid eye contact. Or, as one guy did, start to talk to me, realize I write romance then say, “I gotta go.” Part of me feels like a streetwalker.

The other part of me thinks it’s the funniest thing ever to watch the reality sink in for someone who stopped by because they were just browsing all the booths on my row. The look of surprise is just priceless.  I’m not sure what they think I’m peddling when they stop – or if they think you can catch ‘romance’ bugs from books – but it sure does make me laugh!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the most incredible experience ever is having someone walk up to me and say they have one/all of my books on their Kindle/Nook/whatever already.  There’s no way to describe that feeling when a complete stranger walks up to tell you they recognized your work while walking by!  Holy smokes – it’s better than a peanut butter-chocolate sundae!!


7 thoughts on “Phoenix Comicon – Day 3: do men fear romance books?

  1. Not all men.. Trust me… I know a few who love Romance books. My husband for one. Usually when we go to his/ my parents place, we drive all the way. And that is a 5-6 hr journey to both places. And that’s when I tell him stories. He loves the romantic ones, as I discovered accidentally.. But he loathes to read, mind you. It’s a wonder how he graduated as an engineer with his hatred of books. He uses my heavier books as “dumb bells”. But he is a sucker for romantic stories…

    • Hahaha! That’s so cute that he uses them as dumb bells! My hubby doesn’t like romance books, though he does like my books, so that’s good. I think most men do like romance stories but don’t realize it. I mean, almost every action/adventure movie has a romance in it. But it was so funny to watch the men who passed my table and the look on their face … I had so much fun!

  2. LOL! that is surely some real fun thing to see….but yeah, not all men are the same, although, gotta say, MOST are, n the chances of them liking such stuff would be, lets say, 10% outta a hundred!lol….its just that, every human has got that little light of affection n tenderness towards others deep down in their heart, but that light is dimmed in most hearts by the blackness of hatred and rudeness that that love just starts to die….n for some, even if it lying somewhere deep down inside, they surely know how to bring it up n start to do what we call ‘love’ or ‘affection’…..tell you what, i too have witnessed some ‘sights’ with men running away that gives them the air or romanticism; lol! it is so hilarious, i mean, its like they are butchers unknown to some loving or affectionate manour, n only women have such hearts with love n all that…..i used to share some books with some of my classmates when i was young n i still remember how the guys in my class used to laugh cos we used to be reading ‘stupid romantic stuff’, as they called it, but to be honest, its not like i myself like the romantic genre, but its good for the heart n mind once in a while, know what i mena? lol….n then if ever i wanted to tease some guy in my class or just annoy him for something he said to me earlier, i used to wear that soft kinda behavious with them, annoying them with the sweet-talks n stuff like that they used to run away! LOL!
    but dont worry Lizzy, im pretty sure there are loads of men out there that appreciate adventure n humour along with some romanticism in it, n im also sure that many would be sitting comfortable in ther homes/offices n reading ur amazing books! i mean, we might never know what happens on the other side of the world, right? 😉

    • I totally agree with you! Romance is great for the soul. It’s like one of the only kinds of magic we can really create and enjoy. I’ve handed out a few minibooks this week to men, and I do it and wonder if they end up liking it or not! I rarely hear from male readers, but my husband likes the Rhyn books, so I KNOW they’re appealing to some men! My poor hubby is one of those who runs from romance books – and he married me, a romance writer. He’s now surrounded by romance books hahahaha!

  3. yes, magic might be the right word for it! lol….n LOL your husband might be of great courage to be surrounded by romance books all the time n still manage to like them to some extent…n im sure the male readers you gave books to would have liked them, i mean, they are so diverse in their own forms that a reader just can’t resist not liking them, no matter if its a man or a woman….n yes, how can someone NOT like the rhyn books since they are super-amazing!!!

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