Phoenix Comicon – Day 2: Outlandish, comical and furry

I had no rough lessons to learn today. I had a blast!  The pic of the man to the left sums up Comicon thus far: A bit outlandish, comical and um, furry.  I’ve met some awesome people who came by my table and handed out tons of minibooks, bookmarks and business cards! A couple came back from their visit yesterday, which I took as an awesome sign. We’re adding new members to Lizzyland!

Below are some more pics! 



This is the dancing box-man. I liked him, because his costume was cheap to make, and he charged people .25 to see him dance. He made .75 in the five minutes he stood in front of my table. A true entrepreneur!


My booth neighbors, Cooper (sketch artist) and Brandon (fantasy writer.) Cooper drew me a picture of a dragon and accepted a cookie in payment. He’s pretty cool!



My other booth neighbors, Mike and Nate! Mike is obsessed with brightly colored robots and draws all day long during the convention. We bought one of his small paintings to take home with us!

Stay tuned for day 3!

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Comicon – Day 2: Outlandish, comical and furry

  1. LOL Brendan looks down right retarded! Aww was good times! I cannot wait till next year! We’ll most definitely have to coordinate our booth placements!

    • Yes, we should, Cooper! We had a blast! You are one seriously talented author. Thank you so much for drawing me dragons!!! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

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