Phoenix Comicon – Day 1: People like to buy books

Thursday (yesterday) was day one at the Phoenix Comic Convention. It was a half day, and I was so excited, I grinned like a fool the whole time!  I drove up from Tucson in the morning and set up everything then met my booth neighbors (Mike the painter and Cooper the sketch artist whose manager is Brandon, a fantasy writer.) They’re awesome!

I met brilliant fantasy indie author M. Edward McNally, whose books I’ve featured a few times here in Lizzyland.  It was awesome to meet him after talking to him online for almost a year! I also met Erin Lausten, another indie romance author of steampunk and timetravel romances.  She’s super cool and located here in Arizona!  Check out her website for details on her books. I’ll see if she wants to do a book feature here on Lizzyland, too!

So I get here, set up, meet people, put on my smiley face. I even read the fire code and bought metal displays so no one threw me out. I was sitting on top of the world.  I forgot a pen (bad writer) and borrowed one from Cooper, thinking that would be the worst thing that happened.  I was confident and happy, and thought, exhibiting is a piece of cake!  When the Comicon opened, I thought: I’m the BEST WRITER EVER!

And then something happened. I was talking to a nice lady who looooved the Rhyn Trilogy and War of Gods books.  She was so excited, she wanted to buy ALL of them.

I’m thinking, Oh. Really? Seriously? Let me just reach under the table to grab a book … And then it hit me. The fatal flaw of my plan. I forgot to bring copies of my books to sell to people. DAMMIT, LIZZY! It’s like trying to take over the world but forgetting where you parked your World Domination Tank.

Life in my books is easy, but real life often baffles me. My husband noticed me when I got locked into a parking lot behind a building and couldn’t get out.  He fell in love with me a few weeks later. He went with me to a drive thru and watched me try to order something. I got so flustered, I almost left in tears. (Who puts mayo on a cheeseburger?) So, yeah. Sometimes, Real Life and Lizzy are not always in the same library let alone on the same page.

So, here I am, talking to people who want to buy my books, and I’ve got nothing to sell them! I brought display copies and free promo material but no books.  And I’m thinking, do they think I’m the WORST AUTHOR EVER? Cuz right about now, they’re right.

Anyhoo, lesson learned: people like to dress up like Star Trek characters and zombie survival crews. They also like to buy books.

Wish me luck for day two … 🙂


6 thoughts on “Phoenix Comicon – Day 1: People like to buy books

  1. Well, first of all, OF COURSE they want to buy your books! You give me copies and I still buy more!

    Second of all, you ARE the best writer ever! Maybe just not the best business person… which you will learn.

    Third – Take comfort that people wanted to buy them. It would of been worse to go the whole conference and realize that no one wanted anything from you!

    • Haha thank you, Katie! 😀 I had a blast despite the rather hard lessons learned. LOL the thing that shocked me most was how many people (not a lot but still some!) came up to me because they either had a book already or recognized my name. I felt like A ROCKSTAR!! LOL 🙂 I had so much fun!!

  2. Your table looks great and so do you. yes, lizzy, you are going places, girl. and also yes , i like mayonaise on cheeseburgers along with lettuce, onions and…cheese! good luck this weekend.

    • Thanks, Alan! I had an absolute blast. I had no idea how much fun this would be. (And NO mayo on cheeseburgers! Ack!)

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