Phoenix Comicon: A Rhyn Comic?

I had a blast at the Phoenix Comicon. It ended Sunday evening then we drove home Monday afternoon.  I’m super happy I chose a Comicon as my first public appearance.  The atmosphere was friendly and creative. I met so many awesome artists and writers and got to see so much cool artwork.

I had around … 150-200 people stop by my table, I’d say, and gave away a ton of minibooks and bookmarks.  A few of them came back after reading the minibooks to tell me they’d either downloaded a bunch of books or they bought the few I had.  (I ended up having a small box of books in my trunk I meant to send my sister for our journey to New York. Lucky me!!) I also had 6 people who either approached me because they already had one or more of my books already or recognized my name from their Kindle explorations.  ISN’T THAT INCREDIBLE?  I thought so!  I was blown away.

And I also spoke to a really nice gentleman who owns a comic book store around Phoenix (and is soon opening a second) who’s interested in me working with a team he’s putting together in Spring. He’s been looking for a writer he felt was right for his project – to start new comic book series.  He said he had ideas or would be open to maybe using one of my series as a basis.  Which I thought was AWESOME! Nothing firm is in place yet, and I’d have to do some learnin’ of comic book script writing, but what an incredible honor to be considered!

Who wants a Rhyn or Damian comic?

I am so going back next year!!


6 thoughts on “Phoenix Comicon: A Rhyn Comic?

  1. I don’t really do comics, but I could see how Damian would be a really good comic, so many fights to have 🙂

  2. Lizzy it was an absolute blast sharing the aisle with you! What an experience. I was so impressed with your setup and can’t wait to see more of your work out in the world! This is one event I will never forget! Thank you for helping to make it awesome!

    • Thank you, Erin! I had so much fun talking to you! You’re doing an awesome job, and I loved that you dressed up! So cool! I’m in NY right now but will send you an email when I get back. I definitely want us to keep in touch! 🙂 Lizzy

  3. Of course you’re a rockstar! And the answer has to always be Rhyn. Whatever the question Rhyn is always the answer 😛

  4. OMG COMICSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! wow Lizzy that would be sooooooo extra-extra-extra cool if there would be comics about the amaizng characters such as damian n rhyn!!! wohoooo i really would look forward to it…..i adore comics like crazy! plus, i would adore them more if they were about such cool n aweosme characters as these, i mean, DAMIAN/RHYN!!!! yay! im starting to imagine how rhyn would look like in his demon-shape n damian with all that good-god kinda thing on him, LOL! good luck to you for that n may all your hard work pay you really well after all that you do for sharing you amazing works with everyone!:)

  5. Comics = one step closer to major motion picture!!
    Just think, if Rhyn or Damian reached Spiderman status through comics… the movie would totally be next! Keep us posted!!

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