Book Feature: “Under an Orange Sun, Some Days Are Blue” by Irving Belateche

Please welcome to Lizzyland author Irving Belateche who’s sharing his inspirational novel, “Under An Orange Sun, Some Days Are Blue“.

inspirational ebooksUnder An Orange Sun” offers a unique take on overcoming obstacles and finding inspiration. The narrator, Ben, searches for a sign from his daughter, who’s died and left him broken-hearted. Ben is a Hollywood screenwriter and he wants his daughter to have that Hollywood ending she so much deserves, even though he knows that’s impossible.

So he starts to apply a series of principles to motivate himself into believing that everything can still work out. These fascinating principles are derived from self-help gurus, philosophers, and religion.

First he applies them to his writing, then to his career, and finally to everything in his life. He discovers which principles work and which don’t and that journey becomes a powerful response to life’s many setbacks. It also becomes a creative guide on how to be a writer.

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About the Author:

inspirational authorsIrving Belateche is an author, screenwriter, and speaker. He’s written screenplays for Paramount, Columbia, Warner Brothers and other studios. He also lectures on writing and on unconventional wisdom. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son. Please contact him through Facebook.

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