Book Feature: “The New Breed” by Danielle Kazemi

Please welcome to Lizzyland Danielle Kazemi, an author who puts her own spin on tales of mythology. She’s sharing her latest book, “New Breed (#1) (Dragon’s Fire)” which is currently available free on Amazon for a limited time.

free ebooksDragons have been found in almost every culture throughout the world yet at almost the same time, they disappeared. What if they simply changed? In my novella series, Annabel Wells is mending a broken relationship when she is attacked by a creature made of darkness. As she prepares for the assault, a dark haired hero comes to her rescue – breathing fire.
The book shows how even though they may be creatures of myth, they still deal with the common problems humans suffer along with dodging attacks from zealous knights, convinced this dark creature called the Unseen is imaginary. They plan on ridding the world of the dragons through any means necessary.

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About the Author:

Danielle Kazemi lives in southern Louisiana and within walking distance of a bayou with alligators. She spends most of her time coming up with creative new spins on mythology – old and new. If not doing that, she spends the rest of her time goofing off online with games and twitter.



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