Book Feature: “The Forensic Geology Series” by Toni Dwiggins

Please welcome to Lizzyland author Toni Dwiggins. She’s sharing her latest mystery/thriller series, “The Forensic Geology Series”.

The Forensic Geology Series:

free mystery ebooksForensic geologists Cassie Oldfield and Walter Shaws embark on a perilous hunt–tracking a terrorist who has stolen radioactive material that is hotter than the desert in August. He threatens to release it in America’s most fragile national park, Death Valley.

But first he must stop the geologists who are closing in.

As the hunt turns dangerous, Cassie and Walter will need grit along with their field skills to survive this case. For they are up against more than pure human malice. The unstable atom–in the hands of an unstable man–is governed by Murphy’s Law. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

And it does.

Available at Amazon US and UK.


NO WAY OUT–so says the note in the pocket of the murdered mayor. mystery ebooks

The volcano beneath her town is seething, and the fate of Mammoth Lakes now rests in the hands of emergency planner Adrian Krom.

But Krom has his own agenda.

Investigating the case, forensic geologist Cassie Oldfield tracks mineral clues to discover how the mayor died–and what she found. As the volcano moves toward red alert, Cassie races to prevent ‘no way out’ from becoming a prophecy.

Available at Amazon

About the author:

I come from a family of writers: Dad was a newspaperman and wrote books about aviation, Aunt/Uncle wrote Westerns and Detective stories, Mom wrote a couple of B-movie scripts. Must be osmosis.

I’ve done magazine work, both fiction and nonfiction. I’m author of a US history text and contributed to texts in the sciences, including earth science. I’ve done tech-writing for the Silicon Valley computer industry. My techie experience hatched an idea that became my first novel, about an attempt to sabotage the nation’s telephone system (INTERRUPT, published by TOR Books).

I went in a different direction with the Forensic Geology Series, taking mystery into outdoor adventure territory.



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