Book Feature: “Highway 90” by Heather Ross

Please welcome to Lizzyland a new author, Heather Ross. She’s sharing her novellette today and has offered to give away free ecopies to the first 100 email subscribers at her website

free ebooksBrooke has a problem, she’s bored. Bored with the same way of life in a small border town. The way it can make a girl feel like she’s on a carousel. One that never stops, never has anything new to offer and definitely never grows up. Her best friend Paige is her only sanity in a sea of adolescent angst still rearing its ugly head cruising the boulevard and getting drunk in the desert.

To break up the monotony the friends plunge into the world of Mexican dance clubs. A decision that will change the way they view life, love and freedom.

Highway 90 is a 15,000 word Young Adult novelette. It contains one dramatic scene, but no explicit language.

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About the Author:

I’ve been writing “here and there” since I was in grade school. It wasn’t until I entered high school that I began to get serious about writing when an English teacher assigned a poetry/writing journal project, which I think I got high marks for since I scribbled drawings along the edge of the page each poem was written on.

I put creative writing aside to study communications in college and finally finished with a degree in PR (waste of money, but the school was cool). Last year I decided to go the “indie route” and self publish after reading endless discussions on Kindleboards. I only wish I’d started sooner.

Oh! About me? I probably have adult ADHD or maybe I’m just “scatter brained.” Hence, the solitary two titles under my name (and one is under a pen name!). Anyway, I live in SoCal (southern California) where it really is, “all about the beach.” Two kids and a dog control my life when I’m not at the computer, which is…never mind.  **Read more on my website.
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