Vote for your favorite post and host from the Rhyn Trilogy book tour!

The Rhyn Trilogy tour ended April 9, and wow – what an awesome experience!  I worked with incredibly supportive bloggers, reviewers and authors on this tour, and I’m grateful for how wonderful (AND PATIENT!!) everyone was!  I’d also like to thank Jenn for setting up everything; she’s been a lifesaver!

And now, for the vote!  Which blog and host were your favorites?  I’ve linked all the blogs and Rhyn Trilogy interviews, reviews and posts below.  I think you can vote more than once … this is my first time with this plug in, so give it a whirl!

[If I missed anyone on my poll, pls let me know!!]


12 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite post and host from the Rhyn Trilogy book tour!

  1. Voted on my phone and computer again today! Go Nikki!

    I did check out Book Whore. You definitely have some good competition.

  2. Lizzy,
    Dani and I have decided to split the prize if one or the other wins. We are friends and fellow blogger sisters and have both worked our butts off for your tour and votes!! LOL!!

  3. Voted last night from laptop and notice both blogs had some dedicated fans piling in those votes. I’ll still vote once more later today when it lets me even though they conceded. Still wanna help mine win!

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