Veteran screenwriter Rick Natkin is newest member of Lizzy’s team

There’s a new member of the Lizzyland team: Rick Natkin, a veteran screenwriter who is collaborating with me to adapt one of my books into a script.  Which book will it be?  He’s reviewing “Katie’s Hellion” and “Damian’s Oracle” to see which would translate best to the Big Screen.

Does this mean I have a movie deal?  Nope.  Not even close.  This means I’m doing what I do best: pursuing some bats**t crazy avenue to see what happens.  It’s like a science experiment – but way more fun!

Rick wrote the original “Necessary Roughness,” “The Boys of Company C” and several other incredible movie scripts before ducking out of Hollywood for a spell to be closer to his family.  He’s talented, funny and brilliant.  A perfect fit for Lizzyland!

So … what do YOU think? Which book (Hellion or Oracle) would you like to see at the theatre? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Veteran screenwriter Rick Natkin is newest member of Lizzy’s team

  1. Definitely Damian’s Oracle. I love Rhyn BUT I think ‘Oracle’ would have a better chance of making it to the big screen while staying true to the book.

  2. I’d say that Damian’s Oracle will be my first choice. It can make it to the big screen while sticking closer to the story.

  3. WOW Lizzy!!! this is so great, n ims ure you must be super-excited about it too! but its a hard choice, dont you think? i mean both the books are super-amazing according to their own respect….i mean, Damian is so cool in his own ways, while on the other hand Rhys is super cool too…but i think Katie’s Hellion should be the choice…they say majority always wins, but they loads of other things which doesnt mean that we should stop believing our own perspectives…although damian’s character starts to get prominent in the 1st book itself, Damian’s Oracle, and readers n now watchers too would enjoy getting to know him better, but on the other hand, Katie’s Hellion has more of an interest n suspense in it considering that fact that its the 1st books in the series, n you know when there is more suspense in something, everyone gets more excited n eager to know what happens next, n if its the case with K’s hellion, everyone would just want to know what happened next to Katie n how she got the angel Toby as her guardian, just outta the blues, n so, everyone would want to jump to the next book….but Lizzy, whatever you decide or Mr.Natkin decides to go with, im sure it will be for the best, n it will turn our pretty good….but personally, i’d go for Rhyn!! i mean, there are so many people out there, myself included, who connect more to his character than to D’s people who feel more like Rhyn, an outcast….until he met Katie, of ocurse….

  4. OMG! OMG! OMG! This is too exciting! I love both books but I think Katie’s Hellion might be more of an attention grabber for people who havent read the books and easier to do sequels with. Oracle is a great book but it’s following books are about different people and those who haven’t read the series might get annoyed watching the movies. So I have to say Katie’s Hellion!!!!

  5. Omg! How could you not tell me this????
    I LOVE both, but Rhyn a little more.
    I think it should be Rhyn first then if that works, oracle.

    So exciting!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Lizzy!I am so excited for you!So I was wondering why choose both are great I fell in love with both of them!I hope I see at least one of them on the big screen!Can’t wait for more news on this!

    • Someday, hopefully one of them will make it. Right now, it’s all a dream … but so was publishing my books at one point. We’ll see!! 🙂

  7. Talk about your dreams coming to reality. Kudos Lizzy! It must be a great experience.

    You know what would be a kick! When the casting starts….

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