Results from Rhyn Trilogy Tour poll

Thank you for taking the time to vote for your favorite blog that hosted me on the Rhyn Trilogy tour!  It appears as though the poll was snatched by a bot (on/around day 2) targeting Nikki and Danielle’s blogs; however, at the time, these two bloggers who had close to 100 votes each.  They’ve both won the first prize!

Prizes and poll results below!

1st Prize (Nikki and Danielle)

$100.00 Visa Gift Card

Signed Paperbacks of Katie’s Hellion Trilogy

Signed Paperbacks of War of the Gods series

2012 paperback subscription

2nd Prize (Kendra)

Rhyn Trilogy signed

2012 paperback subscription

Final Poll Results

Close Encounters of the Night Kind – 1,749

Book Whore Blog – 956

Readers Edyn – 10

Tana’s Some of my Favorite Books – 5

Love of Books 409 – 4

Rainy Day Ramblings – 3

Literary Lunes – 3

Cambria Hebert – 2

EC Writes – 2

Tricia Kristufek – 1

Babbling About Books and Stuff – 1

Indie Designz – 1

I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the bloggers who made the Rhyn Trilogy tour such a blast!

One thought on “Results from Rhyn Trilogy Tour poll

  1. Yay we won!! Enjoy the prizes ladies. On a side note…. finished Rhyn’s Redemption during breakfast this morning.

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