NYT Bestselling Author Bob Mayer Stops by For A Chat About His New Book

Please welcome to Lizzyland, NYT bestselling author Bob Mayer. He’s here to share a few words of wisdom and his new book.

Okay, my head hurts looking at the number of titles Lizzy has put out.  I just got back from the Romantic Times Convention where they gave me a career achievement award.  My first book came out in 1991 (I started seriously writing in 1988) and I’ve got around 50 titles but your list of books makes me look like a slacker.

It does point to a key aspect of e-publishing though:  content is king and promotion is queen.  Too many people are trying to promote too little.  New writers (I say new in terms of publishing) have to focus on producing content as their number one priority.  My rule of thumb is that it takes around book three before you should spend much time or money on promotion.  In traditional publishing, it was almost a rule of thumb that most people didn’t even get their first or second manuscripts published.  They were learning experiences.

One thing Jen Talty and I did was put all we’ve learned in digital publishing into a book we recently published:  The ShelfLess Book: The Complete Digital Author.

This week, one of my books is being featured on Nook First: Psychic Warrior: Project Aura

Much like Men Who Stares at Goats (which, while humorous, was surprisingly on target in many ways), Psychic Warrior is a fictional tale taken straight from the pages of the once classified Trojan Warrior Program in Special Forces that I participated in.  I’m a  former Green Beret and NY Times bestselling author of over 50 books.  Back in the 80s, we ran a program initially called Jedi Warrior and then renamed Trojan Warrior.  It was to make an even more elite soldier out of Special Forces.

The concept of Psychic Warrior is to take warfare into the virtual plane through avatars and then reinserting covert operatives into the real world.  U.S. military operations so top secret that not even the president knew they existed. Now Psychic Warrior has produced an elite group of commandos able to leave their bodies — and their souls — to fight anywhere, anytime, using the power of the human mind.

The protagonist, Sergeant Major Jimmy Dalton is one of them. An ex-Green Beret, a man with no family, no ties, and nothing to lose, Dalton knows the most dangerous weapon in any arsenal is the mind.  Among the first Psychic Warriors to be battle tested on the virtual plane, Dalton has seen up close the damage and destruction the new weapons can cause. The memory will haunt him the rest of his days.

However, Dalton has a new set of enemies. Enemies that have existed for millennia. First, the Mithrans hiding in the peaks of the Himalayas and the other, the Priory, manipulating mankind in the shadows of the power elite. The technology that allows Dalton to be a Psychic Warrior gives these two groups the opportunity to battle each to the death. If they happen to wipe out mankind in the process, so be it.

The race is on to seize power and it falls to Dalton and his team to stop both the Priory and the Mithrans before they destroy all of humanity.

 Thanks for the opportunity to guest post!

nyt bestselling authorWe sold 347 eBooks in January of 2011. In just six months, by July 2011, we were selling 65,000 eBooks a month. From that modest beginning, by 2011’s end, we had sold over 400,000 eBooks. This book will give you the details on how we did that and built a seven-figure indie publishing house in just two years.

Whether you have been published by a New York publisher, an independent press, an ePublisher, self-published or considering all of your options, this book contains all the information you need to make an informed decision about your career as an author in today’s fast moving digital world.

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Psychic Warrior takes warfare into the virtual plane through avatars and then reinserts bob mayerthe covert operatives into the real world. The results can be devastating. Mayer uses his real Military experience in the then-classified Special Forces Trojan Warrior program, which was actually conducted, and writes a novel about the new frontier of warfare: the mind.

The Russians sink the submarine USS Thresher in 1963 using their classified psychic project, but something goes awry and all are killed. All except one scientist who plans to take the project to a higher level. Decades later, the Russians unleash Chyort, also known as the ‘Devil’. Chyort is a cyborg that can project into the virtual world with almost limitless power and reassemble his avatar anywhere in real world to wreak havoc. As the Russian mafia steals 20 nuclear warheads to auction them to the highest bidder, Chyort implements his own plan of revenge.

Sergeant Major Jimmy Dalton and a small team of US Green Berets who were originally trained in Trojan Warrior program are thrust into the Psychic Warrior program. The team, called Bright Gate, must battle Chyort on the virtual plane and take their own avatars into the real world. Their mission seems simple. Stop Chyort. If they fail? World War III…

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  1. I agree with Bob Mayer, Lizzy’s book schedule is daunting! I think that’s what it takes, though. Tweeting and all that stuff should be secondary to writing. Of course, writing’s hard work, and one could surf the internet reading “educational” blogs for hours and hours … 🙂

    Great post!

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