Lizzy’s books now available from Bookshare, a website for readers with print disabilities

I recently joined a group of authors who donated their books to, a non-profit organization supported by the US Department of Education.  The purpose of the website is to offer ebooks to readers with print disabilities.  The books are uploaded into the Bookshare system, and readers are provided with special technology that reads the books to them, so they can enjoy books they may not be able to otherwise.  It’s an awesome concept that was brought to my attention by one of my readers on Twitter!

If you all know of any readers with print disabilities, Bookshare offers low-to-no cost ebook subscriptions to qualifying individuals.

I intend to continue providing my future books to Bookshare, too. For authors in Lizzyland, I encourage you to check out the Bookshare website and consider contributing your books as well!

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