Book Review: “Eyes of Justice” by Lis Wiehl – an exciting and addicting read

My goal this year has been to read and review a book a month.  I started with RaeAnne Thayne’s latest romance in March.  For April, I read Lis Wiehl’s (with April Henry) latest, “Eyes of Justice.” Available from: Amazon, Amazon UK, BN, or iTunes

Eyes of Justice” is a thriller mystery about three friends: a crime reporter, FBI agent and district attorney who work together in Portland, Oregon, to put bad people behind bars.  They call themselves the Triple Threat after the dessert they had the first time they met.  Only one of those bad people they helped put away is out for revenge.  In the first few pages, the trio of friends turns into a duo, and the two friends remaining are left trying to put their lives back together while helping find their dear friend’s killer.

From the onset, Wiehl gives us very strong female characters.  I don’t think that’s normal for a thriller, which still seems to be a pretty male-dense genre in terms of female leads.  It came as a surprise to me, and I was super-happy about it.  The story is straightforward and well told, with enough action to keep you engaged and guessing and enough downtime to make you really feel for the two friends who lost the third member of the Triple Threat.  I especially liked Nicole, the FBI agent, because of how she was willing to risk her career to find out who killed her friend.  She was tough, loyal and brave.  Allison, the district attorney, was more level-headed and also more prone to showing her emotion.  They made an awesome pair and were able to play off each others’ strengths and weaknesses.  Though I will admit, if I were ever in a gunfight, I’d want Nicole by my side, because she’s just that dedicated to her friends.

Also, when I met Ophelia – the sociopath private investigator roped into helping – I laughed long and hard.  Her character is a riot, because she really has trouble relating to normal humans but does try.  She reminded me of the character Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  She replaces the deceased friend as the third member in the Triple Threat by the end of the book, and I was pleased to see her character didn’t suddenly morph into something less abnormal.  She truly was an awesome part of the book.

This is a great read for those who have a few hours to spare and want to try out a new author and genre.  Wiehl’s writing is smooth and seamless, and she does a wonderful job creating characters I really would like to meet in real life.  My regular readers will know I read books with a huge heaping of ADD (meaning it takes me awhile because I’m so easily distracted.) “Eyes of Justice,” however, kept my attention all the way through.

Purchase from: Amazon, Amazon UK, BN, or iTunes

About Lis Wiehl

Lis Wiehl is a New York Times best-selling author, Harvard Law School graduate, and former federal prosecutor. A popular legal analyst and commentator for the Fox News Channel, Wiehl appears on The O’Reilly Factor and was co-host with Bill O’Reilly on the radio for seven years. Noted author Roald Dahl helped New York Times best-selling author April Henry take her first step as a writer. When April was eleven, she sent the famous children’s author a short story about a frog who loved peanut butter. He read it to an editor of an international children’s magazine, who then asked to publish it. April has since written several highly acclaimed mysteries and thrillers. Her books have been short-listed for the Agatha Award, the Anthony Award, and the Oregon Book Award, and translated into several languages. Two have been chosen for BookSense by the independent booksellers of America. April lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and daughter.

Contact Lis through her website, Facebook fan page or Twitter.


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